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LINK MO Attorney General: It’s Okay for Football Coaches to Push Christianity on Kids | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

One of the (many) problems I have with religion is that because the religious believe god is on their side, they think they are justified to infringe on the rights of others.

snytiger6 9 Dec 6

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I live in washington state.. there was a football coach here who was fired from his job for leading prayer services with his players, after games.. the coach, backed by religious zealots, argued his 1st amendment free speech rights were being taken from him.. he lost his case.. the court said the same 1st amendment said the public institution he worked for was forbidden from promoting one religion...


Here in Australia we have just experienced, sadly, just a situation like that with Rugby League Player, Israel Folau preaching HIS message of " Burning in Hell awaiting every Drunk, Fornicator, Gay, Lesbian, etc, etc, and getting an UNDISCLOSED Settlement for, what he termed as Wrongful Dismissal" breaching his contract with the NRL by preaching and attacking the Drunks, etc, etc.
Later he also stated that " The Bushfires people are experiencing throughout Australia "ARE the result of God being angry with Australia and Australians for legalizing same sex marriages and the like."
The Code of Conduct in his contract clearly states that he " Shall NOT use his position and status as a Player to proselytize his own personal beliefs or opinions publicly."
Yet he HAS gotten away with and WILL receive, more than likely, a HUGE monetary settlement, IS this Religious Freedoms gone over the edge or what?

i'm not sure how he wins a judgment, if there were specific directives in his contract.. but, court systems have proven to be insane in the US... so, i'm guessing Australia might end up with some ridiculous court decision too...


Theres alot of that happening, violation of the first amendment, the separation of church and state, in schools, city property, state officials, judges.ect.


But, they would be shitting bricks if a Muslim was pushing his beliefs on them.

They'd be shaking and trembling like dogs shitting razor-blades in my opinion.


Welcome to millennia of human history. Sad and hypocritical.


I too...have a problem with that! Back when I was part of the religious scene, I never felt that it was my right to push what I believed onto others! These ‘people’ believe that we will lack morals and ethics, if we don’t bow to a god that can surely punish us, if we fail to believe or deny his existence!


🤦🏻♀️ Sometimes my home state shames me....

It takes courage to stand in our own truth...and I find it a bit lonely a lot of the time! But, I refuse to allow others to define my humanity! You and I have a right to be here as our selves, the same as anyone! 🤗


But I thought JHVH was a Longhorns fan.


Yep. And this is the kind of Attorney General you get in a state run by the Assemblies of god.

That is how these people get to these top positions...they learn how to influence, they are not there on their problem solving skills!


The only problem is that it is not OK. Maybe we can end up suing god if a kid dies over a sports injury. WTF?


NO IT IS NOT!!!!!!!


Yes, then if the kids get traumatic brain injuries they can blame it on god(s) will!!!



And there is so much else wrong with HS sports, and football in particular. Fixing this does not fix football--it is a gladiator sport where winning coaches teach how to hurt people.

...all in the name of the game!


#ditchmitch has stacked the courts with so many conservatives we will lose ground for decades to come.

I keep reading that...what is worse, even the Bar Assoc, cannot give their approval as to their abilities! Vulnerable people will be toast! And, we already have more people in prison than the rest of the world! Plus, I have heard judges, give consideration to someone who reports that he/she ‘is going to church and getting his life in order!’ What a sham!


Just imagine if someone from the local Mosque would insist on doing the same. Just imagine.

They do in schools and colleges everyday!

@of-the-mountain doing what?


They argue that its a "freedom of religion" kind of thing. But, they would suddenly change their minds if you said "ok then" and started pushing Baphomet on them! 🙂


It's not remotely "okay".
Both the coach and the Attorney General need to lose their jobs over this one.

People really need to start losing their jobs over this kind of shit.

Will the ‘religious judge,’ rule from a position of freedom...very unlikely at this time! We are now up against the ‘religious police!’

@Freedompath Personally, I believe in confronting this kind of stuff in real time, right to their faces. No matter who they are.
Even a judge.
I'll risk the contempt citation.
I truly believe more people need to grow some ovaries and speak up.
Silence is acquiescence.
People need to stop being so damned afraid of other people's "power".

@KKGator I know you have a valid point...and I do speak up, but it is draining and there seems to be few that are even willing to be a support for the person that is willing to stand against injustice! These times are not normal and old age comes with a limited amount of ‘wherewith-all’ and apparently my defiance is not contagious!

@KKGator I like "grow some ovaries"! I will be using that. 🙂


No, it’s not ok.

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