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What are your silliest/most unreasonable fears?

Mea 7 Apr 9

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I'm afraid I'll run out of cold beer. Which is way silly because--wait, I have to go check the fridge...

I am with you... some people run out of weed ... I buy weed when I have enough weed to last one week left .. same goes with beer .. there is no run out if you think hard enough lol ! Respect ..

@Nickbeee, I never run out of weed, and I never pay for it. I have very good friends, and I don't indulge that often.

@Condor5 I am spoilt to although not that spoilt lol !!! Nice one .. It's not too hard when you think is it ๐Ÿ™‚

@Nickbeee brother, I'm sorry to say I had to give up thinking a few years ago. It was getting me into too much trouble. You'll learn that when you get old, like me.

@Condor5 Haha, I am okay with it sometimes !!! it's got me into some wild interesting places, some of them good. I'm well into taoism though so I do like to switch it all right off quite often .. Much respect matey.

@Nickbeee Lao Tsu? That taoism? Nice. I have a theory that stoicism is the western counterpoint to zen. What do you think?

@Condor5 Stoicism I think has the same aims from a different direction completely ! Betterment is the common ground.. Stoicism is restraint practiced. Taoism is practicing being .. feeling everything - being everything in the moment not past or future. Through meditative detachment. So by thinking nothing you empty yourself of feeling and attachment for a moment really in order to really be able to fully utilise the whole of your being .. In taoism it's okay to call a fuck face a fuckface - in fact its encouraged if justifiable !! so differs from a lot of ways in that sense.. Think that is where it's missed a bit misunderstood !

@Nickbeee being, now; yes, I try to live that way. But, as you note, if betterment is the common ground, I'm compelled to think that is a "goal", and to me, goals imply future thought, not a concentration on/or immersion in the present. How's that reconciled?

Hey, you ever listen to Russell Brand? Whattaya think about him?


I have to at least have a sheet covering me at night because the โ€œax manโ€ canโ€™t get me if I have a sheet on.


I don't have any silly or unreasonable fears; they are all understandable.

marga Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

Stupid MRI scan...freaked. Benzos didn't help, nothing did.

Between the claustrophobia and noise that was a long 20 minutes.

Even reading that increases my anxiety

@Amisja They didn't warn me about the noise or that l could wear a sleep mask so l couldn't see. I never struggled so hard to keep my eyes closed. I kept picturing blue sky's and white puffy clouds above me. If l ever have to do that again they will have to knock me out.

@Sticks48 I have had to opt for an open MRI. I am a mental nurse/uni lecturer...I teach this stuff. I felt like I was being buried alive

@Amisja I agree.

I had a panic attack the one time Iโ€™ve had an MRI. The hospitalโ€™s MRI unit was in a trailer next to the main building. My scan was done there during a severe thunderstorm and very real threat of tornadoes. Between that and the closeness of the tube and the banging noise, I very nearly freaked out completely.

@SylviaMc Heck thats a complete nightmare

@Amisja ha ha
It was definitely not fun.


Pissin in public... lol I have a stone bladder and just can't quite warm up to the other guy that's lettin farts and pissin all over my shoes, ๐Ÿ˜‰


Phobia of phobia. I fear that somehow someone will clone me capture my energy and somehow doom me to repeat the greed experience of this world.


I hate hate HATE styrofoam. I try to avoid it at all cost. The sound it makes when it rubs together physically makes me ill.

And I also have an irrational fear of toucans. The fact that their beaks are as long as their body terrifies me. Which is weird because I believe in rational thinking above allโ€™s and I know a toucan canโ€™t really hurt me. But still, one will scare the crap out of me.


Donald Trump is immortal!!!

Immortal or Immoral?

@Scotttheshot Hopefully just the first one.. Too stupid to be immortal hopefully ..


Cops. Only unreasonable because of the area I live in. The police aren't that bad here. However they did fire the Chief and his Captian last year.

@AMNOTGOD Exactly! When I found out they're encouraged to lie to secure an arrest I lost all respect for cops.


this month it's love


Well I have nightmares about snakes

me too!


Beetle bugs. They look like nightmarish aliens...and they fly!

@Maiasaura that episode of Outer Limits freaked me out...badly ..Lololololololololol

@Maiasaura Or that crazy typewriter from Naked Lunch.


Twin girls standing in front of elevators.


I'm scared of Sam's Club

Me tooo...Lololololololololol

@Charlene ever since I was 6 I would have panic attacks in there lol, now I can't even think about going in there without anxiety

@LadyAlyxandrea kmart is worse for me..

@LadyAlyxandrea I'm curious what it is about that particular place?

@Scotttheshot dunno. Can't for the life of me figure it out

Well it is kinda big and the stuff is mostly in bulk. So yeah, I don't get what is so scary either.


Grew up Catholic, my school still taught that the left hand was evil. As a little kid I translated that into feet as well. For the longest time I couldn't finish a flight of stair on the left foot. Had to finish on the right foot, otherwise I would go back and restart the flight of stairs. Anywhere new I went, I would memorize how many stairs there were so I knew which foot to start with. I don't have to do it anymore, or at least I can finish on the left foot without going crazy about it. I still have the habit of memorizing stairs though.


I'm something of a germaphobe. Everything about the human body grosses me out.

ronak Level 5 Apr 9, 2018

Hornets - last time I got stung went into labor 3 months early.

That's terrifying!!!

This is such a reasonable fear after meeting them .. lol .. to be fair they can be docile usually, but if they are threatened your fear is more than reasonable in my view.

They can sense fear, just don't fear them and they will just fly on by.


That I'd better wear something to bed in case I die and am caught naked. (My husband died last year, so after 35 years of sleeping in the nude, now I'm afraid to.)

Sooz Level 6 Apr 9, 2018

I just rediscovered sleeping naked after 20 years. I figure my body canโ€™t be the worst body theyโ€™ve ever seen.

Just, sleep to one side (probably an ingrained habit already.. is for me). Turn out the covers on the other side and sock the pillow a couple of times before taking your side. Practice smiling as you fall into slumber. If your body is discovered that way, it will give them plenty to ponder..


Fear of success, oddly. Fear that everything I write is crap. Fear of rejection. Fear I have had no psitive affect on any one. Fear of not being found attractive or interesting.


I have had a fear of something for most of my life and I never have figured out why. It's the FBI warning flash at the beginning or ending of movies. It's not the warning. It's the eerie silence while it's on the screen. I've always been creeped out by it and I am still to this day.

I feel you, dude. Makes you think guilty until proven innocent, doesn't it?


Utterly irrational but I get genuinely scared that there is a werewolf about. Even as I know perfectly well that they are fictional.

I know how you feel. I'm like that with catamounts. When I go down into this one canyon where I live, my head is on a swivel looking for them.


I am terrified of balloons, and I have no idea where it came from. It only appeared as an adult and it has gotten worse over time.

Hey, Georgie!

I freaking hate clowns....

We all float down here!


Spider running across my belly while's happened once..well, that I'm aware was freaky..and Not in a good way..

I had one run across my leg while sleeping. It also wasn't pleasant!

@Mea freaky ain't it? woke up out of a deep sleep..(shivvvverrrs)

How'd you know it was a spider if you were sleeping?

@Condor5 well it woke me up--I turned the light on and saw it scampering away, so.

@Mea cool.

@Condor5 I felt the 8 little legs runing Across my belly..

@Charlene Eeeeeeewwwww! I HATE those things! They're just fucking creepy, aren't they?


Having to pee really bad during a long, free-fall to my death. Some things, you just really dread having to 'take with you'. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


A pair of my boxer shorts hanging out of the bottom of my trousers whilst walking the centre of a town

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