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Now, conservationists are focusing their efforts on keeping the species alive. They intend to impregnate southern white rhinos with cell cultures from a pool of twelve northern white rhinos and extracted eggs from Najin and Fatu. “This is a creature that didn’t fail in evolution,” Thomas Hildebrandt, who heads reproduction management at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin, told the New York Times. “It’s in this situation because of us.”

zblaze 7 Mar 31

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SO MANY are endangered...all due to human greed and inattention and lack of compassion!


Sike Milligan wrote a poem

A baby rabbit
With eyes full of pus,
is the result of
Scientific us.


Silly Superstitions over White Rhino Horn created a black market that poachers found irresistable. This hastened their demise more than anything else.

Large market in Yemen where manly men need a dagger with Rhino horn handle. It is called a jambya.


I saw a recent 60 minutes show where a popular polo player was cloning a very popular horse over and over to produce a team of polo horses that he uses when he plays. A moral and ethical question I would like to ask is 1. Is this possible with a species on the brink of extinction?2. Should this ever be done for the sake of the species?


I can't get to upset about when one species becomes extinct when, in all probablity, all of them will become extinct in a few hundred years when the Venus syndrome kicks in.


A crime was committed by greedy man and its up to us to continue these species by biogogical inseminaation.


Let's hope they are successful...I wish more people paid attention to perseveing all life!


We are wiping out species by the dozens every day ! Granted many have not ever been seen or heard of by the average human - but the dismal results are the same, and move us ever closer to our own demise.
All the millions of creatures we share the planet with - well.... USED to share with, now we just bulldoze (literally and figuratively), through them - even though they have just as much right (maybe more), to their lives as we do. Humans are not worthy of being here, and I believe the earth would be better off without us.

@Beach_slim Certainly of some individuals - but more of what we're doing as a whole, to our home and co-habitants - we've long ago proved ourselves to be very poor stewards.

@Beach_slim Case in point : []


I'm not sure why, but the extinction of species like the white rhino upsets me more than the idea of the extinction of homo sapiens.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 31, 2018

Incredibly sad and scary.

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