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If you could go back in time to a time before your birth when and where would you go?

You would have to stay for at least six months

paul1967 8 Apr 4

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We don’t know the limitations here but if I could take my camera and then come back, I would go to the Royal Library of Alexandria well before it was destroyed and try to get permission to photograph every available item that I could. It would answer a lot of questions.

gearl Level 7 Apr 4, 2018

That would be amazing. So much lost history, art, and knowledge would be made available to us again.

That is a great idea!

Would be interesting watching you explain to them the concept of a photograph so as to get that permission.

@icolan Especially as I don't speak ancient anything. As far as the camera goes they would be like kids. Take a couple and show them in playback.


Egypt 2500 BCE, to see how they really did build pyramids, then go further back to when the Sphinx was built to ask who built it and why.

This is a question and not a dig, but don't we already know how the pyramids were built?

@paul1967 There are theories, but very little evidence to create a strong consensus behind one of them.

@paul1967 Good educated guesses but since no plans have been left to see we can't be sure. Seeing the building plans or working with the architect would to me be a dream come true. Also there are disputes going on about the age of the Sphinx.

@pnullifidian Correcto mundo!


The roaring 20s

yes, 1925 is my choice.

I do like the clothes. I think that was the birth of extreme fun fashion in America.


1920's any large U.S. city. Feel a connection to that era.

just read capone . chicago would have been nuts !


A day before the last largest lotto and pick all the winners.

money corrupts


Mine would be to travel back and meet Shakespeare.

I wonder what he was really like as a person. I bet he was an odd character.

@paul1967 he must have been pretty busy too.

he? or she?

@paul1967 inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

@JimG exactly!

@BAMBISPICE that question as well!


If you mean traveling in a time machine and being able to observe from the machine, I'd like to see the dinosaur age. If you mean going back and time and being born, then I don't want to go back at all. Women are barely treated as humans now, and older societies often treated women as chattel.

Fair point.


I'd go back before the Big Bang. Just curious.

I'm not sure how that would work, according to everything I've read you would pop into existence before spacetime. I suppose by doing that you could become the big bang and be the creator of the universe. 😉

And according to everything I've read, you can't travel back in time. Do paradoxes cancel?


I'd go back 30,000 years to Gibraltar and spend a while living among the last tribes of Neanderthals who lived there. I think they might have been able to teach me a lot.

Maybe get to know this one::


that could be fascinating.

we have between 1 and 7% neanderthal in our dna


About 1850, around the time photography was just becoming refined. I'd travel and shoot images I know would become important historical documents in centuries to come. So instead of all these artistic woodcut impressions, there would be real images. And I'd stay longer than 6 months if I was rich enough to be comfortable!


I know I wouldn't try to change key moments. Any number of unpleasant things might happen. I would like to just find an interesting time period and observe it (though I hope I'd do a better job of it than those bald guys from Fringe), maybe the 1920s.

yeah, i'll be in vienna in 1925.

kensington 1920 was my second choice


1 day, same birth place. I don't want to live before central air and heat, microwave ovens, free porn, and stores that sell nothing but donuts.

Life is good, maybe too good. Are we becoming lazy, porn-addicted, donut eaters?


I think that about 65 Ma would be interesting. Seeing the meteor impact would be a sight, but surviving might be a bit tricky.
I think about 375 Ma would be just as interesting if not more interesting, the first land creatures. An explosion of life. Just to see how things transformed at that time, would be incredible. I think as long as atmospheric conditions were good, I could live there for some time.

You wouldn't be alone. You would see me wandering around taking pictures of everything. I might get eaten, but it would be worth the risk.


That depends. With no other enhancement, I would likely have to go to a time and place where English was spoken, in order to get anything done. That narrows my options. However, my first thought would be to go back to 1980 and save John Lennon.
If, however, I was also able to communicate in the language of the place and time, I've often fantasized about warning Boudica not to attack the Romans at the place of their choosing, but rather to force them to attack her at the place of HER choosing.

I wonder what impact changes like those would have on the future.

good idea on lennon, imagine how much less warlike we would be if he was still around. effing marines


To Italy to and talk to Leonardo da Vinci

Do you speak Italian?

@paul1967 I am a quick study.


Athens, circa 500 BC


I'd go back 800 years, and be a Native American on the plains, before Europeans got there.


At the moment, I think I'd choose the early 20th century. Maybe 1910. I'd like to find Nikola Tesla and learn as much from him as I could.

You might find out he's a time traveler too lol


I'd go back to the American Dust Bowl and see if this farm boy could survive.

A man who likes a challenge. Respect!

Go back farther and teach them about soil conservation.

@JimG I could school 'em on Sir Albert Howard!


Don't think would take you up on the offer unless I could change history. If I could have stopped the Holocaust by killing Hitler early I would try to save all those millions of lives he destroyed.

Curious question, if you were standing alone in front of baby Adolph's crib would you be able to muster the pyschological strength to snuff out that babies life knowing what the future holds if you didn't? I don't know if I could or if I should. Too many what ifs.

Killing the 3rd pope would have saved many more lives.

Yad Vashem the memorial to the 6 Million from all the camps did it for me 40 years ago. I will never forget those cases of teeth, hair, eyeglasses, wedding rings, and toys displayed like corpses were a commodity they stripped of all dignity. One reminder of that and I could do it.

@pnullifidian Adolph's wasn't always the sinister monster he became. He started out as an artist and had he been a better artist I think we would have just had someone else. I'm not sure if killing Adolph would be for the best. WHAT IF someone else had taken his place who was a little less impulsive. What if you killed Adolph and returned to discover Germany had won the war because Heinrich Himmler stepped forward as the leader of the Nazi party or someone with more military savviness. In all likelihood killing Hitler as an infant would not stop the future. We know what happened with Hitler we would be gambling with changing history.

still think I would do it to save all those lives. I suppose killing all of them-attempts were made-would have been the answer.


I would like to dwell on the other way around..... How about going to the future. What would you like to see??

You might see paradise but if I were a betting man, I would guess it would fall far short of that.

Actually what I would like to see is where technology is going to go in, lets say, 200 years.... That I would love to see !!!


Kensington 1966


Paris in the 1920's.


the arty & socialist cafehaus society in vienna in 1925 would have suited me for a while. hungarian gypsy violins, women finding their power, painters, workers' unions, yes, i would have liked it.


I'd go to Farmington, Maine in about 1920, want to be about age 20 and enjoy the Sandy River and Rangely Lakes Railroad. Very unique, two foot gauge. After 1935 I'd migrate to Bridgton, Maine, for a couple of years, then probably to the Colorado three foot gauge railways, stopping in Orbisonia, Pennsyvania for a while on the way at the East Broad Top.

Now, all this being said, I would probably died at age 49, as the cancer I had was a death sentance at the time, however, since that cancer was likely the result of exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, that might not be an issue.

The way I would look at it is, you had a good life before you left, you added to life by becoming 20 again so even if you died 25 to 30 years later you still lived a good long life.

Used to work in Bridgeton, ME/Lake Sebago area back in college. Please check out our Cancer Survivors Group.

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