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What weird things or noises can you do with your body that others might not be able to do?

I can do a few things actually.

  1. I can burp on purpose over and over again. Sometimes I can make them really loud. I never do this in public though.
  2. When I am really hungry and my stomach is empty, I can make my stomach make loud noises by pushing my stomach muscles in and out. It is loud enough for others to hear if they are standing close by and really listening.
  3. I can put my arms in a circle in front of me and step through them without my hands coming apart. I can then step backwards out of the arm circle. No one that I've met can do that.
  4. I can also twist my feet around, one foot a time, so my toes are both pointing in the opposite direction. Like girls in ballet.
  5. I can even have my hands and feet on the ground at the same time, while my stomach is in the air. Although I can't bend backwards to get into that position, but I can easily do it from laying down.

What weird things can you do with your body?

Sarahroo29 8 Apr 6

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I can curl my tongue and flip it both ways, and also make it undulate in a wave. Some says the latter is gross, some say it is cool. For some reason, my childhood best friend and I cultivated this latter talent in response to the constant and repeated singing of "amber waves of grain".



I can move the toe next to the big one (the index toe) independently of the others.

I can pop my 3rd thumb knuckle. The one next to my wrist. Yes, that thing pops and it feels... awesome.

I can walk on my hands. This is not a trick of language. I can put my hands on the ground, put my feet in the air and walk.

I can put my palm over my eye socket and make fart noises.

I pop the 3rd thumb knuckle too. It does feel good though. Just push your thumb back a little and it pops.

@Sarahroo29 I grab my thumb and pull, but to each their own. It does feel good though.

@indirect76 Yes.


I can duplicate many animal sounds , with my specialty being the exact series of noises that a cat makes before , during, and after the birth of a wet, abundant, hairball !

Wow, awesome.


Scream loudly as my fingers dislocate.

Lol. Ouch.


All my digits can be bent backwards 90 degrees


it doesn't hurt


I'm double jointed in all of my fingers and I can (this one's a bit gross) spray saliva from the salivary gland underneath my tongue on command.

Mea Level 7 Apr 6, 2018

I've done that a few times on accident. Idk how I did it?

@Davethecave Gross.

you self-lube @Mea

@LeighShelton it would be unnecessary.

damn @Mea please explain in minute detail lol x


My knees are missing cartilage that keep them from bending backwards. I can hyper extend my knees backwards some times this comes in handy when reaching gives me a few more inches. It is not painful at all.

That is different.


I have very flexible toes, and can pick things up with them. I feel very untalented right now.

Awe. That is cool.

@CheeseTeacher my husband calls it that too.


OK.... with 1 & 2, you should be able to "fart on command," too, ala Le Petomane.......

MikaB Level 5 Apr 6, 2018

No need to do it on command, I do it at least once an hour.

The last time I had his bio was 4-5 years ago. Alas!, if I had it, I would send it to you gratis... If I come across it again soon I will..... If you can do that, and could embrace doing it, you could probably, as Pedro would would say, All Your Wildest Dreams Come True. 🙂


wiggle my ears, flare my nostrils, and raise & lower my eyebrows separately or individually. At the same time.
Oh, and I can pick up and throw tennis balls using only my toes.
EFFIN' A, Americas got talent!!!

I have some others, but just got shut down, soooo...... 😐

MikaB Level 5 Apr 6, 2018

Wow, that is cool.


I can clear my Eustachian tubes without moving any other muscle, can raise and lower my body temp, pulse, and blood pressure almost instantly. Body temp is more raising it, lowering is harder, but I can make the others go up and down.

That is weird.


@Sarahroo29 is good for diving, and was so easy to pull a sickie at school.

@Rugglesby Wow.


I can make a very realistic cricket sound. It is loads of fun at a comedy club or when someone tells a bad joke.



I dropped a wooden pallet on my right foot decades ago so now I can make a loud clicking sound with my big toe.

Ouch and is it loud?

@Sarahroo29 fairly loud. It doesn't hurt though.

@Islandgurl That is good that it doesn't hurt.


All my fingers are double jointed..and I speak 5 languages and have a dry sense of humor..

That is cool.

@Sarahroo29 your 1st weird thing makes me 2 older brothers harrassed me doing that growing made me puke..they thought it was Hi.lar.ious..

@Charlene I've never puked from sucking in air. I'm sorry you can throw up on purpose.


My body isn’t really that amazing, it just functions sorta.



Haha wild .. Fair play .. I am like a mish mash of injuries and gaffa tape or glue after years of ahtletics and slightly mad mountain biking. Still being bendy but also recovering from car crash and mountain bike accident fractured elbow at mo. So a bit slow and it's pissing me off lol. Could always standardly get feet behind head as kid and thumbs bend back wrong way right up to adulthood. backflips and stuff. really good climber.. Three and two finger pull ups. would kill me now lol.. I can have a pretty large person still stand on my tummy while i lie down and jump up and down or stamp and it's just iron.. they get scared to whack it so hard .. i am just laughing. Never tried stepping through hand but if tried now with fractured arm would go into face lol. With you on the burping lmfao. I have bat ears lol. Can still free climb a 25 ft rope with hands alone in full hiking gear!


@HelenaBucket Excellent .. I would love to see you walk on your hands!!!! Please try and film it .. if you do ill try putting my foot behind my head.. First one out of Hospital wins lol !! 😛

@HelenaBucket I am ready for you to do this !!!!! Just not me .. Just go easy .. bit by bit lol 🙂


I can raise my left eyebrow like nobody's business. Does that count?

That so counts.

Yes, it counts.

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