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I wonder if we can get a report if any get Covid19?

Yep. In the obituarys. may just come to that...@PondartIncbendog


So why does ‘the healing hand of Jesus’ need 1,800 dumbfucks in one place.

That’s going to spread the virus not the word!


That is another 1,800 candidates for a Darwin Award, along with all their friends and family.

That's okay BUT it's the children of the families that I feel sorry for.


Crazy religious people. I guess their god will meet all of them in heaven, after they die from corona virus.


Chlorine in the evangelical genepool


30 pints of blood donated. First thought - I hope I don't need any blood; second thought - that's it, greedy bastards; third thought - was it human blood and from whence did it come, a sacrifice?

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