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Anyone else get their whole bio/description deleted?

A day or two ago I logged on and saw that my profile was blank. Also, I curiously had a notification from a response to a post, but the post had been deleted. So, I'm staring at the: "Write something about yourself..." thing thinking that I'm just seeing weird shit.
I clicked on 20 random people's profile to see if they're stuff had been deleted. Nope, seems to be just me.
I considered all the possibilities, including that someone came in my room, knew enough to go to, and just decided to erase my description - no more, no less.
Something is bugging me, because it seems to have happened only to me.
I know I didn't delete this thing myself; I've barely had the time to even consider it. I cannot seem to recall me having any intention whatsoever to edit or delete the whole thing. It was a decently big bio, and at minimum, I'm upset that I have to rewrite it.
If one of the admins did delete it, why not just delete my whole profile if you're gunning for me?
Maybe it was some accident? They were looking at my profile, deleted it on accident - I don't know how coding or admin-ing works - and couldn't take it back.
Was it deliberate? If so, why? They neglected to inform me how or why in any case, which they should have, accident or intentional. The worst thing I had on it was that I said I was an "irreverent fuckhead." I have posts and replies that are probably more worth deleting or censoring or whatever.
It overall seems weird. Any possibility seems inadequate, including a bug in the website, because then I would see more profiles with this occurence.
Has it happened to anyone before? Ever? Recently?
Admins🧐? Anything to say?
Maybe I am just like my favorite movie and I have two personalities?

Oyeeee, primoooo! Borrastes mi chingadera? No te hagas, pendejo, wey.

FuckReligion 6 Sep 12

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Mine's fine


I didn't write a bio on my hole.


I'm ready to self delete and start over...too wordy, and who gives a shit, especially me?

Got roads to travel, and I'm jettisoning baggage. Today is.


Could it have something to do with your name at the site?

Yes, one can tell much by the handle the recently quasi-abusive handle complainig that no women were falling for him....

Could be. But, if it were that, nobody told me anything. But why only delete my bio and not my namertag? How does that work? Why not send me an email or message of some kind?

Not sure what to say about it.


Now you are causing us all to check our bio on this site.


Did you have anything in there that would have offended the administrators so badly that they would have wanted you to disappear. The Lord's Prayer maybe?

Nothing like that.


I just checked mine. It's all there.


Not I, said he.

Don't you mean, "thus saith he"?

@p-nullifidian Ummm..... No?

@Paul4747 Do you have powers above & beyond that of the unwashed masses? If not, why proclaim your innocence? πŸ˜‰

@p-nullifidian The question at the top of the thread was, "Anyone else get their whole bio/description deleted?" I was answering it. "Not I, said he."

I frequently speak of myself in the third person when I'm tired.

@p-nullifidian Also, goodnight. πŸ˜‰


Maybe it’s time to lay off the juice, after all your memory is just shot to pieces when you are at it.

Who told you about the juice? Was it frank? Fuck frank.

@FuckReligion No, not Frank, someone els but I promised not to tell.


I think it is someone in your actual life, I would suspect a gawd-lover trying to save you.
Admin sends scolding messages, lessens the moves you can make for a specified time (countdown on your screen!) ( limits your replies & comment ability) Never erases your profile. No one else could erase your profile.
One other thought: did you look for it in the right place?


I can assure you, it isn't something you should take personal. I lose stuff all the time. Sometimes it's my fault, sometimes it's just what happens.

If you don't wish to write and then re-write bio/profiles? Simply write it, copy/paste it into Word/document format and save it to your phone/hard drive. You can edit at will, copy/paste it when you want to change it. A lot less problematic than rewrite.


Hasn't god stopped over to explain that to you?


. . . I suspect a database has your info backed-up somehow . . .
There should be a way to restore it.

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