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And God sent us pastors because he's cruel, and he likes to fuck with us.


Which is why it specifically kills only gay people? Oh, wait- you mean it doesn't work that way?

I seem to have detected a flaw in the theory...

Others get infected not because they are gay but because they don't purge gays out of existence. Homogeneity not homosexuality (and only conform to what some asshat Pastor believes).

I'd rather the damned Pastors be purged.


I feel sorry for the people who believe the ravings of such lunatics.


Oh....but I thought that was AIDS!!!!!!

Well, that too ....... and hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and probably their ingrown toenail or their last hangnail. If they don't like it, they will find a way to blame the gays, the feminists, and now immigrants as well.

@RussRAB Don't forget Atheists!


OK, pastor. Explain why god sent us homosexuality. How about the immaculate deception?

Or case of miraculous boner

@bobwjr The law of unexpected consequences. Well, she did not create the religion, Paul virtually did it single-handed, maybe with the hand he did not use to....


There's always some religious dickweed ready with the wrath of Gawd excuse whenever something bad happens: Legionairres Disease, AIDS, 911, now Coronavirus. It's as lame and predictable as the punchline of a bad joke.

Part of their ‘punishment’ god, that they worship.


That explains it. I knew Gawd was to blame somehow. Now if we could just get rid of it/her/him, think of all the problems that would be solved.


I wish religious leaders would accept homosexuality as a natural choice and their God's way of curbing population growth.

I wish religious leaders would shut the hell up.

@Grecio Mee too! Lettuce prey!


If I recall, some other (or maybe the same ) Right-wing pastor said the recent fires, floods and earthquakes along with any number of other events or natural disasters, were also due to homosexuality. Seems god spends his time randomly punishing humanity for what he created in the first place, and also throws in an epidemic now and again too, to kill off a small percentage of us at random. If he is so angry at homosexuality, why doesn’t he just target homosexuals?

@Toonces Makes as much sense as anything else.

@Toonces My Methodist friend says that the national Methodist church is splitting over homosexuality. The churches that approve of homosexuality and the rest are splitting off. Amazing that a simple interpretation could be worth splitting up.


One of the very few things these "pastors"seem to agree on is that all things that kill are because GOOODDD hates homosexuals, liberals, atheist, and women....just hates them.

Yet how many do the very things they condemn in secret, we see that enough when they are exposed

@bobwjr the number is legion, or quite a few...and I think many that just haven't been caught. I'm suspicious like that


...I guess there is ‘one’ born every day! Let’s face will be a continual struggle, to educate the masses to accept science and logic, it must be hard on some brains to digest!

It makes me wonder if such people even have brains.

(Yes, I am feeling extremely bitchy this morning.)

@anglophone ...some are fearful to use their brains, they contract them out!

@anglophone Bitchy might just be an appropriate response!


He sent George Pell because God is a See You Next Tuesday!


Where do they find ignorant asses this large??

Dung heap; thanks for asking, I just thought I'd give you the information.


These evangelical Pasters are just way too obsessed with gays. Get a real life guys!

Because some are in the closet

What they should be considering are the myths found in the Bible. Eve bit an apple and cast the whole world into sin, Noah got 2 of every animal, Jonah lived in a whale for three days, etc.. It goes on and on.

@Grecio Must have been some huge reeking, stinking ship, with all those insects, snakes, Komodo dragons, crocs, bugs, dung beetles, dung aplenty for them, poisonous spiders; all those viruses,etc.-you know, they insist that creation was a one time thing, so any type of life here now, had to be there, then.


Which is why it is fitting to have that inept openly gay dude Grenell as acting head of national security. Grilled on camera as a complete moron by fellow goper Sen. Kennedy on the Corona Virus..


What a freaking moron


Did he say which coronavirus, because there's a shit ton? Or was he just referring to the fact that life is a terminal disease?


Well according to many of these "holy" ridiculous men, homosexuality is to blame for the floods, the forest fires, the corona virus, serial killers, in fact about everything except gun violence 'cos gawd lurves guns.


It reminds me of 'Blame it on the Kellys'.


Should we really be giving idiots like this publicity ?. Even on an agnostic site.

I don't think the vast majority of folks on this site would hear his voice as a siren call.


Yeah, my thought exactly, "Isn't this crap getting old, already?" So, not only do these snake oil salespeople believe in a Fairy God-Father, they think they can read its mind. well, of course!


These guys will never wise up to the scriptures' explanation that the wrath of God comes from the way people treat each other. All you have to do to know this is read the damn book. Ezekiel chapter 16 is a good example. But it doesn't take a prophet to know something bad is coming down the pike when society is breaking down.

It is always breaking down and rebuilding. Who rules stays rich and the land and the religions. Sometimes bloodlines change, sometimes big collapses and sometimes slower ones.


Funny how God sure seems to have a problem with gay people, but he doesn't bat an eye at the millions and billions of money stolen every day by rich people not paying taxes. Guess "thou shalt not steal" doesn't matter as long as you have sex with the right person?

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