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So I take it this is more of a social site than an actual dating site. So where the hell does one go to find people who don't believe in fairy tales?! The struggle is real...

TyrionLannister 5 Mar 26

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I've been on here a couple of months and had two dates. Although the local pool of compatible matches has probably been tapped for now, I found this site to be better than some others I tried.

Lacking "You like each other" and "Rando creeper winked at you" type features, the trick might be in sending messages to potential matches, which can be intimidating for some.

Best of luck in your search.

@SACatWalker You didn't ask, but when I'm looking, someone's profile is going to mean a lot. I want it to intrigue me. So many times I see, "Just ask" or an uninteresting sentence or two and think, seriously? Also, photos of the person. I'm far more likely to be interested in someone who has posted multiple photos, and will pass if there are none, instantly.

I hope your luck turns around soon. ?


It's really both. You can search the members here [] for others who listed themselves as open to dating, with various criteria for preferences (age, gender, distance, etc.), and the profiles of people interested in dating include a quick heart percentage to see how well you match up (though that's imprecise and more for fun, in my opinion).


Isn't being social a great way to meet people?


You find out you let me know will ya lol


You win points and let people get to know you if you write your profile and answer the profile questions.
Then make comments on the posts of others, and post your own questions to earn more points.

When you reach second level, you can private message other members.

This is a new website so might not have many mutually compatible propects who live near you.


Btw you're a nice looking man with some awesome ink. Fill out your bio so we know what you're looking for. ❓??

I tried lol! more to come.

Also ty for making me blush!


Best relationships. Friends first, right? This looks like a great place to make friends so ... I've been here for a week and I'm impressed.

Glad you're here with us 🙂

Reach out to some members. Don't hesitate.


Don't discount this site. Yes, it acts more like a social platform than a dating site. That's a GOOD thing, IMHO. Here, you dive in, get to know folks from their posts, commenting on, and having yours commented on, and then directly interacting via the messenger here. That's more like how you normally meet someone. Would you like this place if it was just a big filter? Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a pretty new site, but is growing rapidly. Hang in there, make an investment here, of yourself. It should pay dividends. =]

Nicely put groot

Yes grout...well said...

Stupid phone!

@Freespirit64 Grout made me laugh out loud, literally. Thanks! =]

@Freespirit64 Your phone's got a lousy spillchocker lol


I believe the site requires you to make a few posts so that people have a little more insight on how you think. Getting in on the conversations will also help.


I think you have found the place you are looking for, at least on the internet. Good luck out in the real world.


i'm with you on that one....eharmony, pof and match i gotta keep skipping ppl because 99% have something about putting 'god' first and all that bullshit... then the messages i send only like one in 20 get replied to. seems like if you have 'neither spiritual or religious' makes somebody an apathetic devil worshiper. i was actually looking for 'atheist dating site' when i found this site....and figured out rather quickly that this isn't really a 'dating' site.

It is what you make it. People come here to find like-minded people to date. Just because some are here just for community doesn't mean we all are.


I have met someone on opposite coast recently. Know of a couple engaged as well. Depends on your boundaries.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.
Some people are here for dating, others for community. Participate. Engage. The site is growing.


you can make this a dating site if you want to

Yep. Came for the dating , stayed for the company.

@Blindbird That's right!

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