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LINK Kentucky Christian School Expels Student For Eating Rainbow Birthday Cake | Michael Stone

The school made no inquiries, but just made assumptions and expelled a student for a perceived "thought dime". It is just a glimpse of what things would be like if the U.S. did not have a secular government, but ruled by religious laws as many right wingers claim they want. People would be accused and punished as if they were guilty of perceived crimes, with no kind of actual inquiries.

snytiger6 9 Jan 15

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This is another reason why private parochial schools should never receive a dime
of public funding.

It was just a fucking CAKE!!!


Pro tip: Do not enroll your child into a conservative private school if you do not want your child to be expelled for frivolous reasons.



So maybe this will be a tipping point for the parents to question why the hell they enrolled their kids in religious school.
My dad was a convert to Catholicism and we went to Catholic school all during grade school. Luckily there were no issues. We then moved from Texass to Calif. and went to public school. What a breath of fresh air.


Glad the girl is in a public school. Bigots will hate for the sheer joy of hating.


Well, she is certainly better off not going to that school.


Even under a theocracy I don't really get the crime. The cake was rainbow, so what? Colorful birthday cakes are a thing. Was she eating it while being gently masturbated or scissored by another girl? Is that what set them off? No? So the activity they found so offensive was that she ate a piece of colorful birthday cake and the Xian Gestapo went apeshit over that.

I'd look for the most litigious lawyer I could find and see if we had a case for a lawsuit.

Not to mention that, in christian mythology, the rainbow was sent by "god", after the flood, as a covenant with humanity that he would never try to destroy the planet again.
They can't even keep up with their own bullshit.

@KKGator Well, in all fairness it's a whole lotta bullshit ro keep straight.


Sometimes a rainbow is...a rainbow.

But I'm glad she got expelled from a CHRISTIAN PRIVATE SCHOOL.

It's like escaping from brainwashing camp. She inadvertently saved herself from indoctrination.

Right on!


I was driving through Northern Indiana a couple months ago and saw an "Evangelical Day Care" with their big ass sign and cross. They were painted in rainbow colors - I expect the irony was lost on them. Maybe now a mad rush of parents will get them repainted - black.

Maybe this was an progressive Evangelical Day Care.

In their minds, rainbows don't become "evil" until the child reaches puberty.


Hope that school gets the shaming they deserve for being retarded enough to assume that rainbow anything automatically = LGBTQ. Sometimes a rainbow is just a pretty assortment of colors, or something associated with St. Patty's Day, or what 'god' sent after the flood as a covenant with humanity, or just a cool natural phenomenon.


Hateful bigots.

My daughter wanted a rainbow cake for her 9th birthday. I did frosting like tie-dye.

It was fun to make birthday cakes for family and friends whatever they wanted.


Sanctimonious pricks! They can't let a kid have his cake and eat it too?


I know this place, (ky), is bad but this! It's been on the national news and all over the media and I still don't want to believe it.

Glad to hear it's received significant publicity to expose what retards run that school. They deserve all the shame and humiliation that hopefully comes their way.


Be aware here that the very first time I saw this today she was expelled for wearing a rainbow shirt. Later on it changed to the birthday cake. What it means is that someone in social media is pulling our chains and they want to keep us busy and occupied. It can be about politics or people getting paid by clicks (views) on something they post. It might even be both.

@OldMetalHead What I meant was the situation cannot be both about the cake and about the shirt. It appears to me as a distraction. Is this true? IDK. Why does it matter?

@DenoPenno I've read several articles about his now, and some mention a "rainbow cake" as well as the rainbow shirt, even referencing that the mother used the cake receipt which said "multi-colored cake" as proof that he school was making big assumptions about her and her daughter.

@DenoPenno The school said she also had other issues. Vaping at school,missing school etc..


I cannot read the article as I am not a subscriber, but i get the gist.

The title is laughable, except it is serious.

Just do a search for "girl exposed form school for rainbow shirt" (not all articles mentions the multi-colored (rainbow?) cake. There are many sies which carried the story.


They know that they can't defend 'Whitefield Academy’s beliefs' -- from school's head Bruce Jacobson's sent letter of expulsion -- so all they can do is try to isolate themselves from other views. Read that as "cover their ears and go 'la, la, la' as loud as they can".

As others here have noted, the student is much better off elsewhere. I hope it isn't too much trouble to move.


I will eat the cake today
I will eat it any day
I will eat the cake and say
Fuck these ASSHOLES anyway.

By Henry Gibson


Simply stupid act on the part of the school.


More cake for us.


What about Mitch McConnell? Is he not from Kentucky? Why is not he being punished? Sticking up for a criminal in the white house?


Right wingers are just paranoid and are haters! Look at what is in our senate and all the lies protecting a so called lying president who has made 15,000 false statements since being elected! And to think the evangelicals like this man?


Sorry, but the whole issue of people having issues with the rainbow is hilarious to me.

First a rainbow is an optical science effect.
As a boy the rainbow "belonged" to the Christians, it was God's sign, God's promise.
Then, in the 60's-early 70's, the hippies, then the hippie freaks not only annexed it, but often melted it in tie dye fashion with the same colorations.
This irritated the religious then, not only the rainbows, but associating the rainbow with the hippies and LSD.
Somewhere in the late 80's is the first time I recall it being used for gay rights, which just cracked me up. They were annoyed hippies LIKED the rainbow and used the color scheme and the rainbow, and here come the gays who turn it into their heraldry!

NOW, instead of the Christians seeing a rainbow birthday cake as EVIDENCE of a persons faith in God's Promise, they react as if your instantly Gay for using one!
and the hippies and hippie freaks got let off the hook.


Disgusting display of HATE!


Jesus christ!


Is this story corroborated?

I saw it reported form multiple sources on Facebook.

@snytiger6 Stupid fundamentalists in any religion.

@snytiger6 It was on ABC news last night. And Buzzfeed did an update about an hour ago.


Perhaps instead of the cross these christians should start worshiping a nore appropriate cross, the swastika.

It does seem they made the school into a mini-totalitarian state complete with thought crimes.

@snytiger6 seem?

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