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I enjoyed this. His religious upbringing was very similar to mine so I can identify with his starting point.

My thought processes were also very similar to his--but we started in different places.

He started by learning real science which got the wheels turning in his head; and ended up, by using that knowledge, to challenge what he believed about the Bible and his Christian beliefs.

I, on the other hand, started by challenging the Bible and its veracity. A tipping point for me came when I was studying Spanish in college and realized that some things cannot be clearly communicated, even among contemporary peoples; so, how could we be certain that we had accurate translations of ancient writings? In learning more about the Bible, I came to realize it was not the word of any god and I stopped believing in the god described in it.

However, I did not stop believing there was a god. Like he, I checked out other religions and found them to also be problematic; so, I settled into deism.

During this time, I started learning more about astrophysics and evolution, as a lay person via books and the Internet; and it was in doing this that I became an atheist. I stopped believing that any gods exist for science had shown me that there is no evidence for one, and no need to insert one. I am also agnostic in that I make no claims to "know" that no kind of god being/consciousness exists.


I tried messaging this guy on his facebook to help him with his uneducated illogical atheism. In most true fashion of typical illogical atheist, he never responded.

Word Level 8 Jan 14, 2020

Please, explain how his atheism is "uneducated" and "illogical."

@Joanne First, you seem unaware that atheism is illogical. This may be considered for showing you uneducated because of your lack of knowledge of how atheism is illogical.

As to being illogical which means: lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning. Atheism by defination lacks sense or clear sound reasoning by not accepting the fact that I exist. God is not my name but It is true, I have eaten a taco. Atheism illogical.

My existence does not imply or prove existence of Willy Wonka god, Harry Potter God, Peter Pan god or any other style of god but it is not required to show or prove that all styles of gods exist to prove atheism by defination and premise wrong, thus illogical defination.

@Word Well, that was a non-answer. Instead of responding with a cogent argument for your claim, you simply rambled on nonsensically and tried to insult me as you tried to insult the young man in the video. If I were to draw back the curtain, I think it is likely that I would find nothing there.

Also, I do not know what you think atheism is; but it is simply the lack of belief in any gods—nothing more. It is not a claim about knowledge. If one makes the affirmative claim “there is no god” they must be able to back up that claim, just as those who claim there is a god. And, the type of evidence to “prove” either is just not within our abilities. Science can only show us that there is “no need for god as a hypothesis.” *

And, the same holds true for you. You simply cannot call people “uneducated” and make the claim that atheism is “illogical” and not be willing, or able, to back up that claim in a cogent manner. And defining what being illogical is, is NOT an answer.

I wonder if you are capable of responding to this, or answer the original question, cogently-- and without resulting to insults in another feeble attempt to make yourself appear superior.


@Joanne I make no claim, nor am I here to argue as YOU claim against me. I am here for discussion. But as You claim "atheism is lack of belief" please consider things I have copied from the link I also provided.

As many words have different senses, usages or definitions for the same word, this can be said of the word atheism because illogical atheist have discovered that as indicates here, atheism is a claim of FALSE to the fact of my existance because I have eaten a taco.

The following is copies from link provided that helps explain how atheism illogical in the truest sense of the word atheism.
There are only two possible direct answers to this question: “yes”, which is theism, and “no”, which is atheism. Answers like “I don’t know”, “no one knows”, “I don’t care”, “an affirmative answer has never been established”, or “the question is meaningless” are not direct answers to this question.

“Atheism” is typically defined in terms of “theism”. Theism, in turn, is best understood as a proposition— ... The “a-” in “atheism” must be understood as negation instead of absence, as “not” instead of “without”.


@Word You made the "claim" that Drew's atheism is "uneducated" and "illogical"... Then insulted Joanne with incoherent sentences and poor grammar because she asked you a question regarding what you said... Then repeated the definition of illogical twice... Then provided wrong or inappropriate use or application of terms. Curious... did you read the entire section in the article you linked?

Atheism lacks sense or clear, sound reasoning by not accepting the fact that YoU exist, because you are not a god, and because you ate a taco? Are you an auto-theist?
I'm by no means a psychiatrist, but... don't let it go too far. Mental health is extremely serious and important.

Atheism is conventionally used in society to denote the rejection of theism overall, i.e. the rejection of belief in a god or gods. The claim is that there is no god as contrasted with theism, the claim that there is a god or gods. That being said, the claim that the existence of any god has not been discovered (no evidence is available) or undiscoverable (evidence will never be available) is agnosticism. Agnosticism is a more scientific stance on the basis that its dependent on the provision of evidence while atheism is not; there are many arguments for atheism.

There are people who are somewhere between both, we call ourselves agnostic atheists (like Drew did in the video). As an agnostic atheist, I do not have any proof of the existence of a god, I do not think proof will ever be available, and I do not believe that a god exists.

@HumanistA i do not claim to have great grammer, I have passed such college classes as English, American Literature and a 40 hour college credit police academy all With 4.0 gpa.

When it comes to this online typing, I do not review my grammer and such as I would If I were writing an essay or s police report.

You are seemingly offended at bring called or referring to be uneducated on topics. I can admit I am not educated in the details of rocket science but I have had High school physic, with all A's for grades. Does that make me a rocket scientist, no. I do not claim to be rocket scientist.

I often have illogical atheist trying to referr me to mental health services. No, I am not in need of mental health services. In fact I have been involved helping a man once that after a few months of helping him he come off of his bipolar schitzoeffective medication for the first time in 20 years. I do not claim expert in helping or being able to cure anyone of mental health issues but I have my limited experience and understanding. If I were to again be involved with helping a mentally disabled person again I might consider a more scientific documentation approach to preserving information for testing what might be repeatable and usable on others to be cured of mental illness.

As to your 'Auto-theist"? I assume would be a person claiming them self as a God thingie. Ss it is said, and as biblical text indicates man created god such as Jesus style god. So then I became a man to create a god because that is what it is said man has done and can do. I created taco god. Taco God is any person that has eaten a taco.

I created Taco God so a person could know themselves and believe in themselves. And put an end once and for all t illogical atheism. This is not to imply that a person must eat a taco to believe in themselves, a person can very well believe in themselves with out eating a taco.

Whereas, the fact tacos exist, people exist and people really eat tacos gives for a real existent God because as I created Taco God as any one and every one that has eaten at least one taco in their life.

Taco God is very much knowable because you know yourself, that is if you have eaten a taco. If you haven't eaten a taco but you know someone that has, then you might could get to know them so that you could know about a taco God.

You are not forced to eat a taco and not forced to go around waving the Taco God label if you have eaten a taco but are not inclined to advertise being a taco God. What taco God does do for people is to free them from being forced to carry the title of illogical atheist. I understand, people like this title for what ever reason and illogical can have entertainment value. So, for entertainment purposes a person can go around with the illogical atheist title and entertain others with illogicalness of the sort, "I lack belief that anyone has ever eaten a taco ". And of course, people can find that funny and entertaining, which there is nothing wrong with good intentioned entertainment even if it is portraying illogicalness.

Illogical atheism can be seen as a part of surrealism a form of entertainment to brighten and entertain others.

a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images.

@HumanistA now, I have given knowledge of Taco God, you can now say you have been educated.

A last comment I will make about "LACK OF BELIEF " this statement is say "I lack knowledge to have the ability to say something is true".

Belief means holds something as true.

Disbelief means holds something as false.

Lack means something is missing, that is to be able to call something true or false.

Lacking what then? Knowledge, if a person is lacking knowledge what else could be said about them? It then could be said that they are uneducated.

Lastly, notice picture, there is other non-biblical sources that clearly indicates real people are deity/Gods.

Atheism illogical.

@HumanistA and very lastly, when I refer to uneducated or illogical atheist I am directing it as in regards to their atheism not as a totality of their knowledge or cognition capability.

Illogical atheist could still ad 1+1 logically to come up with 2 as the answer. Uneducated atheist could very well have a doctor degree in rocket science and have copious amounts of knowledge in that field.

However, when it comes to God thingies, uneducated illogical atheist don't know shit from shinola when it comes to their admitted "LACK" thereof .

@HumanistA as to my fat finger typing on a cell phone keyboard and my short patience for online grammar correctness and my occassionally blurry vision ...

If you are interested in being more so LOGICAL in having a discussion about the content, then you would not be concerned about being a grammar police but would rather logically point out something that may cause you misunderstanding or confusion because of my bad syntax and reasonably as for clarification so that you could better understand what I am meaning to say.

That is if you want to carry on a logical conversation. It might also help if you did a little study in such as ebonics and Texbonix. Just saying.

@HumanistA, @Joanne any questions?


This guy is so pretentious.He actually needed science to come to the conclusion that there is no god .He thinks he is smarter than he is .Most atheists figured this god bullshit nonsense out on their own .I figured it out at about 10 years old and this was despite the fact I attended catholic school and was fed a steady diet of this crap.

Learning more about the Bible led me to realize that the god in it does not exist; but, this did not mean that no gods existed.

It was in learning more about astrophysics and evolution (science) that led to my conclusion that there is no need to insert a god when explaining how the universe works; and therefore to my atheism.


An atheist since age 13, I'm tired of hearing people talk about an imaginary god.

I kept scooting the video forward to see if he gets to the point. Gave up.


My son Erick and me other son Bobby not religious


I know it's long, but really, it's amazing to hear about someone's thought process. Really rational, very thorough. I commend is willingness to share. Bravo!


I made it to the 7:14 mark and had to bail . Definitely not even close to how arrived at my current state but that’s the beauty of this site , so many different experiences and perspective being shared .


A little lengthy but he makes a lot of good points. I like that he says he is an agnostic atheist. I make that claim also because if you flat out claim there is no god you have to back up that claim. I'm about 99.7 percent sure. This means the believers have to give evidence to back up their claims. It just cannot be done.


I can not assert that there is no gods as many definitions include ones that are undetectable. One can not know what one by defintion can not know. I am agnostic 100% in that respect. I do not however spend any time wondering if there is a god.
With that said I am 100% certian no gods exist.


So I don't have to talk about religion? A wild guess...


I liked the part where he says his friend knows god exists because he has a personal experience with god and he feels his presence. I've heard people in my life say the same thing. I know now that personal experience and feelings are very much subject to subjective bias.


I did not need any scientific evidence I just needed common sense

That should be Sufficient. It just amaze’s me how many people believe that religious stuff.

Most theist believe that it is common sense to believe in god,


I have seen this before. I want my ex to watch this, he is a conservative xian who is very damn smart. I cannot understand why he buys the buy bull bs, he was the one who introduced me to critical thinking. Oh well.

GMskeptic does a great job and has a great channel.


I saw this one a little while back. He has quite a few vids. He always makes some great points.

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