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LINK More US churches sue to challenge COVID-19 restrictions

What do you think a non believer would or should say about this?

IAJO163 8 Aug 14

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I wonder if there are church-goers that have common sense and refrain themselves from attending services.

frvl Level 4 Aug 16, 2020

If Jesus had said; "Wear masks in praise of me." You couldn't stop them from wearing masks 24/7. So someone needs to go through the bible and find some obscure passage that could be interpreted as a mandate to wear masks.

I'm sure there's something in there -- there always is.


What a terrible idea...


I say let them do whatever they want. It will disproportionately kill Republicans/Religious people.


I'd say to them, "Okay, so YOU want your Religious Liberties then build a compound that completely encloses your church/temple or what ever, make it a solid wall only accessible via a secure gate system with a coded entry system that is ENTRY only, assemble EVERYONE from your congregation INSIDE and seal yourselves in PERMANENTLY.
And when Covid spread through the congregation/s DO NOT call the Emergency Services,etc, just kneel down and Pray for a cure to be sent by God or Jesus BUT make sure you have a large enough area available to bury the dead."


I wouldn't say shit so that all the brainwashed get infected.

@dpms308 learn how to read. I want them to get infected. How do you get from there to lethality is ludicrous, the simile with deity just asinine.


I say go ahead and don't wear mask, god will protect them right?

Yea, as one evangelical I recently heard say, “I’m covered in Jesus blood” and their religion is the only “True Religion” and most zionists were “Satanic” only wonders.

Well he's done such a wonderful job of 'protection' so far has he not.....LOL.

@SeaRay215ex Did you pinch your nose? LOL!!!


It has and will always be about the money, not the people.


Conservatives are always going on about something, from the News they seem to prefer death to common sense science fact.


close them all down. Permanently


Missing their cows to milk.

And the Sheeple to fleece as well.


If only they could find a way to keep it to themselves and not spread it throughout the community, while not breaking fire codes, let them kill themselves off.

In every war there is collateral damage, yes?


I have often wondered why, if heaven is so great, most Christians don't commit suicide, perhaps they feel taking your own life is a sin, but allowing a virus to do your dirty work for you is just conforming to the will of the Lard?

Actually, that is part of Catholic history - back in the early days so many priests and monks, etc were committing suicide to get to the Lord that the church placed suicide on the mortal sins column.

It’s called being totally brainwashed from the day you were born


You do you, I do me and let's strive to do or cause no harm.

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