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Leftie Mishap 10,001.

Hungry and chilled, today I stopped at Dilly Deli (love that name) for hot split pea soup.

The soup pot has a flip-up lid with a hole for the ladle on the right (for right-handed people, as usual). Holding a hot cup of soup in my right hand, I tried replacing the ladle and lid. Look out!

Ineptly using my left hand (wrong angle), the lid neatly folded in half and slid into the soup pot with a splash, flipping the soup ladle onto the floor. I felt horrified. Immediately notified the staff. The female owner (whom I adore) laughed and sent someone to clean up the mess.

Reminds me of when I had right shoulder surgery 10 years ago. Nine weeks in a brace. Try driving a car and shifting with only your left hand.

Lefties- what absurd mishap springs to mind?

Photo: right after shoulder surgery in Nov. 2009. The scarf kept my shoulder warm.

LiterateHiker 9 Jan 17

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Not only lefties can have problems.
A few years ago I was knocked of my bike in town and hurt my right arm which just hung like a useless appendage after the accident. I decided to drive to the local A&E to get it x rayed. Driving a right hand drive manual car was no doubt better than having a left hand drive car but when changing gear I had to steer with my knees. As a totally right handed person other domestic chores were problematic as well so you have my sympathy.


I am ambidextrous so I can't even imagine.


Lmao it is too funny but not so funny at the time it happens,I beleive it is your excellent portrail of your adventure that sets it apart and makes it funny ,but I will also say Sorry (Canadian we say it a lot lol ) that it happenned to yu as it is embarrasing all the same


Not a leftie, but had to have carpal-tunnel surgery on both wrists.
Chose to have the right done first, since it's my dominant side.
For three weeks, it was a total comedy of errors, only with pain.
Trips to the bathroom were well and truly awful.


I am not a leftie but had torn a rotator cuff and like you discovered that one must persist in self-inflicted pain to regain full range of motion. That shoulder was nearly frozen and all doctors would offer was pain pills; no one even bothered to suggest physical therapy. I just took to swinging the arm in circles until I could do it without screaming. Now that I'm working out regularly that arm is definitely the weaker one but it's catching up and it still doesn't hurt.


Like you, I had a frozen shoulder and arm. Allergic to opioids, I could not take pain pills. Ice was my friend. Tearing scar tissue was excruciating. I began with walking my fingers up the shower wall, a little higher every day.

The minute I got out of that brace I raced to the YMCA and lifted 40 lbs. Oops. Curled up in pain afterward. The physical therapist chewed me out. But I continued stretching and weightlifting. Iced before and after exercise.

"You are an uncooperative patient," the surgeon and physical therapist said. But 18 months later, "You are one in a million patients," they both said, delighted. I had regained full range of motion and strength.

Here I am 18 months after major surgery in my right shoulder.


Next time get a's a safer choice.


Funny story but... Oh please be careful especially with hot soup. People will be more than helpful if you ask. There’s no shame in that. I hope you’re a fast healer. 😄


I used to be right handed but nearly all of my MS symptoms are on that side so I've learned to do a lot of things with my left.
I tell people I've become ambidextrous -- now I can be clumsy with either side. Lol I guess.


Drive a car in the British Empire for a little relief


I read somewhere that approximately 1800 lefties are killed by right handed products every year. Be careful with those right handed soup pots!

Was not aware that right handed equipment , killed lefties . My brother is a south paw , and I do remember the anger he went through , when he was little and trying to learn to write .


It didn't occur to me to set down the cup of soup and use both hands.

As if someone would steal it.


Even electric mixers are right-handed. The cord comes out of the right side. With my left hand, the cord drags through the ingredients I'm mixing. It's maddening.

I feel silly for not researching this before posting, it’s more like 2500 people every year, but the statistics on this are outdated, the best I can find are articles published 2011-2015. Without any reference to more recent data, I cannot confirm that this is still accurate.


Me thinks you need someone to take care of you,

Matchmaker ! Would I ever love to take care of an ideal Feninist Atheist but methinks ye shall lose your matchmaker job slip on the way written by our expert hiker klutz pea soup customer


I grew up in a family of six, left-handed, intelligent and hilarious musicians and artists. Married a left-handed artist. Our daughter is left-handed.

Have a lifetime of struggling in a right-handed world. Curled up like shrimp in those stupid, right-handed desks at school. Painful blisters from right-hand sewing shears.

I feel deeply grateful to have left-handed sewing scissors and pinking shears. But even the factory does not sharpen left-handed pinking shears. Only right-handed.

@LiterateHiker See, what I mean you need someone who can sharpen left handed stuff. Proves my point. I married a left handed person, he was lovely until he was not.


Oops........We're are a like in that years ago I had an ACL reconstruction on my right knee and drove my std. p/u truck with my right leg locked straight in a brace using my left foot for the gas, clutch and brake.


You are terrific in the army we had lefties who got burned by hot shells being ejected from the M16 and mom was a lefty

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 17, 2020

You are absolutely adorable and I love how you can laugh at yourself


Thank you, darling. I see the humor in life.

Most of the time I think I'm ridiculous.

@LiterateHiker you are not

@bobwjr Oh yes she is!


OUCH! Having spent far too much time on crutches, in ''boots,'' etc, I've learned the following lesson.

ASK FOR HELP! People will always help you and they'll feel good about themselves. Let them do it.

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