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If you found out the Christian God of the bible was real, would you worship him?

I for sure wouldn't. The God of the Christian bible is petty and downright cruel and would not be deserving of worship.

Some of the things he did in that bible is beyond disgusting and what I'm disturbed by is people who justify his sick actions. Take the story of Abraham and is son for example. Asking a man to murder his own son just to see if Abraham cared about him when God should have known this if he's an all knowing God.

Take the creation story for example. God set Adam and Eve up on purpose to fail, considering he's an all knowing God, yet he put the tree of knowledge here to test Adam and Eve with when he would know ahead of time they'd fail that so called test.

Creating the Devil when he would know in advance the Devil would turn evil and trick so many by stealing their souls away to hell once they died. Inpregnating a young, engaged virgin girl without her consent with his son, whom which was also himself just to send him here to die in a horrid way for our sins just so humanity could be forgiven and have a shot to get to heaven after death. In fact he sent his son to die us, but was the one who designed the failure of humanity in the first place.

I could go on and on about this topic and the many things wrong with the Christain God.

EmeraldJewel 7 Nov 20

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This is easy for me. I'd like to quote Epicurus,

“If God is willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
If he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
If he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
If he is neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

I would not be able to worship a god that created all this and made so many people suffer and then required us to love and worship him or her, Which ever?
I am not saying how the Universe was created. I just know it wasn't the god of the bible

Absolutely this.

"I would not be able to worship a god that created all this and made so many people suffer and then required us to love and worship him or her"
Would you rather not exist
Exist and suffer?

I think you would choose to exist and suffer everytime. The fact that we get to NOT suffer is in a way a bonus to existence, not it's purpose. Only a hedonist considers the purpose of life be to not suffer.

As such, it could very well be the case that we cannot be made without suffering. Have you seen the Matrix? From the wikipedia entry on The Architect "The Architect created the first Matrix as a utopia for the humans whose minds inhabited it. However, the human minds rejected this first attempt as a perfect world and beta 1 of the Matrix crashed."

Something like this....

It's amazing how so many Christians' beliefs are so totally opposed to reason. Sometimes I think it's downright crazy. Yet some Christians I know hold such beliefs, and I know they are quite sane. It puzzles me.

@xamountofstars It sounds to me that life has thrown you serval bad deals. That is truly unfortunate.
Life isn't always a bed of roses or maybe it is. Every once in a while you roll onto a thorn. Life certainly isn’t perfect. Is anything truly with out flaws? All I am saying is that I choose to make the very best of the life and time that I have here, short and imperfect as it might be. Have I always felt this way? No! However, I see myself as an existentialist. I choose to make my own reality.
Image this, you are going into and old-style outhouse with a wooden floor over a hole in the ground filled with crap and vile stuff. Suddenly, the floor gives way and now you are standing in crap all the way up to your chin. The bad news is where you are, the good news it’s only up to your chin.

@xamountofstars You are correct, I agree with you about dying, “nothingness.” Death doesn't really play into my life, not living disturbs me much more. I wouldn't be able to see my wife and my children’s faces anymore. Maybe one day I might have grandchildren. I’d like to see them too. For me knowing that we are living on a blue dot in the middle of a vast universe and the chance of this happening to me is so inconceivable that I don’t want to let this opportunity go by. By the way I don’t want to live forever. When I become a burden on my family then it’s time for me to go.

@irascible critical thinking can't be applied to many things, such as what CD I want to buy, who I love, and other personal things. I think that in important matters such as questions about God, where it is of concern for many, or a matter of truth or fact, then it is appropriate.

@irascible Yes, I agree with you on that.


Never, the god of the bible is a monster.


If I found out the Christian God of the bible was real, I would kick his ass up and down the block for what he's done. But for now, since he doesn't, I'll just settle for achieving 90% tax on religious institutions,

Your comment had me dying of laughter, especially when you said,” I would kick his ass up and down the street for what he’s done.”


Yeah, it's pretty well-known, in some circles, that God (as written) was a bit of a dick. However, if he included student loan forgiveness in his plan, I might consider the occasional kneeling.


I would not. That guy is a jerk.


I'd worship her for tending to 7 trillion galaxies

she’s a biaaotch !!!


Definitely not. If the Bible turned out to be true. I’d want God executed for genocide.


I've considered this question before. I would seek out the organized opposition organization seeking to depose him. If I couldn't find such an organization, I would found one.

mothman-freaky movie-i don't see any reason to oppose others belief systems if they work for them but if you want to start some group isnt that what this is . people who don't follow the norm able to talk to each other. if you do decide i love to hear anyones new ideas as long as they are positive.


Never...I could never follow such a bastard....

Technically Jesus was a bastard in all the fairy tales.


God never existed (in my opinion), but in a parallel universe where he did, I would never worship him. I'd worship General Zod before I worshipped God, and Zod was a b*****d too!

Anyone who can create an earth where my dearest friend dies from Musculardystrophe despite never hurting a soul, deserves nothing but contempt!


No, because I was made in his image. Why would I worship myself unless I was Donald Trump, ha ha!

now you believe in the devil

ALL gods/goddesses since the first time humans invented them ALL share blaring similarities to the natures of those who create them.
For example, "God is quick to anger," so, exactly are humans.
"God forgives, "so do humans,
"God abhors things that are not as he/she/it deems are correct in his/her/its eyes," Human attitude to a "T"
I could go on more but I'm certain most will get my drift.


The comments on this topic seem to be along the lines of people who don't believe in unicorns debating their dietary requirements. 🙂

To address the question, though, I would want to find out whether everything written about Him was true or not. I'd first want His version of events.

Yep. He'd have to do a LOT of explaining, and produce evidence to back his position.


Worship, no. Kick him in the shins and shove him into a puddle, likely.


Strikes me as quite needy/megalomaniacal to create a whole world full of people for the purported sole use of worshiping them

@Leighanne no I've not... do you have a link at all?


NO! I would never give away my soul. I would never allow someone or something to control my actions based on IT's whim. My soul is my own, and I will do everything in my power to protect it.

soul? No offence but your flesh water and chemical electricity. . There is no soul.


Nope. No point - if he is all knowing, he would know I'd be faking 'worship'.
And anyway - how do you know that god is the good guy? Maybe it's satan who's the cool guy. His home is nice and warm and full of people who know how to have fun.
Send me to hell any day.


Nah. Too many good people suffer and die. Too many innocents suffer. Too many people starve and fall to disease. Too much pain and suffering in the world. He supposedly gave us free will, but why does he not intervene with horrific shit? Makes no sense to me.

Nope, not at all.

thats what freewill means he doesnt interfere. its like the idiots who talk blessings all the time. why is he blessing them but others crippled by pain have to suffer. the bible is not the absolute truth anyway . no "holy" book out there is . be glad you can think for yourself your closer to truth than most.


No I wouldn't. I would start sacrificing virgin pinecones to Satan to demonstrate how ridiculous his need for worship is.


I ain't worshippin' nobody !

Your comment made me lol out loud! ????????????

not even me? I'm sad!

if I git to meet you John ... who knows ? ha

... rats !




I have a problem subjecting myself to the will of others. Including god.

You and me both.


Yeh god made trees before man He gave trees photosynthesis allowing them to harbor birds and squirrels,, Nice system, no need to destroy anything to get their energy from the sun,
Then the big guy says I will make man in my image and to hell with photosynthesis, I will make him dependent upon consuming live tissue to sustain life. Hell I will even show man how to kill. It is my image after all. Why , being the all powerful ,would I not give man photosynthesis, hell it works.
But in order to represent who I really am, we must kill living organic life, which I created. Wow is god smart or what

EMC2 Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

That is a cool thought! Nice deduction. I really like how that opens up many logical fallacies about our very existence being a creation. We could have like all sat around and thought deep thoughts that, as a hypothesis, would have brought us closer to god, But no! We must labor and scurry about trying to feed ourselves. Huh.


I just realized you said, 'would we worship him?" nothing about us going on to hell, but I still stand on what I said. Also, I wouldn't worship him, either. As I said, he made us, then Abandoned us, while leaving us in a world that, supposedly, he can control to his every whim, but leaves it in a state of constant war, fear, killing, and suffering; all the while just telling us to "trust him and his plan." And then, when we do die, and o to his heaven, we're expected to just sit there, next to him, and tell him how amazing we think he is? Kinda a low self-esteemed, God, huh?

"We were created to worship God!"
"When we die, we get the privilege to worship Jesus for ALL eternity!"

....ummm...Boring much?
.......ummmm....Really God? You're THAT full of yourself?


The description of worship in heaven sounds boring beyond belief! Singing praises 24/7??? Yeah, hold your breath until I start on that......


Nope I'd punch him in the face 🙂

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