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LINK The Man Who Slapped a Female Reporter’s Butt on TV is a Christian Youth Leader | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Christian youth leader Tommy Callaway of Pittman Park United Methodist Church hit a reporter on the butt during a live broadcast as he ran by her during a race... Social media called him out and identified him.

His lawyer released a ridiculous statement:

While we regret the situation, Mr. Callaway did not act with any criminal intentions. Tommy is a loving husband and father who is very active in his community. We have been in touch with WSAV and representatives for Ms. Alex Bozarjian, as well as members of Savannah law enforcement. We do not expect any criminal charges to arise from this incident, and we are working with those involved to correct the situation.

DGJ0114 7 Dec 11

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One thing I've noticed, especially when it comes to Evangelicals, is the more "moral" they are, the more immoral they are. The more 'anti-gay' they are, the gayer they are. The more afraid they are of children being harmed by godless heathens, the more likely they are to do the harm. The more they hate porn, the more likely they are watching porn. So whatever it is they're raving on about... that's their thin, and it helps me know where they're at.

It's a psychological concept called projection, namely attributing or accusing others of behavior that is actually very much a part of yourself, but too shameful to admit to oneself or others.


Why does "christian leader" or "loving father and husband" mean he should be held less responsible. Shouldn't these bastions of morality be held to a higher standard? It just pisses me off that this is implied.

This is the great irony. They constantly accuse atheists of not wanting to be held responsible for our actions; but, they sure like to plat the god card when they are caught in the act of doing whatever.


He assaulted her. That's against the law. Throw him in jail.


I wonder how his loving wife feels about this. smh
And having a pervert being 'active in his community' probably is not a good thing.


“did not act with any criminal intentions.” so... he didn’t mean to touch someone without their consent? did his hand slip? he did it intentionally, and it is criminal. “we regret that he stabbed someone, but he wasn’t acting with criminal intentions.”


Would he have done that to a male reporter? Of course not! And what kind of example was he being as a "youth leader?" He needs to be held accountable to society, to women, for what he did. I don't give a rip about whether his community, or his Jesus, forgives him (or, more likely, didn't see anything wrong with what he did).


In this era of #MeToo and sexual harassment charges at the drop of a hat and there's still guys stupid enough to do something this dumb?

Gentlemen, keep your hands to yourself.

@Donotbelieve It would seem obvious wouldn't it? It's bewildering how so many guys just don't get that.

@Donotbelieve I have no children but I understand completely.


I bet he didn't even think about apologizing or anything until he found out he was going to get in trouble. Then he was like, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. What a creep.


Yeah, when I called Pittman Park UMC on Monday, I got to speak with Marilyn.
She said she was only answering the phones, she didn't "know anything about the
event", and she didn't "take messages". All of which I'm sure was bullshit, but I'm sure she'd been getting an earful most of the day.
He's going to get away with it, unless the reporter presses charges.
Even then, he might still get away with it.
This is how shit is "dealt with" in Georgia.

Across the river in S Carolina it is a felony to beat a dog but only a MISDEMEANOR to beat a wife.....somebody file a lawsuit against that church for damages punitive and actual.....Georgia law enforcement probably has members in the church and there is an ongoing conspiracy to deprive women and journalists their rights to be free of assailants

@Larry68Feminist Wouldn't surprise me if all that were true.
Even IF she files charges, the local DA doesn't have to agree to
pursue them.
It really sucks down here in so many ways. This is definitely one of them.


His excuse is that he “got caught up in the moment” when he went to wave at the camera. He also said that he didn’t see the look on her face because he just kept going and if he’d seen her face he would have felt ashamed. So, how exactly does a grown man get so caught up in the idea of waving at a camera that he assaults a stranger? And how is that he doesn’t realize, without seeing the expression on his victim’s face, that it’s something to be ashamed of??


Arrogant, insensitive to others and stupid -- sounds like a Christian to me.
I hope they find some way to 'correct the situation' that he'll remember longer than the brag session he'll have during the next race since he's been banned. 🙁


Of course he had no criminal intentions. He is of the mindset that this sort of shit behavior is perfectly acceptable. Doesn't mean his actions weren't actually criminal.
Even if they weren't criminal, the actions were offensive and out of line. He doesn't realize that either. That sort of thinking never occurred to him before the aftermath.
Men like this feel they have the absolute right to touch women uninvited. Women are thought of only as vehicles for men's pleasure.
As a youth minister, he is modeling this behavior and this sort of thinking to the next generation!! THAT is ALSO the problem.
Folks get bent over a razor commercial saying it uses a wide brush to illustrate men's behavior. Well... if the brush fits!!


Legally I would suggest there are at least two things wrong there. 1). It’s assault. 2) it’s sexual abuse.

If the ‘community active loving husband and father’ were to be black or gay all manner of shit would hit the fan.

I would hope that there is such outrage in America that this arsehole gets shammed out of every community he attempts to embrace.

If not America is fucked and there is no way back from its innate dissociative relationship with legal and moral discernment. It deserves another four years of Trump.


A typical religious hypocrite, thinks it is ok to do that.


Just by the look on his face I can see he had criminal intentions.😈I love all the access we have to video replays so these narcissistic assholes have their undeniable behavior on tape and can no longer blather their way through it when they get caught. I want to know how many other women he hit during that race. 🤨

All we need is more Lorena Bobbitts to cure these pussygrabbers and butt slappers

@Larry68Feminist Larry I love the sentiment but let's settle for public humiliation, loss of job and the justice system. You must be highly evolved to add 'feminist' to your username. I love you for that! Now if only you were Australian....... 😀

@MsDemeanour so sorry Sheila your country is a fire.... my country since ReaGUN has been borrowing 22 trillion dollars for illegal polluter oil war crime profiteering bankster zionism in 150 countries melting polar ice BELOW FREEZING TEMPERATURES like rock salt on icy sidewalks and roads....I was born jus a few years after Gloria Steinem and looking back to Dolley Madison and Susan B Anthony we are all born Feminist Atheists I never joined the hell threats heaven bribes alleged vaginal virgin birthing in dirty donkey stables family always kept diapers clean and babies fed with songs and pure milk



bobwjr Level 10 Dec 12, 2019

He's just a slime, Lock him up for a bit.


Oh, so surprised! (Not.) Like Trump, this guy is obviously so dense that he did not stop to consider that cameras take videos. Did he think that there would be no repercussions? That goes beyond "dense" to just plain stupid.


Evangelicals love the "pussy grabber" so this behavior from a religious leader does not surprise me at all.

Methodists down south are rednecks


What a surprise...Not!


When the news comes out that I robbed a bank, please understand that I had no criminal intentions. I'm a loving mother and very active in my, uh, . . . home. I don't expect any criminal charges to arise from the incident.

Yup you high 5'd the cashier while running with that money in her're not the kind of runner who would point a gun at a cashier

Only a fist full of fifties


I'm hardly surprised.


I hope she presses charges for assult and sues his ministry for what he did.


They feel entitled. That's why they associate with that xtian tribe.


They do not expect any criminal charges, and then assume they can "correct the situation", on what fucking planet are they living on? They are in for a rude awakening.

...said his attorney. At this point I assume that since he was filmed and admitted it they don't have much choice but to try and buffalo through for him.

The question is how much he will be allowed to get away with and how much responsibility UMC will take. He wasn't 'on-the-clock' for the church but he was/is a member of their public staff.

And her reputation suffers no matter what. She of course gets the usual balancing act that all women know -- tolerating the treatment vs getting vilified for standing up for herself.

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