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What kind of posts do you prefer?

Thinking about the topics we see around here, I'm wondering what sort of things interest you more.

Bonus: What would you like to see more of (or less of)?

silvereyes 8 Nov 24

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any thing make me thinking or rethinthing


I mainly like to read what is the scenario for us atheists in different countries.
How are the religious majority reacting to atheists?

I am also interested in Science stuff.


Thought provoking posts of a short nature.


I tend to like short posts that generate lots of answers where people share a little bit about themselves and their experiences.

I often skip posts where the original heading posta are more than two paragraphs long.

I don't usually bother with the "what if" fantasy questions.


I'm attracted to the religious topics. To me that is intertwined with the psychological. We get our view of religion from our parents, so it is "filtered" through them. That's why there are so many different views on religion. There are questions that come to my mind related to this topic: Did your parents coerce you to go to church but didn't go themselves? Did they coerce you, also attended, belonged to organizations within the church community, and were totalitarians, or overly strict in the punishment of the children? Did your parents not attend church, not expect you to attend and, yet, "preach" to the children from a very religious position? Since this IS agnostic-dot-com, I think the main topic(s) are covered very well. I would guess a large percentage of the members here were raised in a religious belief system.


I sometimes like getting into how religion affects government.
I probably wouldn't bother with that topic very much except it is so prevalent here in the US, that it can't be ignored.


I enjoy questions that get us to speak of our own experiences, questions about relationships/love, and questions with a humorous aspect (for entertainment).

I dislike posts that lead quickly into negativity, which many political and religious posts seem prone to doing.

Zster Level 8 Nov 24, 2017

I'm relatively new here, so I'm still feeling my way around. So far, I can't say there are posts I'd like to see less of, so it's hard to think about what I'd like to see more of.

I do enjoy getting real with people of similar backgrounds, as well as offering advice to those asking for insight into their predicaments. That is where forums shine - we're a supportive community that shares whatever we can to make people's lives better. I think it's called fellowship... 😉

I also very much enjoy intellectual conversation that may or may not relate to religion. I enjoy being challenged to back up my stance if I disagree with someone. And I would enjoy, as others have mentioned, a category about recent science news that covers bleeding edge technologies.

And jokes are good yoo.


Posts about the horrific damage caused by religion to secular society are my favorite along with those that suggest aggressive methods to curb religion, kicking it to the fringes. Posts that show advances in scientific inquiry are also great especially if they refute religious belief. I could do without posts that are completely off the topics of religion, agnosticism and atheism.


Science!! The cutting edge of human knowledge!! New interpretations of existing thought forms. Elevators to space? Carbon nanotubes. AI. Self Driving Cars. The Internet of Things.

Come on people! We are already atheists and agnostics here.. How many times do we need to kick the dead horse of religion before we look forward?


Existence, free will, human psychology, crazy stories involving the religious, politics, and science.

Riley Level 6 Nov 24, 2017

To each his own, but be prepared that the response may not always be positive.


"Get to know you posts", such as this one, are among my favorites.

I also enjoy the intellectually stimulating ones. within and beyond the realms of our beliefs.

My "bonus" lately has been fewer posts and much less harassment of myself and others by the idiot fringe atheists. (Some peace may best be enjoyed in silence...but you asked!)

Yes, as in quantity dwindling to near none. I'll take some credit for that in that I've made a point to call them out.


I agree with Marz -- you and @VictoriaNotes are putting up the greatest stuff, so don't change a thing. The mix you've been putting forward is quite good.

To answer your question, though, - and this isn't about your posts specifically, @silvereyes, but rather about posts of the general community:

I'm personally less interested in reviewing reasons not to believe because (1) I stopped believing 30 years ago and (2) unlike the majority of folks on this site, I'm fortunate enough where I work and live not to have Christian proselytizers in my face every time I turn around. So I'm less likely to read posts about reasons for disbelief unless it is from someone who just deconverted very recently. As I'm sure you'll agree, new atheists/agnostics deserve the warmest of welcomes and congratulations.

But as I just noted, I think I'm in the minority here - I am well insulated from the sort of evangelical Christian crap that most members apparently deal with every single day, multiple times a day. Recognizing that I'm fortunate, I don't mind the venting and arming for debate that does go on here -- it is healthy and necessary.

What I like best, however, are posts that explore other social, political, scientific, and/or environmental issues that lie beyond the foundations of our disbelief. This community of thinkers has a lot to share with one another beyond our atheism/agnosticism.

🙂 @vertrauen Thank you for your kindness and encouragement.


I like posts that are intellectually stimulating as well as posts where people share opinions, advise and/or personal experiences, which offers us the opportunity to get to know them better.

We live in a Twitter world where so many people don't want to read more than two sentences. That's why I rarely use my Twitter account. I like substance -- depth and even lighthearted bantering.


I like personal post when people are asking for advice. It helps me get to know them.


Today, jokes. Fewer religious questions all the time.

I there was a major crash on the train to Philadelphia. Every single person died. Two people survived. Why? They were married.


I like contemplative topics, things that challenge us to reconsider established moral codes, accepted realities, etc., or to consider dilemmas that we may never have thought about before. I'm less keen on repeated posts about how stupid religion is or how foolish people are to have faith or to follow religion; even though I agree, it seems redundant and gets tedious after a while.

Not everything needs to be related to agnosticism or atheism. I am fine with some current events, jokes, personal struggles or endeavors, etc. I think there's room for it all.


Hmm. I prefer the ones that are concise and interesting without being too long, and which invite a fun discussion without being too opinionated.

In short, yours.

@silvereyes Careful. I might go out and get a pizza at half past midnight.

@silvereyes You would have to Apparate across the Atlantic. You sure you're up for that, I hear it can be quite challenging.

@silvereyes And any challenge can be overcome when pizza's at stake.... Excellent point.

Excuse me while I quickly hop over to Italy.


You have the best posts on here. Keep doing what you're doing..

Marz Level 7 Nov 24, 2017
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