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I'm just curious how many of us support Black Lives Matter. I plan on marching in my town of Clifton Park, NY next Monday. Anyone else supporting??????

sassygirl3869 9 June 3

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Can't in person right now but will in other ways


I joined the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protest in Wenatchee, WA last Monday.

Over 500 people participated.


I support them and have supported them for many years prior to this recent wave of protests. We have a canadian version in my city and I would argue with wyte supremacists that would come to their page and have donated to their community fund. I have not marched with them these weeks because their rallies are too early in the day for my night owl lifestyle. I think if they are still around and active when I am better situated in life, I will attend their rallies/protests/demonstrations in the future.




Absolutely. Though I am down South ...


I support BLM but I don't wish to expose myself to a large, dense crowd as I am high-risk for covid complications. The temptation to join in grows stronger every day though. Maybe if I can find a smallish crowd . . .

I am so heartened to see the activity and the momentum, but every time I see those teeming crowds, I worry about all the new cases of covid that are sure to arise.

This should be a small crowd in my neighborhood.


Of course I support BLM. We are all just humans trying to be. Denver has had very disturbing protest, but it was worth it. It made a difference in getting the other officers charged. So a bit of a success.


We had a big demonstration here in Rochester, but it was co-opted later by white supremacists. We have identified some of them and are still investigating.

sorry to hear David. Hope it doesn't happen here-right in my neighborhood to the State Police station.

@sassygirl3869 watch out for white guys breaking windows and setting fire to things. It would be great if someone could get identifying footage of these guys, but most are wearing full-face disguises. SO, maybe a group of citizens could follow them to their vehicle and film them there.


How did you find the protest? I have looked online, nothing.......

It was on Facebook. Google Black Lives Matter and put location in.

if you have connections with activists you won't have any trouble hearing about these things

@BitFlipper, @sassygirl3869 I used to be on a ton of lists, mostly 99% defunct now, or headed by someone who didn't move over previous names.....FB shows nothing in Connecticut or Rhode Island upcoming.

@AnneWimsey here's a start:

@BitFlipper I thought I mentioned above I tried that using both RI & CT, nada......

@AnneWimsey that link is for the group in New Haven.

@BitFlipper I have seen it, I have joined Black Lives Matter as well...No demonstrations listed! I know they are happening, I see them on the news after they occur, but whoever is doing publicity for them is just Terrible at their job!

@AnneWimsey They may be using another communication vehicle, like Facebook, Meetup, or Slack.


Good work.

TO_BY Level 7 June 3, 2020

There have been several in my area during the last several days, but I won't go. Between my age and my heart condition, it is too much risk for me. I am also not going to dine in a restaurant, even outdoors. I also won't go to a music concert, indoors or outdoors, for the forseeable future. Same with going out to sing karaoke, my main hobby. I will go see a movie at a theater, but only if everyone has to wear a mask and the theater closes off every other or every two rows out of three.


If you would not like one of your children, or you, held down by the neck, you REALLY need to support this regardless of your color!!


I support BLM. I would have joined the protestors in Omaha, but I'm not moving all that well now, and I still have to go to my day job. I can't take the risk of being hurt or gassed. And they did use gas in Omaha. So I support from the sidelines.

You stay safe, I do not want to hear that you got hurt. This now has a life of its own, the orange one is on his way out and has to go screaming. Everyone stay safe and look out for yourselves.


Every ones life matters. In these times especially those who have been on the short end for so long. We talk like white people have an advantage, which they have for centuries. We white have only had this privilege since the rich need someone to lie to that can be made and treated as privileged. I think what we are seeing now is the deterioration of this. Given the leadership in this country, when the shit hits it will not matter what color one is, all who stand against the orange one will parish, unless the military takes the side of the people. The orange one will not treat anyone who is against him differently, he would kill them all as they are not people only the opposition. He is after all King.

Perfectly stated!

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