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Cuddle buddy

Has anyone ever used a cuddle buddy service? The one you pay to hang out with and cuddle, with no sex involved?

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By Darthpug7
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I haven't used one, no, but I would not be against the idea. We need touch. It's vital to our well-being.

I have high touch needs and if I wasn't getting it from anywhere, I would consider it.

I also have a friend who was offering services and there are guidelines to prevent problems and misunderstandings.

She does both private sessions and group ones. I almost went to one of her group ones once.


Huh. That's a thing? Think I just found my new sideline.


That's what my dogs are for! Probably 50 times more expensive than acuddle buddy, but they actually know me & like me!


Service? Pay to cuddle? Kinda defeats the purpose of cuddling, which is usually to establish intimacy and to express love, fondness, affection.


As a single woman I would love to have a cuddle buddy! I don't know that I would pay for it though. I would prefer it come about organically, with someone I know.

Exclude me in on that. smile001.gif


I have a dog,cat and big stuffed animals.


I have read a lot about this kind of service recently. It started in US and then came to Europe. It looks like there is market for it. I can imagine why..... we made touching almost always innapropriate . It suppose to protect children from abuse, and adults from being a sexual object for instance at work place. We are killing all our natural behaviour, and one of our most important need which is phisical contact with another human.
Nobody want to be accused of innappriopriate behaviour....Virginia Satir said " to survive we need at least 13 hugs a day". She even went in the street and asked strangers for a hug. Most of them didn't say no.
Another aspect is how men see touching. My male friends generally don't believe in "hugging service " without further sexual reaction and action. Maybe its because for men being phisically close is only allowed when is sexual. If it would be just hugging ,doesn't matter how much they needed it , they would have seen it as an act not suitable for real man...

What you describe is spot on. It is part of how we are damaged by 'socialization' defined and overseen in societies that are also defined and overseen by primarily sexually sick old men and androcentric religions.

The damage has cumulatively worsened with each generation to the point where today it is catastrophic.

Not many people are aware that children in orphan/foundling homes die for lack of human touch and affection and at very least sustain permanent emotional damage from such deprivation and rocking or self damaging behaviors.

Ashley Montagu covers this well in his book, coincidently titled: 'Touching' The human significance of the skin,

Personally, it is difficult to imagine, at this later stage of life at least, being comfortable cuddling with a woman who is a complete stranger and for whom there has been no time to develop some level of affection. Cuddling with another man is repulsive. But then, I'm a very strange man.

I sleep to one side of the bed still and prefer the other side remaining empty if it can't be occupied by someone meaningful.


No, I'd be very uncomfortable with that. Physical affection like cuddling is reserver for those for whom I actually feel affectionate!


No but I wish we had one in my area. I’d probably be too chicken to use it but damn do I miss skin on skin contact.


I would consider it if someone was close by.

jlynn37 Level 8 Apr 8, 2018

I've never heard of it; and I would not be comfortable with cuddling with anybody except my romantic partner.

Cuddling, for me, is very intimate; and I've only gotten comfortable with it in the last few years. It used to feel suffocating after about five seconds.

I have my cats for now. And, I would cuddle a dog in a heartbeat.

BlueWave Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Good grief, no. That's just creepy. I'll snuggle my cat or hug my housemates or something.


I have have dogs for that

moonmaid Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

No. But if I'd known it was a possibility I'd have used it in the last five years of my last marriage.That ex and I cuddle more now than we did at that point. And she's literally a thousand miles away.


I read an article a while back, can't remember the source, that interviewed prostitutes. Apparently not every customer wanted sex, many wanted just to hug, listen to their marriage problems, just lay in bed naked or some just wanted arm candy to show off for a bit, (probably that type will cost a lot). So I guess it already exists in a way.


Seems kinda creepy.

nvrnuff Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Hell no!!!

can you clarify that hahahaha

@btroje I'm not cuddling with strangers. That's like casual sex. I'll wait for the real thing. And I'm not paying for it, either. That's freeky!!

@farmboy2017 I hear that


Have not and would not.


I never paid for the service, but I did attend a couple of private cuddle parties. It was a nice experience!

ejbman Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

Money for nothing.

Not necessarily, depends upon if someone finds value in it.

@Marcie1974 I meant for the company/employee

@NothinnXpreVails lol I thought you meant you were throwing away your money for bad!

@Marcie1974 lol, I can’t comment on that, I guess it’s relative to the individual smile001.gif


I spent most of my life having lots of physical contact with other people. As a kid I had aunts, uncles, grandparents x4, cousins and kids in my neighbourhood - lots of hugging, kissing, piggyback etc. In my teen years there were lots of physical contact with other boys and nicer ones with girls - less with family. As a family man, I had an extended family - including my wife's siblings to romp with and hug. Now as a single person I only touch others when I occasionally meet up with kids of my relatives. Yes, I miss the joy of physical contact with others. No, I would not use a "cuddle buddy" service. I am going to move to a community where people are more "buddy" with one an other. Addressing this has made me more determined to persue that goal. Thanks for this Dartpug!


No,not my kinda thing.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

I have a hard enough time accepting hugs from family, (I tend to pat them on the back a couple of times and disengage).

Angelface Level 7 Apr 10, 2018
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