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LINK Chick-fil-A faces rightwing backlash after cutting ties to Christian groups | Food | The Guardian

Honestly, this is positive, but how long will it take until they reverse course again?

OldMetalHead 9 Dec 1

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well, it's too late now anyway, Popeye's has a better chicken sandwich now.


I still boycott them


From what I heard their original policy shift was all talk. We'll see I suppose.


They have already back pedaled within a week of making the announcement they they would no longer support the "Death to Gays" groups in Africa. So in effect they never changed their policies... they just got a lot of bad press.


Supposedly it quickly reversed itself. I have never eaten there. Looks terrible too.


They actually have started to do just that []


i am republican i wouldnt ever eat there, well once, when i was a truck driver, and constipated, fixed that problem right away for me.


doesn't matter, I'll never eat there


To the conservatives who are upset about this, it's just the free market doing what the free market do.

Excellent reply! That whole Ayn Rand philosophy drives me nuts.

@CarolinaGirl60 One could argue that Ayn Rand was nuts.


It will take as long as it does to show up in the next quarterly reports.
As soon as they start seeing their choices effecting their profits, they'll
change their choices.

I hope losing the support of the christian extremists will encourage more normal people to eat there.

@OldMetalHead Personally, I'll never eat there. I don't like chicken
sandwiches, and their waffle fries aren't that good anymore.
I'd be happy to see them go belly-up.
Just because some of their corporate charities may have changed, the
Cathy family still believes in their bullshit christianity, and they still
conduct business that way.
Whether it's "public" or not.

@KKGator I totally agree about the family, but most of the stores are franchise. They also have a great reputation for treating employees well.

@OldMetalHead Why. Do have shares in the company ?

@Moravian No. Lol. They're not even publicly traded.

@OldMetalHead Privately owned.?. I think one good reason for not eating there is if their church gets a share of the profits.

@Moravian I don't argue with that at all. I would still rather they become a good corporate citizen. We have enough hate in the world.

@OldMetalHead Seriously, though. Do you really think that they're going to drop their religious beliefs and start conducting their business as a secular concern? Is that even a reasonable expectation?

@KKGator Probably not.

@OldMetalHead Exactly.
Which is why is makes no sense to support that particular corporation.

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