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And why not? There is no longer separation of church and state. 😟

There is church/state separation and it has MANY FRIENDS. It also has enemies in high places. (Have you walked Squaw Peak or the Superstitions?)


Sad. All the more reason to be sure to vote against anyone who would put someone like this on the bench.

gearl Level 7 Sep 16, 2020

FFRF will get involved in this.




thats florida for ya!


Just in time for sea level rise to drown the Sunshine State! Or is that just me being petty?

You are not being petty in the slightest. Remember what God did to the whole of humanity with the exception of Noah and his wench!


Using law to spread the gospel. This man should not be a justice in Florida or any other state.


Thats why it's spelled Floriduh,

You're right. I can't deny it. This state is retarded so I've finally made the appropriate update to my profile.

i lived there 10 yrs & left when the weather guy said its 100% humidity and it wasn't raining. In NH they would say its rainin' cats & dogs humidity 100%.


I wonder if she will uphold stoning as punishment for disobedient children and adulterers.

Regardless, the supreme law of the land which includes all of Florida is the Constitution and not the Bible/Gospels. Where the two conflict, the Constitution is to prevail. Any other decision is a miscarriage of justice. Of course, the SCOTUS has come up with some rather unconstitutional rulings of its own in our nearly 250 year history.


What can you expect from Florida, always right wing conservatives, catholics, christians, anti-abortionists...

just curious ... why did you separate the catholics from the christians?

@AtheistInNC , maybe because they hate each other and don't want to be seen as equals, but to me it's the same flock of sheep!


Using the justice system to promote one religion over another religion amounts to an egregious abuse of power.

Good point. It would be a violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

@RussRAB Like anyone in power knows that.

@K9Kohle789 - They probably do know but just don't care. The disregard for the Constitution these days is alarming whether it be from ignorance or from willfully dismissing its content.


Florida is gonna Florida

Florida once again shows that it the "pan-handle state of the USA".

@anglophone Florida is in a slugfest for dumbest state with Texas. I think we may even be winning.

@Sgt_Spanky well Texas doesn't have Florida Man so.... lol

@Sgt_Spanky, a lot of southern states are vying for that.

@Sgt_Spanky I live in Austin,Texas now but from Ohio. This city is an island apart from the rest of the state. I recently moved just West of Austin and the color scheme turned a remarkable deep red. It’s so unnerving as I can not have a conversation with most people in the area save for a few who vetted me before accepting me into their circle. We are working to turn the place blue! Religion is a whole other animal. Churches everywhere. It’s like a zombie cult procession to churches on Sunday. Until 1 pm when you can buy beer again. πŸ˜‚

@Lightupmylife not much different here. I tend to keep to myself mostly

@Lightupmylife I've heard that about Austin, it seems ty be an island of sanity in an ocean of mad evangelical conservatism. Best of luck in your efforts to get some of the red out.


F(bleep)k me.

Bend over.


What could go wrong πŸ˜‚

Mvtt Level 5 Sep 15, 2020

Ugh. Gag. πŸ˜‘

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