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What do fellow members do for a living?

Kreig 7 Nov 21

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many teachers.t
hats gotta be good for our future


carpenter / contractor


Yes, I taught in The Bronx. Many of my students made it all the way to great jobs. Charlie has a Master in Social Work, Keyla is an Speech Pathologist, Jennifer is a Nutritionist, Félix is a Marine and is studying Military Psychology, Pepe has a Master in Computers....and the list is long and I am extremely proud of them.
Whenever they asked me about my beliefs I told them "I am an Atheist." Their questions / answers were a lot more intelligent than those presented by most adults.

Thank you...but the success is not mine but the result of many colleagues. We always believed in our kids...and they knew we did.


Production Engineer (oilfield company)


My most-likely-very-soon-to-be-ex is from New Zealand and we have done Maori, and Hawaiian, inspired hand carved jewelry at the retail and wholesale levels for several years. I absolutely love New Zealand--especially the South Island. If I were to live there--it would be in Dunedin.

I just saw something that New Zealand has recognized all animals as sentient beings.
Loving animals and having a connection to New Zealand, i thought that might interresst yuou..


I am a school teacher in Ok


I've been trying to figure that out for quite a while. But essential I write: ads, copy, Web content... comments on Web sites and blogs, and books and novels.


I was forced to retire from sales and marketing 5 years ago


Database programmer


Scientist (microbiology)

Zster Level 8 Nov 21, 2017

Vaccine development.


Union Stagehand

i work through the local union office, meaning higher profile gigs rather than small theater work, which was where i started


Retired educator who spent his career in a number of roles with the intent of improving teaching and learning in public schools.

Thank you Kreig. Several things I am proud of. At the college level, I teamed with my department chairman to create a teacher education program which won national recognition. As a staff development and school improvement center founder and director, I created and implemented a number of programs which also won state and national recognition. Among them were (1) a training and support program for beginning teachers to maximize their chances of success, (20 training and supporting school improvement teams in schools, with the result of substantially increased student achievement, (3) training school principals in evaluating teacher performance and assisting low performing teachers in improvement or separating them from service, (4) writing a training program to assist special educators in working with regular classroom teachers in working with handicapped students. It was fun!


I own two fast food places, a pizzeria and a burger restaurant.


I used to teach English language and literature overseas, in the Middle East and Asia. After fifteen years of that, I'm back in the States as a freelance indexer. I compile those things in the back of the book where you find stuff.

I was in South Korea, the UAE, and Japan. Yeah, each place had its ups and downs, but I feel "blessed" (HAHA) to have had the opportunity to be there. I guess I had some impact, since I still keep in touch with students (mostly Japanese) I had 20 years ago.


Retired HS teacher/college prof.

I am enjoying life...yesssssssssssss

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