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LINK Priest Arrested After Getting Caught Filming Sex With Two Women on Church Altar | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Priest having sex with more than one person, open to the pubic or is that public? He was filming it, women in garters etc.

K9Kohle789 7 Oct 9

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Another hypocrite! Do as I say, not as I do.


Now I can handle THIS religion!


Very inventive. I love it, although I think he was foolish not to make sure that no one saw them.


Arrested, though? Why? Makes no sense.

SCal Level 7 Oct 10, 2020

Sexual act in a public place. My first response too, and then I read the article. 3 years each so the state can pay their buddies to house them, potentially.

why "no sense," because he'll have Bubba to play with with later on?


Remove the fancy robes and church buildings and you have humans being humans. Many catholic priests have been accused of sexual crimes in the past... Nothing new here... 😅

Umm ya got film on that? Curious minds want to know.

@K9Kohle789 ohhh ya... There are many active cases of sexual allegations pertaining to catholic priests and clergy... Do yourself a favor and check online.


Pagan and Satanist rituals are taking on alters!!!


The church wants to believe, and wants everyone else to believe that their priests have no sex drive to deal with, that they are above it, but in reality, the priests have just as strong a sex drive as anyone else, so they have to find a release somehow. Some people like it when they think that what they are doing is forbidden, it sweetens the pot for them. They are like some kids, forbid something, and that is the next thing they will be doing.


Hypocrisy on the high altar!


At least he wasn't doing it with kids.


They used... Film?!?


If they're not molesting little boys, they're getting their rocks off watching lesbians scissor. Jesus Christ in a tutu, clergymen are pervs.


Now if he had just of locked that door there would be no story; I guess that’s what you get for living, ‘dangerously’.
Strange choice.


Real religious beliefs are not religious!!!


Was that the second coming?

Groan 😆


I think it's refreshing that he wasn't filming kiddie porn with young boys.


I don't care.
My anger at priest isn't about their consensual sex activities, nor is the "alter" of any significance nor the building they're in when they have sex.
The hypocrisy is annoying, but beyond this I see no point in the outrage.

The hypocrisy is the outrage. If you set yourself up as a finger-wagging, "Don't do this, that or the other" arbitrarily appointed custodian of everyone's morals? Then you had better be not only squeaky clean yourself but seen to be so. Yeah sure I have no problem with anyone having consensual sex or doing drugs but if that person is trying to stop others from doing exactly the same thing then they SHOULD be vilified on the altar (pardon the pun) of public opinion.


Is this what is meant by "let Jesus come into your life"?

Yea thru the Jesus Gloryhole!! Lol


I have to wonder why people today want to openly have sex in a situation where they risk getting caught.

I doubt it’s a new thing, people have always got their kicks in different ways. Outdoor sex has probably been a lot less popular with the installation of satellites everywhere 😂

@girlwithsmiles True, and outdoor sex can get you arrested if you are caught by cops.

I think they are actually Satanists... 😅😅😅


Finally, something I could get excited about going on in a church!

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