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The fuel stop from hell. Saw these in Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Beowulfsfriend 9 Aug 5

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I've driven around Lake Superior. The UP is a beautiful place, I saw a couple of bear cubs in the middle of the road in the UP.


Looks like some crazy ass web proxy issue that is throwing the 403


Sorry looks like they took it down. I have my own photo but I can't get it to upload.


Evidently Google won't let peopel go there from this site.


That's odd a picture of a fuel pump is forbidden.


Yes, I got link forbidden also, I understand it's a fuel station well I broke that habit too, I live better electrically. 😁


Link forbidden.


Link forbidden for me, even with vpn to US

Photo of a gas seller - Krist, fuel for your life.


residents of upper Michigan call themselves 'Uppers'; the pronounciation is usually with a long U as in Union...

Yes they do.

@creative51 I was surprised by how many Biden signs were up there. And BLM signs as well

@creative51 I'm spending about half my time in Chicago. My lady friend is working up there, sort of. My lady and I went camping and went around Lake Michigan and up to Superior and then visited friends in Wisconsin. A fun week. Even got my free National parks pass - disability. I'm looking at an apartment in SW Michigan.


Maybe it's a Christ reference


Link sez forbidden


That link is broken to me.


Heaven forfend an almighty dousing of such fulminating fervency.

Krist Oil Company was born during the beginning years of World War I in 1917, when Krist Atanasoff decided to purchase a candy store in the small town of Caspian, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He had come to the United States in the year 1909 from southeastern Europe. Like many of our ancestors, he had come to America in search of a better opportunity and in 1917, that’s just what he found!

He purchased the candy store and operated it for a few years, serving the families of the many miners who flocked to the area in efforts to satisfy America’s demand for steel. Then, in 1933, prohibition ended and over the next few years he purchased a tavern that had come up for sale across the street from the candy store. With his ambition and hard work ethic he ran both locations successfully. With the onset of automobiles, he added gasoline pumps on front of the tavern offering full service fill-ups to his many customers. With his progressive nature and good personality, his business grew and soon he was able to start a small oil company called Stambaugh Oil Company. He then operated his businesses and provided for his young family until 1950 when he formed a partnership with his son Stanley, who had been helping him since he had become of age.

He and his son worked together for nearly six years when Krist unexpectedly passed away in 1956. Stanley then purchased the remainder of the company from his family and changed the name from Stambaugh Oil Company to Krist Oil Company in remembrance of his father. Thus, the legacy began! Nearly a half a century and three generations later, Krist Oil Company is proudly still here to serve you and still growing. We now own and operate 70 convenience stores across the Upper Peninsula, Northern Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Many of these stores Stanley and his son have built with their own hands, and keep numerous houses warm during our cold winter months with LP (Liquid Petroleum) gas and home heating oil. The candy store and tavern may be gone, but the values of those small town businesses still remain.

I lived in the UP until last year. Thanks for the history lesson. There are many.


Meh. I looked it up. Guy named it after his father, Krist Atanasoff.


To be avoided at all costs.

I didn't stop at any.



Now I have to wonder what they feel the need to celebrate this actor. "Perawat Sangpotirat, better known as Krist, is a Thai actor and singer He is known for his role as Arthit in the 2016 Thai Boys' Love series SOTUS:"

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