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Who else is spring cleaning?

I've been cleaning out the closet. It's been long overdue! I'm finding so many random things I don't know what to do with. I'm divorced and have no idea, do I keep things from our relationship as a keepsake, or toss it? Pictures of old times. I love and hate spring cleaning. How do you decide whether to keep, toss or donate/sell?

valerina 7 Apr 3

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Valerina, my tip for helping you decide what to toss, is watch some HGTV shows on organizing and/or the tiny house movement. They will inspire you to let go of stuff, sitting in front of the tv is easier than actually cleaning. πŸ˜‰


Have you used it (or loved it) in the past year? If not, toss it out. I can't imagine keeping anything from my ex, but everyone is different.


I do a major purge every few months. I save pictures, and not much else.


Still waiting for spring to spring!! My area is under a winter storm warning. Nearly a foot of snow is expected. More snow at the end of the week.

At this rate, when it finally happens, it will end up being "summer cleaning."

Yah it sucks. Medford here.

@valerina I know! I lived in Mission Viejo for about 10 years. Boring weather. It's always the same. lol


If you have kids, I think you should keep some of the special things and pictures to pass along to them. If not, it's a judgment call. If seeing them dredges up bad memories, maybe you should let them go.


i need to start. maybe this weekend πŸ˜‰


I tried to clean my place up but it was too much, so I just soaked it in gas and lit it on fire


I did. I cleaned my house, windows, and wallet. Onto the car...

In the future, if you need help cleaning out your wallet let me know.

@Rudy1962 Sorry, but my four children already filled that position.

@Donotbelieve I'm sure

@Rudy1962 Yes. I shred the money and bake it onto pizzas. I swear.

@Donotbelieve sounds delicious


Weeeell, I have to move in a few weeks, so I kind of have no choice.


I am a 59 year old guy living with my 31 year old son and ocassionally my 22 year old foster son.
What is this spring cleaning of which you speak?

@valerina phew, we have only been here 5 years, so plenty of time to learn and prepare.


Always sorting stuff and moving stuff. Major OCD.


My ex left me in September, and I've been "spring" cleaning, since. Still much to do, but it's coming along. I have purged so much stuff that was just taking up valuable space, I think I'm single handedly supplying the local Goodwill.


I am one of those who does "all year cleaning". Every so often you can see me driving to the Salvation Army with an old lamp or a bag of clothes.

Gonna just throw my 2 cents in that the Salvation Army's anti-LGBT policies suck. I walk right by their Christmas bell ringers with pride. I'm a Goodwill girl, myself.

@MollyBell The way I see it is they have helped many guys with their alcoholism

@DUCHESSA Totally your call. It's not like you have a dog in that fight, anyway.

@MollyBell I sure do. And I plan to boycott them when I get back to the US. I usually give to Goodwill anyway.


Not the house, but the bike is about to get his spring cleaning. ?


Freaking too cold to do that yet here.


Various points - when I was a chold I had an elderly relative who sniffed at the idea of spring cleaning and said that if you kept your house clean and tidy all the year round you didn't need to clean once a year! However, since having a house in Spain, where we have a wood-burner and put rugs down in the winter and strip the house completely for the summer, that theory doesn't work. On the tossing out issue, you are fortunate to be able to make the decision. I would love to get rid of stuff but my husband is a hoarder and won't let me.

@MarvelAnn As with everything else, plusses and minuses. I prefer living in the UK, but Spain is much better for my husband's health.


Autumn here


I am cleaning like a mad man....some of these places haven't been delved into in decades...I am not very sentimental about items and I own less than 10 pictures that are hard copies...if it was up to me, I would almost gut the place....what I would do is find a little storage area....put things that you feel are painful to get rid of in that area....revisit that area in a few months and see if you have that 'I don't ever see this stuff, so who cares' or 'I don't use this stuff at all' feeling....that way you avoid the 'a man, I had that and need it now' feeling...for the most part....feelings...nothing more than....feelings...hehe


Absolutely! Tis the season! I downsized once and it was the perfect time for it...kept the things that were most valuable...sentimental and gave away everything else. Soon I will downsize even smaller to sell my home. My advice if you have the time/space, do one sort and hang on to anything you're uncertain about. Then when you're up to it going back through it all once more.

I’d cleared and packed a large house, gave myself a year & a half.. Stored it in an uncles barn, then bought a home across the US (from west to east coast). Not having access to or using β€˜my stuff’ for a year +, after trucking it across the country in Penske's largest ..everything felt precious! And though giving more away (I’d given away so much), it’s still precious, and reminds me daily of a rich life πŸ™‚


Keep the useful and the smiles and put the rest behind you.


Trying lol


I am. I’m going to need a bigger garbage bag!!! ?


I follow the advice of the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing," by Marie Condo.

She says to put everything of the same category in one all the pencils and pens, all the wrapping paper, all the scissors, etc. Then go through them and select most of them to give away. Only keep or two of each type thing, and only things that, when you pick it up, it brings you joy.


I know this book....good idea.

sounds right but, but, but ,I don't think I can do it

@jacpod Her advice is to do the entire house for each item category at the same time instead of cleaning out one closet at a time. Pile everything together of the same kind, brought from every corner of the house.

Maybe you have pairs of scissors in several drawers, your shelves, and more in different rooms. She says to gather all the scissors from all over the house and decide on two or three, then give away the rest.
When you do your shoes, bring them all out, from every closet, etc.


Well, sort of. The sun is shining into the windows at an awkward angle, showing all the dust, so yes, I am pring cleaning. Not in the same intense way I used to, but you can tell I am making an effort.
Well, every time i get a box from Amazon or somewhere, I fill it up with the stuff that accumulates. It gets put in the backaseat and dropped off at my local thrift shop. Stuff gone, no box to recycle. Win/Win.


Sorry havent teh energy for that yet = I tossed everything from my relationship unless it was soemthign I really like , and felt I owned . I donate mostly .

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