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I recently watched a documentary regarding (in this instance) American men choosing to marry Ukranian or Russian women because they had rotten luck with American women in the past. They had been chatting on-line with these women and decided marrying them would be a good option even though some couldn't speak English. They spent thousands of dollars hoping this would be the answer to their bad luck in the past. Is this something, as a man, that you would ever consider? Why or why not?

DarwinistOne 7 Mar 26

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good person to ask is trump

The f*uck was she thinking?

@VictoriaNotes lol

Now, there is a shallow man, who would not want to be observed to 'deeply!'

@Freedompath lol true. He does like the russian women!


As immigrants not being able to speak English well, these foreign wives are very dependant on their husbands. That is the attraction for men who want a submissive subserveint wife who will look up to them as kings.

So this is a bad idea.

@0752532706 Depends on who you are and what you want.


90 Day Fiance is a reality show where some men travel to Russia and Ukraine as well as the Philipines, Thailand, and South America to find wives-usually younger, more attractive and sometimes subserviant to their potential husbands. A woman did marry a guy from Moldavia. You have to worry about 90 days to get married or they get deported. Some guys overseas may marry unattractive American women for the Green Card. Can be a nest of hornets.


Lmao those women are only agreeable because they speak little English and because they're desperate to get over here.

In other news, I am also trying to mail order bride myself to england, scotland, or Ireland but it appears I am less agreeable

@Amyg23 oy oy find your own sugar paddy lol

Why is it not working?

That is a brilliant idea!


I can't imagine that working long term. I guess if she spoke at least some english, it might. I like American women.

I might be thinking of this wrong, but I don't want a servant and concubine.


Men, who marry a mail order bride, may secretly not want a woman to know them, very deeply? I agree, that if foreigners become attracted to each other, that has the possibility of a real relationship. But, this mail order bride thing, just seems to be too much of an imbalance of power. Free sex, cannot by itself...evolve the personality of an individual and that is what relationships...based on mutual respect can do for us. Food and shelter for sex, is not my idea of mutual respect or even balanced! Reminds me too much of the missionaries who bring help to the exchange for 'saving their soul!' Seems fishy, to me!


NO!!! It is difficult to understand each other when we both speak the same language. 🙂

  1. How a person can chat with another if he / she doesn't speak the other person's language?

  2. These "mail-order brides" are -IMHO- ladies who want to come to USA.

they want a better life, not a better partner

@LeighShelton Not kidding....and the fool falls for this game.

because they let there cock rule there head


I saw a similar program about UK men and Thai women . I got the impression the blokes were just complete dicks and it wasn't the UK women that were the problem . Wouldn't consider it myself my winning personality should be enough of an incentive for a lady not money


I would not because I feel like I would be used.


I did a similar thing when I married a Kenyan woman in 2005. Our marriage lasted 12 years and we are freinds yet today.
I once knew a man who had married a Russian woman. She was very pretty but shallow. She liked to shop a lot and they had a baby which the man raised. The wife didn't appear to care much at all for the child. It was like the man had trapped himself but he was doing the right thing and was responsible.


No, I wouldn't as it seems desperate. if I met a foreign woman and we were naturally attracted it wouldn't be a problem.


Good luck with that. I haven't met a Russian yet that wasn't a breed of crazy that most Americans could handle.


As someone whose thought about only as an idea ... It sounds like a great idea ... But from what I've seen on documentaries too ... Is sometimes the agencies make big dollars for sex trafficked women.

However, being at that point of not fully getting what exactly American women or any woman wants ... It's an option I guess ... But not viable.

Gozer Level 4 Mar 26, 2018

USA has a population of about 450 millions people....about half is female....and you can't find one lady who fulfill your bucket list. Who has the problem? just asking.


As a man myself, no, I would not. There are plenty of classy American women waiting to be discovered by adventurous men.


As a lifelong bachelor, I can't understand why someone would want to marry regardless of nationality.


There are tons of us here in the USA.


Cannot imagine how one can get to know another person closely enough to send for them for marrriage of all things, even with skype! There is so much more, if it is important to them, to learning about the true character of another person. Time and direct experience are, to me, indispensable elements in the process.

This is not to say that distance cannot be overcome if people learn a lot superfically, as inscreenig and comparing so many important things as how each others' minds work and what values and perspectives are. For example, in places like this site, where we meet minds in absence and advance of physical appearance allows such comparisons more easily for those overly impressed by and aroused by personal appearance.

My experience in life as a professional model taught that men have no special monopoly when it comes to objectification of the opposite sex; though for several reasons it is far more common among males. People of both sexes in our society, also due to multiple causes, allow attraction to 'cut in line' so to say, ahead of appropriate sequencing of getting acquainted for some pretty heart breaking, even disastrous results.

I've also known a 'couple'; customers for years who exemplified all that is wrong with such arrangements. He was (is) a thoroughly disgusting man in both personnality and appearance and a superb, well known, personal injury lawyer. She, an exquisitely beautiful (physically) Russian woman with pale blonde hair, rich blue eyes and skin like the finest white china. One, anyone that is, on sight basis alone would marvel over - what possible attraction might there be? It's elementary, but he's now even more bitter and disgusting. She paid dues and divorced well; later marrying a prosperous, young, general contractor with a nice appearance.

Western sexuality, in the main, is marked by secondary drives operating in place of (placebo) early damaged capacity to follow and express natural, self-regulating primary drives. Thus what is fundamentally sick is considered to be the religious, political and social norm. Damage increases with each subsequent generation.

Sending off for dependent women, probably one of the more benign practices, still borders on pathology to me.


Long term, after a certain age, it is probably cheaper long term to simply patronise a brothel and do charitable work that involves conversing with others on an intimate level, said he who has never been in a brothel in his life!


No. I was happy when I was single. I was happy and happy now that I'm not.

But I get it. Two people have chances to change their lives for the better. One has a chance to not be alone. The other has a chance to change their standard of living. True love, if it happens, is a bonus.


Consider? No. If my luck was that bad with women, I’d just remain monkish.


Old, fat, ugly Caucasian foreign men come to Thailand all the time to get pretty young women for wives or girlfriends, and to live with them on their family land for free.

They don't realize that even flirting a lot with a Thai girl is like proposing to her, indicating that they are taking financial responsibility for both the girl and all her relatives for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, they can't legally buy or own land or property in Thailand except under the name of a Thai person.

If an expat man takes a Thai girlfriend or wife, then tries to jump to another girl, as he is accustomed to do in his home country, he will quickly find out that it's not allowed here. The girl could unexpected attack him with a knife, and her vast network of relatives could make him lose his job, maybe his visa, have to move away.

If he has had children with the girl already, she will likely prevent him from seeing them unless the expat man forks over all his money every month.

Thanks for insight on culture...there should be recourse! I once knew two gals, who were physical therapist and I did a essay on them many years ago! They said girls in Thailand did not marry until they had masters degrees. But, as I learned more on my own, I realized they must be sheltered, because there are poor girls in Thailand and I am sure they did not have masters degrees!

@Freedompath Thai women fill many traditionally male-dominated jobs. I see them working as engineers at construction sites, doctors, dentists, generals in the military, etc., and almost every Thai woman has a side business of some sort, selling something. They are highly resourceful and usually also fit and shockingly strong.


I haven’t considered it, but I have friends who have married women from the Philippines with varying results. There’s social reasons for women to marry for wealth and for men to marry based on attractiveness. Unless someone is being scammed, it’s best to not involve yourself in someone else’s relationship.

Marz Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

Well, if you live in a society that's becoming anti- men, 24/7, what would you do?

Do you think that is really true or, are females, just fending for themselves, because they can't depend on a man to support them? That could be an asset for both parties, when coupled! And, there may be even deeper reasons for the extreem distancing of the sexes? Could it be there are a lot of unstable people at the present time? A good relationship want work well with unstable partners!

@Freedompath it's just my opinion. I may be wrong....

@0752532706 me too?

Yeah. The first reaction of a previously priveleged and entitled group when faced with that privelege and entitlement being challenged is the accusation that they're being attacked. Women don't owe you sex or attention.

@Freedompath You make great points.....

BTW, those relationships that work are based on communication, respect....and on no accumulating negativism at the throat level. See, when something bothered me I told my husband right then and there (with respect); I didn't allow it to fester and neither did he. If we let things to fester, by law of human nature these things are going to jump out of us...and not in a civil way thus creating a breach that sometimes will be impossible to close.

What is your evidence for assuming that the U.S. is "anti-male"? We're not anti-male, but we are pro-equality. As women's roles in society change, men's roles need to adapt as well. A good partner wants to be challenged (intellectually, emotionally, sexually, etc.) but not treated like a possession. That's all that's "wrong" with American women; we stand our ground and wait for loving and caring treatment. And we can reciprocate, also.


I think that men who want "mail-order brides" are those who want compliant, submissive partners. They are, I think, essentially looking for a relationship out of the 1950s rather than the modern era. They see themselves as "I am the provider, I am the head of the household" and many women want a partner, not an overlord. There's nothing wrong with American women. It's more that there is a small subset of the male population who can't or won't move up to meet the challenges of a modern relationship.

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