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Can a guy have a female best friend and sex never enter the frame?

By Gozer4
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Yes. Absolutely. I met a girl maybe 15 years ago at work who I really hit it off with. Not at all romantically, but we were inseparable for years. We used to go out bar hopping almost every night. We would often travel a hundred miles just to see a good band. She dated people. I dated people. We would hang out & talk about everything imaginable until all hours of the night. Eventually she ended up meeting the love of her life & actually settled down & got married. I still always tease her about how she's been domesticated. If only he knew the things I know about her past. 2 years ago, when I was getting ready to move away, I ended up hiring her hubby to take over my old job. He's still there & thriving. I still keep up with them both regularly. In all that time, we never even so much as kissed. It's always been completely platonic. We wouldn't have it any other way.

davyjones Level 6 Mar 28, 2018

Well, I sure hope so! Because, it helps in all kinds of ways in our life to have opposite sex, best friends! One human being cannot give to us all the things that nurtures and supports us. It makes life so much fuller to have all kinds of friends!


Of course that's possible. It can work both ways.


Yes. The two best working relationships I have ever had (so far) was with two different women. In both cases we were like a hive mind - we even finished each others sentences. Needless to say, rumour was rife around the office that we were having affairs. Nothing further from the truth. We're still great mates, and one of them has a devoted boyfriend and the other is happily married with two kids. Frankly, sex would have ruined everything.


Well I can only speak from the female side but I've got tons of male friends I have zero sexual desire with, but then I'm sorta asexual


Yes, I have had a close female friend for 46 years, we are of a similar age, met on holidays each year from when I was 12, lost contact at 16, but we ended up working together when I was about 22 and have stayed very close friends. She and her husband visit me each year, we have both been married divorced and had numerous partners, but we have never been anything but friends. She is very attractive, but we are just friends. My kids call her Aunty, they have all their lives, yet they don't call my brother and his wife Uncle and Aunty.

Rugglesby Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

Absolutely. One of my best guy friends and I went to bed together nude while we were both single to see what would happen. We both got a good night's sleep, and still had no interest in each other in the morning. Zero chemistry, just good friends.

That is impressive. I don't know if i could do that or not. Even if there wasn't chemistry or a connection, if me and a woman are naked, I'm sure nature would speak to me.


I expect this will depend partly on whether there is any physical attraction involved. If you are physically attracted to them then it will be difficult. If you are not physically attracted to them (or if they are not attracted to you) then it should be far easier. If the guy was gay and / or the female BF was a lesbian then this would probably be a non-issue. I expect being asexual would be likewise.

It would also depend on whether there are other people involved. If either you and / or they are with someone else then this will make it easier, as you can mentally put them in the 'unavailable' category. If on the other hand you get on great, and there is a mutual physical attraction - and both of you are single, then this would be pretty difficult, since the obvious question swirling around your head would be 'why not get together?'

Nomad Level 6 Mar 28, 2018

I have one but guys have a very low criteria for sex. We COULD bang! However it's not nessesary.



Isn't that like asking "can cats and dogs get along without mating". The answer is obvious. Oy vey.

AzVixen52 Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

I have one but I don't fancy her or vice verse


I have several really good female friends where sex isn’t on the table. It just isn’t an issue. I’m good at boundaries, lol.

Tagurrit Level 4 Mar 28, 2018

Yes. At different times in my life l have had a close female friend without sex coming into play.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 28, 2018

Yes. I had a great friend in high school & into my 20s with a great guy. We are still friends. We told people we were cousins. We had good times together & with other friends.


Yes, my best friend in high school was male. He and I never had sex, and I honestly never thought of him in that way. He and I married different people within two months of one another, and drifted apart, because his wife did not like the fact that I am female. We see each other occasionally, and it is very awkward.

That is a is such a shame that some people think relationships are based on sexual attraction!

It was very hard at first. He wasn't even allowed to come to my wedding, which really hurt. I didn't see him for years until his sister invited us to her wedding. It was awkward and after I had gotten there I had wished I hadn't come. It really was like losing family.




Of course.


As long as no one physically attracted to one another. Friendliness will be miss interpreted as flirting.

So true!! especially for woman.. but I am friendly and if the guy misinterprets it as flirting.. that is his problem!

Well side


Of course it’s possible. I have men friends and have often thought about having sex with them. I would not want to destroy the friendship that I have and I wouldn’t want the friendship to escalate into a boyfriend girlfriend type situation because, I like Them as friends.


I tend to get along with women more than men. Some I've had relationships with, but not all--or even most--by any means.


Yup. I had a movie buddy - when we were both single.

SamKerry Level 7 Mar 28, 2018


Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 28, 2018

Sure it's possible. You just have to know the boundaries and respect them. One of my best friends is a guy. He's married and will never jeopardize that. I respect that. So while there is an attraction between us, those boundaries aren't breached and we can enjoy the other's company, outrageous flirting included.

moonmaid Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

I have had this relationship with a guy it worked for us as i was his best mate and he was spoken for - so you know where the boundaries are.

jacpod Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

Yes. Trying to work on that possibility myself.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Mar 28, 2018
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