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"If parents treated their children as evenhandedly as America treats its citizens, one child would get a pony for Christmas and the other child would get cancer." - Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian

PondartIncbendog 8 July 25

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Crapola words spouted forth by an equally Crapola fictional character imo.
To my way of thinking, IF the US. were to cease trying to Americanize the rest of the world and actually concentrated, instead, upon cleaning up its OWN backyard first, then the world might grow to be a far, far better place for ALL.

They've got to keep us divided and militarized so some will agree to perform aggression and it's like a virus, no one is safe.

A hungry and abused dog makes a better killer.


accurate AF

redhog Level 7 July 25, 2020

You mean, like the christians’ heavenly father does? πŸ˜‰

Zster Level 8 July 25, 2020

I find the Bowers videos entertaining and they cause people to think.



bobwjr Level 10 July 25, 2020

That's what happens when you flagrantly love one child so much more than the other.


Why not enroll in a course on Logic. and Critical Thinking, Mrs. Bower? In which universe exist ponies and cancer in the same giftshop in the Mall?
Oh, how I hate sloppy thinking.

It is a perfect metaphor for this society and you are being willfully obtuse.

@AnneWimsey willfully obtuse is my middle name.


If its an only child, do Americans give it a pony which is suffering from cancer ?

But of course. 😏


and both would be messed up.


And another would get a bullet.

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