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LINK Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven | The Independent

As an atheist... why would he think I (or we) would even care?

snytiger6 9 Jan 15

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Well isn't that special? I know I'll sleep better tonight. /snark


Little message to Pope Francis:

We atheists don't believe in god. We don't believe in hell. We don't believe in heaven either.

What you're saying is, 'Don't worry about not believing in the non-existent thing, because not believing in the non-existent thing won't stop you going to the non-existent place.'

You might as well say, 'Don't worry about not believing Homer Simpson is real, because Homer and Marge will still invite you over to their place for cocktails.'

Very well stated! I wonder if he thought that would tempt freethinkers to attend church and help line the coffers?


They're losing so many members, they'll even take atheists? Has he mentioned this plan to god?!

Don't think he has to. Haven't you watched Dogma? Lol It's called Papal Infallibility. The Pope says it, therefore it is law.


This will surely piss off the religious nuts who love to say you are going to hell if you do not believe in that revengeful guy in the sky.


Shit! I don't want to be around a bunch of asshole Christians when I die.

I second this comment!!

@Tmoney2478 Third it, here!


Fabulous news ,now I can spend eternity in a place I don’t believe in.A perfect example of the moronic stupidity of the catholic religion .No logic .no sense.


Think of the fun we could have there....plucking wing feathers, hiding halos, burning hymn books....swinging on the golden we get to leave when we've had all the fun there is to have? (Probably take a week to be blindingly bored...)


Well, that’s lovely. But does it mean I don’t have to if I don’t want to?


I'm so happy I could shit !

Let's assume for a moment that there IS a heaven - it's the last place I'd ever want to be !


Whoa! That's not going to be good for the church's revenue stream, which is dependent on people buying their way into heaven.


That sure is different than what I was taught when I was a kid.

Religion isn't really about teaching any kind of truth, but about getting and keeping lots of members to insure large future revenues.


Awww... how sweet of him!

I can equally assure mr. pope that he's not going to hell, that is for certain....


It is very presumptuous of him to assume that I want to go to heaven.


Like I'd want to attend that party even if I were invited.


As an athiest my first question is "The fuck do I care about the popes imaginary bullshit?".

1of5 Level 8 Jan 15, 2020

There is no heaven, or hell, except what we make of life here on earth.


Nice to know that if I am wrong I still have a back-up plan with god! Thank you jesus!


Gee, uh thanks, or not.


That’s all I need,millions of flying religious nuts telling me “ we were correct and you weren’t “


That is a fairly insulting and idiotic thing to say. "Assures" us? Huh? Well, I assure Christians they don't have to believe in Santa Claus to avoid being attacked by midgets in a hot air balloon.


Is that kinda like you don't have to pay to see the movie?


This is good news right? A free ride.


Gee, thankyu, thankyuvurrymuch


That's such a relief, but don't I get a choice.

JimG Level 8 Jan 15, 2020

Whew! I'm golden. Thanks, Your Popeness.


What a lovely man!

I can breathe easy now.

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