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Wicca Status

Where does Wicca fall in the reality of this site?

JustBill 5 Apr 9

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I am not Wiccan. It is too " organized religion", for my taste. I also do not believe in higher power of any kind. It is just not for me. I am atheist pagan. I am a midwife and healer. I do believe the ancient indigenous people often had women who were the clan's healer and midwife. She knew about herbalism, was a councillor, and dispensed wisdom. She was the witch, or perhaps called a wise woman. I think they celebrated seasonal changes, knew how to live off the land, hunting, planting, gathering. I follow that type of philosophy, adapted to the modern world. I like the label, witch. It is a powerful, female word, and I reclaimed it. But not Wiccan.


Wicca is just another form of religion. You can't call yourself an agnostic or an atheist if you are involved in the Wicca movement!


Weak in their martial repretoire but extensive spells and good saving throws.


It’s just more made up nonsense


I don't see it as a religion, but more of a nature based way of living. I generally like what I've heard about it, and feel I already live some of it.


Like any other supernatural belief I require evidence of it’s existence.

If you can prove it’s existantance the jref will give you a million dollars. Help yourself.


I see nothing wrong with the principles of living in harmony with nature, but I see no reason to turn it into something to worship.

Then again, I see nothing worth worship anywhere, anytime.


Are you Wiccan or looking for others? I'm a witch, but not Wiccan. I will discuss my beliefs privately, I don't consider what I am a religious thing. Wicca, to me, is just another crutch for the weak minded.

Thanks for the response. I sent you a message.


Many are drawn to wicca's aspects of nature worship as a way to "live more naturally & in tune with mother earth"...foraging, planting lovely wee gardens, raising animals, gathering around a bonfire under a full moon, eating, drinking, having a good time... thats great & all but when I was a kid, that was all part if being poor & surviving & having a good time without a bunch of falderall & gobbledygook.

Living country life "by the signs" is a thing. Butchering after this moon, harvesting on that moon, planting potatoes when the moon is x & tomatoes when its y. "& don't plant onions too near your taters or the taters will cry their eyes out."


Wicca doesn't coincide with any reality.

JimG Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

I've been told by some who are "into" that kind of a thing I'm a natural witch. I really don't believe that with any seriousness anymore than I believe any other woo.

I am able to shock people with a prediction or insight fairly regularly, but I don't really see that as anything outside of normal (or paranormal as it is called.)

I think my perceptions of people's moods and outside events was just honed to hyper-sensitivity during my childhood.

It was not horribly abusive. But it could get dramatic. And I don't like personal drama.


I'm a bitchin witch!


I think under spiritual category perhaps?


Wicca is nothing like Agnosticism or Atheism. It is a religion usually havng beliefs in a Moon Goddess or Horned God, and various magic ideas, with rituals and beliefs that vary a great deal. Many modern poeple follow some of the parts they like, and ignore the parts they don't to have it be like personal entertainment to satisfy their emotional and psychological needs just like the major relgions are designed to do.


I've found that wiccans and other neopagans somehow get it into their heads that their opposition to christianity and other more popular religions aligns them with atheists. I've also found some atheists seem to think so, as well.

Personally, I don't see the value or intelligence in rejecting 2000 year old bullshit in favour of 6000 year old bullshit. Quite the opposite, in fact.

So no, we're NOT on the same "side".

Torq Level 5 Apr 9, 2018

6000 years old? That's Judaism. Wicca was created by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s. He presented it as an ancient pagan religion. It's not.

Yes, I'm aware, thank you. 1946, I believe.

Regardless, though, I did say wicca and neopaganism. Both of which are based, to a greater or lesser degree, on ancient, pre-christian beliefs. Which was the point.


Guess its a religion. My daughter follows it.


I think it falls before pedia.

How long were you waiting to drop that one.....LOL

@buzz13 lt hit me as soon as l read the post. 🙂


I have slightly more time for Wicca than the majority of other religions, mostly because it tends not to be as misogynistic; however, it's every bit as much a pile of steaming woo as any other religion.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

It is a religion and had doctrines and leaders nonetheless it is a form of mind control.

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