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This is how much damage a single rubber bullet can do.
4'11 Shannyn shot by a rubber bullet during the protests.

OldMetalHead 9 June 5

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Rubber bullets have a metal plug in the center. They are lethal.

Calling them "rubber-coated lead bullets" is more accurate.


Rubber bullets, when used in protest situations, are to be fired at the ground and ricochet. These cops are firing directly at protesters.

In the opinion of this old activist they are not to be used at all. Neither is tear gas. Have a police line to insure people remain peaceful and arrest, or photograph for later arrest, people who are using the occasion to destroy or steal. That is not 99% of demonstrators.



bobwjr Level 10 June 5, 2020

Rubber bullets do permanent damage to 15% of the people hit by them.


This homeless guy wasn't even participating in the protest.

The problem with bullets is that they keep going and damage as long as they are moving. This is not the movies, the damage caused is real. This should be attempted murder.

Those who attach the weak and vulnerable are the worst kind on the planet, and quite frankly, I think that the reason things like this are happening is because of the paragons of what I mentioned at the start, are sitting in the halls of power in Washington.


OMG!!!! 😯

#infuriating 😡🤬😡


The one journalist had on goggles, they aimed a head shot on purpose because they are targeting journalists, and it blew apart her eye through the goggles!!! She's permanently blind in that eye now. I can get a link if you'd like.

I heard about that kind of thing happening in HK. I never imagined it could happen here.

Yeah and that'd be 100% correct too imo, 'pork chops' hate Journalists mainly because, these days, they all carry mobile phones with cameras or have, as T.V. News Reporters do, a Cameraman/person with them.
As we saw in another posting where the 'pork chops' deliberately sent an Elderly man crashing into the pavement then went after the camera crew who filmed it as it happened.

@Triphid I read that one too. Disgusting!

If they are deliberately targeting journalists, they deserve contempt.

@Triphid That was a cameraperson who got shot in the eye. She comments that she still has one left....

@Larimar She WOULD still have them both IF it weren't for some trigger happy 'pork chop.'

@OldMetalHead Shit a brick m8, what planet have been living on, America invented the rubber bullets, they've been using them on roiters for decades.

@Triphid On rioters, yes. The difference for me is seeing them used on obviously peaceful protesters. I'm sure a lot of that is because there is so much more video available now.

@OldMetalHead But she was NOT a 'Rioter' was she?
She was a Journalist just doing her job.
Even rioters are PEOPLE and people, imho, have a right to demonstrate their dislikes, etc, against Oppressive Behaviours, etc, of Governmemts, Police Services, etc, etc.
FYI, a Rubber bullet is fired using either compressed air, HIGHLY compressed at great pressures, or a slightly lower charge of a gunpowder type of propellant, aiming one at any of the very vulnerable parts of the body can be very damaging or even FATAL just as can a 'blank round' fired from a gun as well.

@Triphid Well Said!


FFS, that is some truly horrific injury there, another trigger happy 'pork chop' (Cop) with an I.Q. less than his boot size I presume.


Bullets of any sort are nothing to fool around with.


Rubber and plastic bullets can kill, main, blind, cause internal injuries and break bones. British use of such "non-lethal" ammunition in Northern Ireland showed that cops and soldiers become more trigger- happy when issued this kind of ammunition.


rubber rounds are considered "less than lethal" cute phrasing for something that will do a ridiculous amount of damage when used improperly as police as doing


Rubber bullets can be lethal at close range. Even the baton round is extremely dangerous. A guy I worked with many years ago accidentally shot a woman's breast off as she walked in front of his intended target at the moment he fired. That was in Northern Ireland during the troubles.
At the moment there is a photo going around social media where an American policeman is pointing a weapon at a toddler on an adults shoulders. If the weapon accidentally discharged, then even a beanbag round is likely to kill or maim the child.
So, if you are going out to protest, be careful. Police are human too, and they can get very scared and do stupid things when under stress.

Hahaha lol

You are such an apologist


This is a terrible tragedy. It should not have happened and who is going to pay for her facial surgery? She should sue the city. Just because Trump thinks it is OK to use rubber bullets on protesters does not make it legal or anything that should be happening. Would Trump pay for this? The man has already declared that he is "not responsible." OK, then who is? It certainly is not Obama.


They are using them wrong so they can hurt people

bobwjr Level 10 June 5, 2020

I find it to be extremely infuriating. When injustice is waged on people, and they respond with looting, I think that is their way of dealing with a situation where they are themselves looted by those who discriminate against them . . . . you loot me, I will loot you . . . . same with the violence. While the government condemns violence, it is the first to use extreme violence, and very often without justification, also contrary to Constitutional Law . . . . So quite frankly, violence is being met with violence, because peaceful protest is not accomplishing much . . . . violence was used to suppress the Occupy Wall Street movement, and they are doing the same as they did with Occupy Wall Street, hoping for the same result. If the government does not want violence done against it, it needs to stop using violence against peaceful protesters. If they want to call protesters "Antifa", then we need to start calling them pro-fascists.
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John F Kennedy

The thing is the looters are not targeting government property, politicians or government officials or their property. If they want to protest private industry, stop buying shit.

Good point. Same with the terrorists . . . if they want revenge for being bombed and droned, why don't they attack the clowns in power who decide to bomb and drone them? Unfortunately, a lot of the institutions that are responsible for the things that are happening like police brutality, are not anywhere near these people, who for the most part do not have the means to reach such places, nor the means to do any real damage to them, hence they take it out on private industry. There was one exception though, where they literally burned down a police station.

What I am seeing now is peaceful protest around the world. It breaks my heart to see people focus on a building being safe more than the focus on why people are fed up, sick of abuse and are beyond angry. This mistreatment has being going on for decades. I don’t expect everyone to understand the build up and the need to lash out when you feel no one is listening to your cries and complaints of this abuse. I can understand the anger because I live it. I also take pride in where I live and the people who live in this city.


With a little honesty they would just kill you. Getting shot is terrible to say the least. It does not matter how or why, this should be illegal.


Fuck!!! That looks bad!!!


So, the cops can riot all that they want once it starts. But who is starting it? Could there be 1312 bricks in these stacks? Could it be the ACAB brick company. Asking for a friend.


Terrible. Criminal. Evil.


Lucky for her it was not a metal bullet. Stupid of her to be where this could happen to her. No sympathy.

JacarC Level 8 June 23, 2020

Oh Yeah? How about this homeless guy? Did he deserve to be shot in the face too?


The bullet fractured the skull?


You know I'd love to see every cop trained in 'Crowd Control,' etc, get shot in the groin with a few rubber bullets BEFORE they're let loose with them in public.
Just maybe they'd think twice and not just aim them at the most vulnerable parts of people.


Thank you for showing me this picture I don't wanna go for any protest ever


Oh geez!!!


Is it real? Not Photoshopped? It is surprising that she not treated, awake and no bandage when the wood looks terrible.

Yet terrible. Must be banned.

The police departments around the nation have not changed for 200 years other than modernization around the edges like the modern cars, communications, uniforms and weapons. The structure, mentality, corruption, nepotism, biases, red tape have remained.

No police are not perfect. But if you don't see the manipulation that is going on in the bigger picture you are not as blind as a bat, yo are more blind.

Ummm, waiting on medical care...why do you ASSume otgerwise? I can clearly see behind her standard ER room wall fittings

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