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That's what people say when governments start to become more authoritarian. "I have nothing to hide. You can search me.". If you allow that to happen in society, it opens the door for more and more civil rights violations, only you would be advocating for it.

Very well stated.

i wouldn't follow "i have nothing to hide" with "you can search me". the realm of the world wide web is not my real life, as i have authority only over my being, naturally physical, mental, emotional, but not digital.


To keep the government working as it should means it is necessary to vote and maybe demonstrate. Ghandi prooved peaceful resistance works. I don't care if I'm being investigated, because there is nothing I can do about it. In fact, I want them to know they have fucked up running the government I want them to know I'm for single payer health care, and a living wage, including children. If we are quiet, they win. I will be heard The capitalists have waged a war. People are dieing, and more will die. We can win, but we must work together.

Excellent comment. Thank you!

@VictoriaNotes yw thank you


My life has taught me that there is enough variance in perceptions and perspectives that:

  • something that's totally fine for me can be shockingly shameful to someone else
  • telling the truth is no guarantee you'll be believed
  • people tell themselves stories about others to assuage their own feelings
    ...and that's from living "out in the open", with "nothing to hide" and "nothing to be ashamed of."

Interesting piece! i wouldnt consider myself paranoid but i do value some level of security and privacy.Technically theres no privacy in the digital age but i can always pretend 😉

I agree about valuing some level of security and privacy. I know what it's like to experience identity theft and cyber fraud to the tune of $1.2 million. Anyone who says they have nothing to hide probably needs their head examined. LOL

"Glenn Greenwald revealed the hypocrisy of claiming you have nothing to hide.

"I always say the same thing to them,” said Greenwald. “I write down my email address and I say, ‘Email me the passwords to all of your email accounts. I want to read what I want to read and publish whatever I find interesting. After all, if you’re not a bad person, you should have nothing to hide.’"

"The result of Greenwald’s experiment? “Not a single person has taken me up on that offer.” *

@VictoriaNotes exactly!


What bothers me isn't about the existence, or non-existence of privacy as a concept, but something else. Why don't you follow your lover into the bathroom when they are answering nature's call, or read over their shoulder as they write in their journal? Because one of the things that comes with feeling close to people is respect. Also, trust. As in: I respect you enough to give you space, and I trust you enough that you will tell me what I need to know.

And that is what the problem is with these government and corporate intrusions into privacy-the loss of respect and trust for us as individuals. It is a great loss.

So well said.


Several years ago, I installed a windows firewall program. It tracked incoming and outgoing traffic to my computer. I was amazed how many buried apps where sending information out of the cumputer all the time. The app gave me the option to turn them off. That computer died, and I couldn't find that app again to put it on the new one - had to settle for one less capable. Maybe it worked too well? The shadowy cyberworld knows way to much about us already, what we browse, what we type, where we go, how much we spend, what we eat...and on and on. I don't remember deciding I would share this information with anyone. When do we get to the point we must make a moral judgement on the information theft ongoing? Is this in end, good or bad for the majority of people? But again we find the same technology divinding us, keeping us from this even considering this judgement. .

jeffy Level 7 Mar 29, 2018

Get a VPN matey ... good start anyway !!! 🙂))


Yes, when we dig deeper it is 'scary than hell' and I am one of those people who says 'they have nothing to hide!' I have been studing that 'Cambridge Analytica' and I am deleting as much as possible on the Internet...that I am in anyway connected to! After studing that business, and hearing the CEO, Andrew Nix, I understand fully now, how trump was able to get elected! It went, 'by hook and by crook,' that is how he got elected! I am dropping out...this is way beyond what we have ever experienced, with media!

Cambridge Analytica also helped Obama get his re-election in 2012 so its not like it was much of an advantage for Trump because the left was up to the same things.

@jorj No, they didn't.

"The Obama for America organization accessed voters’ Facebook information when they logged on to the campaign web site via Facebook. Obama supporters were given a permission screen in which they could approve or deny the request, which clearly came from the Obama campaign."

Cambridge Analytica worked by using information without the knowledge of the people they were the information on.


@Lauren You can't give permission for me to be mined and thats how it worked. It got all of your friends as well when only you had to accept it.

@Lauren As far as Snopes go, they proved their left bias during the primary so I don't take them as a valid source for neutral information. Ofcourse they will act like Obama is a saint, they did the same with Hillary.

@jorj you need to study further, pull up the CEO of (CA) Andrew Nix's own lecture, that is where I got my inf...Obama (no Hillary), did nothing like what they did with trump!

@Freedompath It never is the same when its a right winger and left winger Just because they do different strategies don't make it any different to what the main issue is, foreign powers colluding in our elections with our politicians taking part in it all. Both Trump and Obama are equally guilty is all I'm saying. If you are gonna hate Trump for the Russia ACCUSATIONS (no proof yet) then you got to be consistent and hold the left wing politicians to the same standard, esp. when Obama has PROOF of his campaign doing it.

@Lauren CA, took the information gotten from Facebook, and developed a program, that put in motion a munipulation (beyond our awareness) of EACH person's personality...for THEIR (CA) own gain, then they sold that program, to trump organization!

@jorj you need to do more research...this is way above your grade is almost above my own! But, I have put the time in to study this thing!

@Freedompath so now u insult my intelligence, how nice of

@Freedompath Explain how one person can work with a foreign power and that is ok but another can't then, since im so simple minded on this.

Prob because you like one and don't like the other is my guess.

@jorj maybe if you focused on one issue at a time, you could understand more! This thread was about Internet privacy...not Obama, not Hillary...but our personal privacy! If you are going to dispute Cambridge Analytica, at least go to their Web site and get information from their CEO! That is where I found my information! It may not mean anything at all to you...but I am neither LEFT nor RIGHT, and it makes me feel angry, that you are attempting to challenge me on ideas...that don't even apply! Have I once labeled you? I could care less which side you are on, as long as you respect the inherent dignity of all people! I am not your enemy, stop trying to make me does not become you! Ps...the CEO, himself said it wasn't the same, as to what they did with the trump campaign! Surely, you would believe the person who set the whole thing in motion! He is telling this in a large crowd of people!

@Freedompath where do i label u at all? No matter what side people are on they always allow their picks to slide on things but go off on the other side. That's why I said prob and I guess about Obama, so you could explain why it is different. You are the one to attack my intelligence like you know my brain or something. This issue at a basic level will be seen as foreign collusion by the average American so they can justify there love for Trump or it will be seen as no big issue cause they are Obama people. That is the way America has been for the last 20 years or more, just partisan with no consistency when applying their thoughts to their own side. If he worked with both Trump and Obama the average American will see it just as I say they will because they don't stay informed and just read headlines.

@Freedompath Im sorry if you took what i said as an attack. Not everyone is attacking but when its just words on a screen people can take things any way they want. You clearly attacked my intelligence though. I guess a 2 yr degree puts you in a league i can't even grasp or

@Freedompath "I understand fully now, how trump was able to get elected!" that is what brought more than just internet privacy in to it. You did that, not me.

@jorj if you studied what Cambridge Analytica, did with people's Facebook information...that helped get trump would understand why I brought trump into my post! The CEO, explained it himself...what he used in the trump campaign! I can hardly grasp the concept myself...that is why I keep saying go and get the info 'from the horse's mouth!' He has developed a system, to hook people... who use the web, that will undermined us (rob our freewill)! It will make us do things...that someone else wants us to do...without OUR ever knowing that it is happening! (This is based on all that personal data that has been gathered on us, over time.) It is psychologyical war fare! He was proving it's validity, by how it got trump elected! Andrew Nix, (CEO) was happy about his creation, before that large crowd, in his lecture...(it was in the UK, I think, his business is in the UK)! My comment about your 'grade level,' is most likely true for this situation! Because, if you understood what this (CA) information means to everyone of us, you would be very concerned about your own welfare...and, not about me! Just about everyone uses days! And, everyword we put 'out there' is being analysed and collected! Everywhere we go with our phone on, is being collected! Now, if you are confident about your intelligence, use it to get educated about this matter, because 'the wild horse is out of the barn!' And...start 'seeing'...people with different points of view instead of LEFT or RIGHT people...I hate labels!

@jorj and on top of that I am not the same from one day to the next...except I believe in the the inherent worth of all people, every day!

@Freedompath I never labeled you but you need that to be the case for some reason. Sorry i even tried to talk to ya, should have known since I don't have that 2 year degree that means I'm uniformed on this matter and could never grasp the idea of it. My apologies. I'm sure all the "intelligent" average Americans will break all this down and only Trump will be seen as the one in the wrong with all of it. Even the right wingers will see that what Obama did was different. Thanks for setting me straight.

@Freedompath "except I believe in the the inherent worth of all people"

That really comes through when the first response to them is to tell them how they aren't smart enough to even understand something but i don't take offense to it. Its the most common form of debate from Americans anymore. Either they agree with you or they are obviously dumb. If I've offended you i do apologize. I think I'm just going to give up speaking to anyone on this site about anything political because its no different than talking to the general masses and I was expecting it to be different here for some reason. Best wishes to you and yours.

@jorj my feeling is that you are doing just fine...get use to being challenged, it is how we learn! When we don"t understand something we push back at the other person! And, if you make that something against you personally, then you will slow down your understanding of a matter! I once did exactly what you are doing, took opinions too personal (and in certain situations, I will find myself still doing that now)! Back in the day, I thought my opinions were who I was! I have all kinds of opinions...some people agree and other people push back and challenge me on them! Plus I learned my opinions changed in many cases...after I was able to comprehend more information...after I new information or I simply couldn't/didn't understand before! So, in reality...I am not my opinions...people are more than just their opinions! You can verify this for yourself, by observing people around you! A human being is someone, who HAS opinions! I am not on this site to tout my knowledge, but I have gained a lot that I think would be helpful to others and I get another point of view here and I see how other people assimilate information and even their life...different from my own! So I am learning to accept THEM...even when I often times disagree on matters! No need to limit yourself here...real life isn't all that neatly wrapped up, at times! The same will be true here! But, it appears to me, that the majority of people on this site are here, because they want to face issues...and find 'real' understanding...not mud sling! I accept your apologie, but I think no apologie is necessary! I try to explain myself the best I know how and I think that other people are doing the same! The words are not always meant to insult, but to make a point! And, they can catch us off base, which brings out some anxiety! That is normal! If someone here just doesn't want you in their 'sights' will be deleated! For me as well! We will never please all the people all the time...and that is just fine! I find some people unpleasing, too, lol, and i may want to move off their radar! You, too!

@Freedompath Pushing back and insulting are two different things. Saying something is above my grade level isn't taking it personally, it is an insult no matter what you say to try to justify it.

@jorj you have not proved me wrong yet? If you came back to me and showed by your own description of that Cambridge Analytica, theory, then I would have to admit, I missed the mark! In the first place I was not putting you down...I was attempting to stress to you, that what that CA company is doing, is way above simple explanation! When I worked for the IRS, at a low level 5, I did not have the skills to perform at a grade 12, like my friend did! That is not an insult, that is a fact! This is where you are using issues to prove yourself by! How you treat others with dignity and regard, is what we judge ourselves with. Disagreeing with someone is not assulting their charater, unless you have degraded that person? Can you say that I have degraded you?

@Freedompath What I'm saying is that at a basic level this is all foreign collusion, and no matter what some CEO says to cover for whatever they need to cover for, the average American will see Trump and Obama as both doing the same things. The right wing will say "see, its ok when dems do it but not ok for us" and the left will say "its different" to justify it in their heads. I plainly stated different strategies were used but at a basic level it is foreign collusion. To see how these things play out you have to think about what Joe the plumber in middle America is gonna thing about it all. If one side can work with any foreign power then both should be allowed to or its just hypocrisy.

@Freedompath Maybe i should go to college so that I can be led by powerful elite interests and what they want to push for their own interests but at this time I can see much deeper in to where this is heading and how it is gonna play out.

@Freedompath Yes I would say you degraded me to assume what my "grade level" is, esp when you know nothing about what I have and haven't done. I dropped out of college after junior year because i seen thru the student loan BS bubble. Scored in the top 10 percentile of the LSAT and have tested consistently over 150 on IQ. A college degree don't mean anything except you graduated. Poor people like me and my family can't afford to go $250K or more in debt and 5 more years of school so I went and got a job so my family could have some kind of living standard.

@jorj you should honor your specific nature! However, study of all kinds pays dividends! You don't necessarily need to go to college...unless you have a burning desire to do something that requires that much study! I once felt less than other people because I did not have the education that I thought other people had! But i studied on my own, and now in my old age, I am out doing my peers...the ones that are still living! If you want to be happy and successful, follow your heart...develop your own interest, that is where your strength lies. And without our inner strength to support our own nature, life is harder and not much fun! You can check this out by observing the people around you!

@Freedompath You don't necessarily need to go to college...unless you have a burning desire to do something that requires that much study!

I agree, thats why i never tell people things are above their level. The smartest people in the world drop out of college all the time because it is just a profit scheme and only serves to make people who are willing to put in time studying and memorizing things to feel a sense of superiority over others who don't do that. College means nothing when it comes to intelligence.

@jorj if you don't mind my advising you...I want to say that you are casting your 'net' to far! Focus on one issue at a time, then when you have gained enough information...only then can you began to see a bigger picture! Plus, you may be trying to understand everything all at once...and that is not possible for anybody! In fact, you could go into overload, and understand very little! This is simply the nature of the brain! Maybe you could do a little research on the 'brain,' to see how you could regulate yourself better. Now, I am speaking of research here. Your library should have CD's called, 'The Great Courses'...they have all kinds of research and lectures, by scientists, professors and other experts...on the brain! It helps to start at the main source of something! It helps to know how our brain works! These are college courses and you can find all kinds of ideas that you are interested in. I spent thousands of dollars buying these courses, until I couldn't afford them! We all need to limit our focus, because it helps in understanding things better. Nobody can take on our whole social order, within a short time span! I hope this is helpful to you, as that is my wish.

@jorj I was here writing these post to you and I have a call come in from Russia! Did not answer and deleted it and then it came in again! So now everybody must be on some Russian list!

@Freedompath my focus is very limited on all these issues. my focus is how it will be perceived by the general population. i focus on making change for the better by pointing out how both sides are the same when looking at basic things that the average person will see. until both the republican and democrat voters admit that ALL politicians are doin the same things, even tho they pay lip service to their base, we will continue with the same things. the only positive to Trump is he is shattering the establishment. people caught up in the news cycle of trying to justify their side over the other are the biggest problem we face as a country. the theater needs to have the curtain opened up

@jorj I agree there is some truth in what you are saying. However, if you want to be a catalyst for change, you must know yourself first! It is not possible for any other person to change the thinking of other people...they will change when they are able to and no one knows when that will happen for someone else! Heck, a couple of my children are out there in 'left field,' and I am not referring to politics! There is much mental illness, on their father's side and my side! I have tried to educate them on mental illness, down through the years, but their problems may be above my 'pay grade!' If I want to be a fully functioning person, I will need to limit my time with them. Sometimes, we can't even save our loved ones! But, someone else, or something else may come along and help them, I can live with that. I must put myself in order, so that if I am needed I will have the where-with-all, to help! They are just angry, hatefilled people and that throws me completely off balance! I have stepped up to the plate and tried to find some resolution, but nothing has worked and now I am getting to the end of my life and I don't want my last few years filled up with anger! It sucks the life out of me! There is a deep problem when people have that much anger!

@jorj well, don't waste your intelligence worrying about people you have no control over! It will suck the life right out of you! I do believe we need to keep abreast of what our government is up to, but change comes very slowly for anything...there are no instant fixes! OR...quick fixes! So relax, and make your life good for WILL need it, if you live until old age!

@Freedompath I think there is a quick fix though, an amendment to remove money from politics. Then we won't have all the BS to hide their true intentions of serving donors.

@jorj well, I applaud you...that is an honorable thing on your part! Please, understand that I most likely grew up poorer than you! And, most of my life I was ashamed of my upbringing. But, I had a little idea in the back of my mind, that I wanted to be somebody! It took me many years to overcome so many obstacles...and I must tell you that I paid, some high prices at times! If you recall, I got 25 yrs of mental help. But, I never lost sight of the fact...that i wanted to be somebody! But, what that turned out to be was, just finding and honoring my real nature! I never wanted what others wanted, like fancy cars, jewelry, clothes fine house! I am really a peasant, at heart! Or maybe a gypsy...but these things were frawned upon in society so I tried to be like what THEY wanted me to be! Money, is not the measure of a 'man'...status, is not the measure of a 'man' (as in mankind). To honor and nurture our own nature is the real measure of a 'man!' And, that is what I strive for everyday! And now I am respected and taken seriously! I am myself and I do much more than I ever did in the past! Make sure you are doing things for yourself, that supports your true pays off in ways that you cannot envision, until you are old and grey! Now, I look back and see that my upbringing helped me to understand so much more than I would have ever been able to, otherwise! Make your life, what you want it to be...that is worth something!

@jorj I agree, that would be a GREAT start!

I don't really have an option to do the things i want to do for myself because of things I can't control. Health issues with people in my family and me being who I am won't allow me to leave them without while i run off to chase a dream. If i ever get time for me that would be nice but for now I'm kind of the one carrying the load for a few of my loved ones.

@jorj let me suggest that you do even small things for yourself, where you are, that supports your nature...any kind of interest that you enjoy! It will help you carry out the job that you have taken up! And, when things change (and they always do, sooner or later), you will know what you like or dislike and can build on that! I am sorry that you have certain restrictions, but don't allow these restrictions to rob this process! You must have your reasons for your choice. But, you still matter and you always need to nurture your own spirit, whenever possible, if not everyone will loose...if you should fold up! My 55yr old nephew, took my sister from an assistant living home, about 15 years ago. She was 60 yrs old and schophernic (I hope this spell right) and now he walks with 2 canes and needs hip replacements! My sister is 75 and cannot be left alone, except short periods! He should put her in nursing home, but can't bring himself to leave her someplace and can't afford to hire help! I understand what it is to care for a family member...I was disabled up until last year, so I could not help me sister! Life surely has it's challenges!! I wish you well, whatever you least you can express yourself here and get support too!


I agree with this those that believe they have nothing to hide are fools. Privacy of infprmation is not about hiding something it is about your security of person.


I hide everything, often I hide in plain sight. My facebook presence is not real yet it is still not visible. I have nothing to hide, there is nothing bad about me. I just don't want to play the game, I am a drop out. I would hate to have something I needed to hide, because it would be "virtually" - pun, impossible.


I downloaded my file. Who you friended? Who you unfriended? Photos, ims, videos, timeline, and ads-that is what I saw. Did I click on ads? Are they targeting me? Did they already run them by me? And more aps I thought I used (groups, services). Nothing scary from my FB.


Everyone has something they prefer to keep to themselves regardless of the reason. It is the infomation garnered without my permission that bothers me. I have an unlisted phone for a reason and to have it published on line really angers me.


Innocent until proven guilty essentially.. We don't need need "pre crime". Minority report ? VPN's are pretty useful!

VPN's are great. But to be completely invisible, I would have to never create login information at any website, and that's practically impossible to avoid.

@Lauren Yep unless everything you do is a ghost!! on alias' . like completely spoofed + tunelled. A VPN is enough to just protect you in public wifi and home from basic attacks isn't it. It's not foolproof but much better than a straight connection especially through wifi.. IF I am really being nuts I TOR over VPN on fully spoofed hardware id's .. re connect on the VPN every 15 to be safe and not now but used to use VPN payed for on anon email through crypto .. !! To be honest though just protecting you private info massive passwords. Avoiding keychain and VPNs is pretty good .. It's getting wild out there and even certain Linux version are harder to fully Harden and tunnel with ... certainly from CMD line some are useless and spit DNS leaks everywhere. Can only be done through the software interface and GUI Gnome.. horrible lol !!! 🙂))))

Most public payed VPN use the same servers!! DNS is where most fall over.

DNS leaks can be pretty unpleasant. I used TOR at one point, only to discover that, when used with the Chrome browser, DNS was still going direct. I think that's why they started bundling Firefox Portable as part of the TOR package.

I used PrivateTunnel for a long time - liked the fact that you pay by the GB, credit lasts forever, and you can use it across unlimited devices. But PrivateTunnel's owners do log, and they will rat you out if you use it for anything legal. So IPVanish (who promise to not log) in order to finish off watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and to torrent The Orville (which isn't available by any legal means, here.) None of which is traceable back to me personally... at least in theory.

I thought as long as you were running VPN as a gateway, you were safe from DNS bypasses. The problem with TOR was that it ran as a web proxy (configured in the browser) and of course you're then at the mercy of whether the browser ever tries to do anything direct, rather than through the proxy. And Chrome was being rather naughty in that respect.

@NicoleCadmium Ahh okay !!! I run tor off a usb pen!! So it leaves traces only in men and couple temp files. As standalone with USB formatted to same format as system. I route manually if possible but if not I'll config through the "Tunnelblick" app. It's open source so you know the code is safe. This is a good DNS service and free !!! [] ... I have Used NordVPN, Tiger, Hotspot Shield Free, Cyberghost... some others too but can't recall.. My faves are Nord and Tiger! Neither log and both accept crypto!


An excellent article,Victoria, thank you!

It's interesting to me that some of the teen-to-twenty-somethings are better prepared for this than we are. The vast majority of my daughter's friends have alias accounts on Facebook and other social media. They fabricate their name, nicknames, date of birth, city, country of origin, educational institutions. When it gets too cumbersom, they delete the account and open another with completely different credentials. Maybe we should have been paying attention to them instead of clomping into it, no holds barred.

You make a great point, Lauren. I did not list my actual DOB on FB, and I also have my BD set to "me only", although all my friends there know my age. I also didn't use my last name but rather the name of my blog, since most of my friends on FB are bloggers. It took getting burned bigtime (cyber fraud and identity theft) --- being too trusting with personal information to realize it's not wise to put a lot of info out there for any joe blow to find.

I can't believe what you went through, Victoria, and the level of frustration you must have experience ... and probably still are. I confess I was reckless initially with Google and FB both, but you're a reminder for me to keep in shape.


I have ad block on my computers which helps some (I know because some sites ask me to remove it when accessing their site). I once mentioned to you that I might have a problem with the site because a very close friend signed on. She is well read, has a blog and is well known. At first I was happy for her but then realized I was going to lose some of autonomy. I think she also realized this as she withdrew from the site.

I agree “nothing to hide” does not just mean doing nothing illegal. I know this and am very selective for most virtual interactions. I spend very little time on FB and try to limit my friends to groups that I know and trust. This one site is different, though and I have started to wonder about even it. Some degree of paranoia is good.

Funny I was just thinking about the 'privacy' issue and wondered wy so many substitute images for their pictures. I guess this shows my naiveté as far as virtual media goes.

It took me many years to find the courage to post an image of myself online after experiencing identity theft and cyber fraud. Also, this is happening to women -- someone takes their picture and attaches their face to nude bodies. There are some sick f*ckers out there. Another reason why some people may not share an image of themselves on is that they are here for the community, not to meet someone.

Oh, and don't forget facial profiling software.

@VictoriaNotes Another thing of which us guys are clueless (or is that 'we' guys). About the facial profiling; thanks for reminding me I just read something I will post on this subject.

However, there are people here wanting to meet and even on dating sites there are lots of people with images instead of faces.

@JackPedigo I haven't seen "lot's of people with images instead of faces" here who are wanting to meet someone, but perhaps those who do use an avatar prefer sharing a picture of themselves privately. When I was active on FB, I had my photos set to "friends only", and I was selective with who I allowed as friends. We don't have that option here.

@VictoriaNotes You are right not lot's. On FB I have my car/kayak picture not my face. That has become my non-meeting pic.


Who cares? I do! Although I have no criminal intentions, still I don't like people that I don't know learn to know me. Even if it's just for targeted commercial use. I don't want to be targeted in whatever way, especially not for commercial gain to lure me into purchases that I don't need. I stopped the cable/satellite subscription because 1/3 of the time there are commercials. I can't watch something without pressed to watch commercials. I took Hulu and Netflix, without commercials and are willing to pay for that. All those sites that I visit that ask me to let them bypass my add blocker, because they earn their money with it. Really? Can't they think of something else? I immediately close those sites again, because I don't want comericals at all and "infomercials" like: "This pill helps you when you have CPOD, but be careful, you can get a heart attack or it can kill you in other ways, but hey, who cares, as long as we can sell, so contact your doctor if it is something for you".
So, yes I have a lot to hide. Stuff that I only allow my family and friends to know, and not even them all.

Gert Level 7 Mar 29, 2018

Well there are lot of fictatous people out there who are hiding from everything. So they hide behind man made rules

Rosh Level 7 Mar 29, 2018

tru dat


Interesting, thanks for sharing


Many articles have been written about the words "privacy" and "secrecy" and it seems to me that both words are often used interchangeably. Although, sometimes spurious reasons are given for secrecy. Despite all the reasons given for secrecy it reduces to one of two things within the context of game theory. 1. A is afraid to lose. 2. A hopes to make someone else lose.


too late, big bro is up your skirt like it or not

So you're gonna sit on your can and do nothing?


I'm out of most of my closets now, but I remember being in them. I know I wouldn't be where I am now without the stepping stones of being on sites like FetLife and tvChix, totally anonymously. So many still on those sites are hiding their alternative sexualities from their employer, their friends and family, or even their partner. They're utterly paranoid about the cat getting out of the bag.

In a world where everything is traceable and my anonymity wouldn't be completely guaranteed, would I have dared to do that? One where I had to give credit card details to prove who I was to sign up to the aforementioned sites, for example. Do I trust the government with my private data for the greater good? Hell, no! If MI5 needed information from me or to coerce me into doing something, they would almost certainly resort to blackmail if it served their purpose.

I live in a country that's supposed to have freedom. But the loss of digital privacy, ostensibly to thwart terrorists and child pornographers, is a subject that comes up regularly. We already have the RIP act of 2000, which means you can be sent to prison for refusing to reveal the password for an encrypted file. What if you've genuinely forgotten it?

You've made some great points. If you can, watch what he says around the 7-minute marker and beyond. People who say they don't care should if they actually care about the well being of society.

@VictoriaNotes Interesting, scary! Thanks.

@I_dont_know Thank you for taking the time to watch.


This is how I feel- this is a tipping point of an epidemic with many layers and archetypes necessary for it's success. there were many signs and warnings along the way- edward snowden, for example (please watch citizen4 on amazon movies only). he explains how it begins- using your debit card to purchase a bart ticket and calling/texting your friend to say you are on your way..folks DO feel that type of information breach is just big brother and a sign of the times (most do, anyhow) but, the conversation ends or the proper next questions aren't asked. personally, growing up in san francisco, 2 points- loads of locals knew of the verizon room; a large room with a gigantic server, processing texts messages and phone calls- and maybe two people in the room. point being, and segways into point 2, (hopefully, sorry I suck at articulating) the gravity wasn't lost on us that such a place should exist that, for example, when we want to exercise our right for peaceful assembly- our communications would be available to the powers that be. the right question is- is there a correlation between personal information harvesting and loss of constitutional rights? people that feel that they have nothing to hide are really saying they don't have anything of value to hackers. nefarious or otherwise. it can be fixed with a phone call. it's not fair to label them as 'apathetic'. instead, arm them with information-or let them choose to be interested, after all- not everyone is interested in becoming involved in real reality. I mean, no offense, if you are a blogger by passion and are surprised or complain that you got hacked/scammed? I would argue that either you were naive going into it or you had expectations. it always comes down to owing your shit. no one likes to admit they are wrong or ask for help. we are responsible for things getting this far. we were warned. apathy or paranoia is simply black or white- limited, simplistic and minimizing of the real, bigger problems. accountability, complicity and ignorance.


Good article, thank you


Most folks who say "I have nothing to hide" are fully clothed while saying it ! I contend that the saying is a logical fallacy because it is based on the false premise that -- if there are things I'd rather not be 'public' I must be doing something wrong.


Stupidity is rampant.

Once you give something up, it's gone. There is no return.

Technology has far outpaced any Rights or notions of privacy, and profit will keep up us from acting now (and it's largely too late anyway).

So you're going to sit on your can and do nothing?

@VictoriaNotes You can repeat that question as much as you'd like, there is literally nothing to be done about it. If you have a solution, by all means wave your wand and fix it.

@WileEQuixote Well then, just sit there on your duff.

@VictoriaNotes You too! 😉

@WileEQuixote Little do you know. Apathy is a huge turn-off.

@VictoriaNotes so is slacktivism and faux concern.

@WileEQuixote Sigh.

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