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How do Americans view Canadians?

Is it realistic?

atheist 8 Apr 6

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Special forces were developed by them they can't be that bad. I do find some of them a bit odd though, that is good because I love odd.

I’m dying to know what ‘a bit odd’ refers to. Most Canadians would wear that title proudly by the way. ?

@MsDee My uncle had dual citizenship, he retired there he operated one of the nuclear power plants up there. One of my favorite oddities is ketchup on mac and cheese, my daughter eats it that way.


Usually if they are in the distance I can stand on a chair to see them.

Can you see me waving? 😉

@MsDee hi, how you doing?

Doing just fine here in the great white north. Waiting for spring to really arrive. If you see it while you’re up on that chair, please send it my way!


At this point, most of us wish we were Canadian.

@atheist if the entire region was on fire you would have a point.


well my Mom just asked me about an hour ago if we should all move to Alaska and I'm all WHAT? Oh hell no. If I have to be that cold I'm going to Canada... so there ya go 😀


One of our Canadian comedy gems,

MsDee Level 5 Apr 6, 2018

They seem happy not to be a part of the US right now.

oh yes we are - but we feel for you, we really do.

A lot of them hate their own representation. It's kind of interesting.

@RavenCT Yep.

we have a completely different political system with good and bad politicians - but our worst crap seems to pale in comparison to what we are watching you suffer through.

@MsDee I don't watch the news anymore.


I live in Minnesota, we’re quietly trying to become part of Canada


Having just moved back to Texas after 10 years in Canada I hear the answer to this quite often.
The most common perceptions are that Canadians are all super nice and really freaking lucky to be living on their side of the border.


I kinda wish Canada would annex Washington state. I'd happily be a Canadian.

Looney and all.

@atheist why, thank you! ?


I'd live there in a heartbeat.

Not at all. I've spent a great deal of time in Canada, both for work and because I used to date a couple Canadian women (I've always had a thing for y'all...don't ask me..LOL). I refer to it as "Polite America". The difference is astounding. Not to mention things like environmental mindedness. Your problems pale next to ours. Especially now.


My Great Grandparents were all from Quebec. I mostly view Canadians by watching Red-Green.

Red was my introduction to the Canadian people 🙂 hmmmmm....


I wish I was Canadian. Murica kinda sucks these days. Too bad we couldn't be great again...

@atheist - Ha!


Warmly. I have some dear friends from Canada, and my grandparents were French Canadians (Quebec).

So were mine on my Father's side. We drove to Quebec for a vacation when I was young. My Father thought he'd dust off his college French, but it came down to an episode of banging the steering wheel with his fists because he couldn't read the signs and we got lost. C'est la vie!

@jeffy Wow, small world. My dad tried to teach me and my siblings French when we were youngins but he wasn't very patient.


By looking northward?


I love Canadians, very friendly. I traveled overseas a lot and people thought I was Canadian. I finally asked why everyone thought that, they said because I was kind and quiet ? So it seems they make good impressions wherever they go.

@atheist ?


I’m very fond of Canadians. I spend lots of time in BC ?


I'm English but I was reminded of this clip 🙂
REAL Canadian Road Rage

Yup this one is awesome.


Ridiculously and insanely polite and tolerant. I mean Trump visited their prime minister and they didn't even arrest him!!


I watched "Due South" does that answer your question? lol (Also I have it on DVD). Paul Gross and Leslie Nielsen - I'm sure I have a very believable idea of Canadians?

Also my family came here through Canada. I still have relatives there. They are still sarcastic bastards - but they are more polite.

I am pretty polite most days actually? Residual Canadian contact? IDK.

We are sarcastic bastards - national pastime

I love Due South
I often say 'Thank you kindly' to people, which always put's a smile on their face 🙂

@GothRik It really would? I should try that.

@MsDee Apparently the gene was passed down by my ancestors.....

My first cousins kids upon meeting the entire family at a dinner - "OMG these are my people! They understand our humor!".

@RavenCT Well. it sounds so much more sincere than, say, 'Have a nice day' . Also, courtesy cost nothing, but it can be very rewarding 🙂

@GothRik I unfailingly say nice things to store clerks and servers (etc) but "Thank you kindly" just has that wonderful ring to it.

Things are too hard IRL to not be nice.
I'm so aware that I have no idea what may be happening in the life of someone I have a very short interaction with.

MsDee Level 5 Apr 6, 2018

Five years ago when I didn't know as much, as dorky in a bad way, but harmless. Now that I realize how secular their country is, and how large one of my favorite sports is there, mixed martial arts, I view them as cool and progressive, and probably more my type of people than Americans.

@atheist My very first impression of Canadians was shaped reading by a music critic's comment, in the New Rolling Stone Record Guide, that has stuck with me to this day, about the group Triumph's albums:"Docked one star each for plotting world domination from Canada; I mean, at least if these guys were German, they might even be a little frightening instead of quite laughable." Then there was Bob & Doug McKenzie, and also the 'aboot' style accent. But I've now moved way beyond that.


Canadians are great! Y'all are so polite and eat snow candy and poutine and play hockey and say e-book and have the Trailer Park Boys! That might be a bit stereotypical. Lol. You have some amazing cities and I'm a big fan of Justin Trudeau and his socks!!


Speaking for just me.. well maybe a few friends, we see Canadians as very nice and courtesous people....and lovely Vancouver, has more Chinese living there, than any other minority...

No judgements. ...

And they have given us Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Randy Bachmann, Burton Cummings , HEART, Alanis.. the Guess Who, Neil Young, DRAKE... but not Alan Thicke.. Lovely country . You get two in one .. French Canada and the rest.... The women are gorgeous and many come here to So Cali for the weather and their careers..
Did I pass the test ?

Not bad! ?There are a ton of other artists as well - not to mention the slew of comedy geniuses we have shared with you. Come visit us some time (you’d likely prefer summer). The population of our entire country is less than the population of California so we have lots of room!


The Canadians I meet here in Florida during the winter months all seem to have big smiles on their faces.

cava Level 7 Apr 6, 2018

True, partly because they are on vacation and warm... you do need sunglasses for the pale skin on the beach as much as for the Sun.


"Frostbacks"...sneak in from the North to steal our jobs. 🙂


I've put off renewign my passport hinking that if things really get bad here in thye U.S., I can cross into Canada with no problem, but they wont' let me back int he U.S. without the passport. I do nto think I'd be all that upset about beign "stuck" in Canada. If I had enough money to qualify for immigration status I probably would consider immigrating there.

Lots of Americans fled the US during the Viet Nam conflict for very valid reasons. I stayed and served my two year enlistment but it was a very open option that was only open to those who couldn't find a Doctor to get them 4 F'd for Bone Spurs, or a continuation onto a University that enabled them to pursue endless fields of study. You don't need to renew worry about renewing your passport to go and find out information from the Canadian Government who will and are very knowledgeable about your concerns and the options you are facing. Pack and bag and get on board the cheapest form of travel.

@iamjc Last I checked it was $250K, but that ws after George W. Bush was elected. Haven't checked recently.

@atheist Canadians have high standards in order to eligible for immigration or permanent residence. This is in part due to the U.S. not having socialized medicine, as they dont' want a glood of people with huge health problems.

You have to have significant savings or else at least have employment in an eligible category. I think I also read that if you want immediate health benefits you have to buy in to the system.

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