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Want to "meat" god? Have a burger

TheoryNumber3 8 Sep 2

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I know


"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." Irina Pomeranseva

These people have no filter for bullshit, or, deliberately exude bullshit, these people take fucked up to a whole new level.




One idiot's opinion is not going to stop me from enjoying vegetarian burgers. 😀

I'm on a hunt for the perfect vegan burger. I don't like the mushy ones. Amy's used to make one that was "meaty". I think it was the Chicago burger... but I haven't been able to find it lately. any suggestions?

I agree with about the veggie burger.

@TheoryNumber3 I like Burger King's impossible whopper. 🙂

@xenoview With whom do you agree?

With you.

@BestWithoutGods I tried one of those. They're good but too much saturated fat.


FFS, where are the squirrels when nuts like that are running around everywhere?
Strewth, I 'meat' god last night, twice, and boy did he taste great, 2 homemade hamburgers, REAL beef patties, garlic, onion, cucumber, tomato, cheese with a very generous lashing of Barbeque sauce on top.
Very tempted to repeat that meating again tonight but this time I'll remember to put beetroot on them as well.

That's one delicious sounding meat and great with the almighty!


All I can say is


Keep getting crazier


Yes! Pastor Rick has worked it all out. The Government is trying to create a race of vacant non-meat eating minions of Satan by using plant based consumable matter that, once eaten, attaches itself to the human soul and dissolves it into it a viscous black sludge that is later excreted . Without a soul, we can never be acceptable to God and Salvation is no longer possible.

It's so obvious.


Soooo, fake things change your DNA!
That's a whole level of just plain stupidity.

Garf Level 7 Sep 3, 2020

These morons think anything they don't like or support is somehow tied to Satanic plots. 😟😟 ugghhhh


Dna can change by eating burgers? That's shocking.

Only if they are hamburders.....LOL.


he should be locked up in a mental institution...the world would be a better place...

Someone should change his DNA


That stupid David Pakman has the mental power and imagination to create new crap all the time, more and more ridiculous each time. Meat has a soul, but vegetables and soy beans don't! Beware of this new menace, next they will clone you!


I'm more Impossible Burger these days....tasty, less filling. I am soulless, so it must work.


What a stupid bag of meat he is. Wondering if you blow into his ear it just comes out the other end. I laughed first but he actually believes his own sh8t how all grown up we are huh?


More grasping for straws. When you go to a church, Synagogue, Mosque you are dealing with fake gods.

When he speaks and basically lives he is also engaging in thing's not of (his) god's plan. More hypocrisy. I wonder how much the meat/dairy industry is supporting his miscreeds.


Vegan burgers are a Satanic plot to destroy my love of good tasting food. Vegan burgers are to a real hamburger as a dog turd is to a tootsie roll.

Strangely, I have the opposite opinion. But I'm not crazy about tootsie rolls either. 🙂

I find veggie burgers to be much tastier than burgers made from ground beef that is full of bovine fecal matter, antibiotics, and growth hormones, that comes from herbivorous cattle that are fed an unnatural diet of corn and ground up cows while living their entire lives ankle deep in their own excrement. But that's just me.

I tried making a Vegan burger once, it has a real hard job keeping the vegan on the hot plate though......LOL.

@BDair Gosh, you make it sound so good. Nevertheless, I live in "Amish Country", and they sell beef that is pasture raised, no hormones, etc. There are places where a person can buy beef products that do not contain the contaminants you mention. I have tried vegan burgers...both from the store and served in a Michigan Public Middle School lunch program. The ones from the store were tasteless, the ones served in the school lunch program were so tasteless that the only similarity to a real beef burger was the name.

Yes, there are options for healthy and ethically raised livestock. Though I don't eat any meat, I am a big fan of Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm and his practices. I was of course referring to the meat produced by CAFO's that are damaging to both the environment and people's health. As the 'plant based diet' movement grows, the options are getting better all of the time. Trader Joe's has some excellent meatless patties.

@dahermit But sadly, the majority of the meat sold in this country comes from hideous torture chambers called factory farms where the animals are poorly fed, inhumanely treated, and diseased.


Who's "They" in all these conspiracy theories 🤣

Those evil liberals and anyone else who isn't white and christian


Send money now !!

twill Level 7 Sep 3, 2020

I am neither vegan nor vegetarian. Couldn't be if I wanted to. But I've never liked the vegan burgers I've had and prefer real meat. Perhaps laboratory meat will convince me but I'm not giving up milk, cheese, and eggs.

I'll eat eggs, but only if they carry the "Certified Humane" seal. I use almond cheese and Califia almond milk consistently. It's delicious. And I still eat organic yogurt because the vegan yogurts totally suck.


I can't be certain, but I believe he is referring to lab grown meat, and does not mention plant based products.

BDair Level 7 Sep 4, 2020

i think you're right, but he's nuts either way. What he doesn't get is that the laboratory produced burgers actually ARE meat cloned from animal DNA.


They know that the majority of Vegans are also Atheists and Agnostics.

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