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,,,imaginary transgression = wrath of imaginary DIETY-
unlike the rest of us,who have a democracy 🧐


Still living in the 1800's and biblical times.


Except for wondering if she would run again in the Primaries, Hillary hasn't been present in the public eye much at all. Maybe an opinion expressed on a talk show once in a great while but that's it. Why she has become the obsession of Trump's right wing lunes is a mystery unless they hope to sully Biden by association with Hillary.


These assholes are fixated and obsessed with Hillary, qanon in da church?


They're still griping about Hillary Clinton?!? Give it a fucking rest!!!


Here we are again almost 4 years into Trump and it's still all about Hillary. Maybe Trump and friends just do not have anything else to do.


Geeze the evangelicals cannot keep her name out of their mouth. She isn't even actively seeking office anymore.


He is a scary person. I bet he is a racist too. He has confirmed he hates women.



Christians in America have traditionally been fond of lynching.


It’s the love lie told by all members of the Christian / Conservative culture.
It’s disgusting.


Misogynistic bullshit. Men like this don't deserve to keep their testicles. If one doesn't believe all humans to be equal they should have no right to be a member of society. Do they see their mothers daughter, etc. as inferior or only woman currently or previously in positions of power? It's time to put an end to all this bias so that we can move forward. An end to gender bias, racism, ALL OF IT.

MizJ Level 7 Oct 10, 2020

I wish there was someone, anyone who could relieve them of those testicles.

@Jolanta They do exist and no sharp objects would not be required, only words. They are our fathers, brothers, coworkers, friends, etc. When caring men hear women being put down they can speak up.

Good points.


They're still so fixated on Hillary, and she's been a private citizen for four damned years.

Another example of their mental illness.

I really can't say that I'm amazed though.

@oldFloyd No, not amazed at all.
Still fucking appalled though.

Hey. There's a thousand or more of these brain-dead zombies gathered in front of the White House right now, absorbing their Fuhrer's coronavirus spores!

@davknight Idiots, all.


I must have missed something! When did wishing death or harm to someone become a xtrian value?

Since evangelicals went for political power

Right about the turn of what they today call The common era. 😀


Also the sort of person who beats the Christian love into their children, I suspect.

That would be a "family value"!


This is the same kind of "love" that makes people plot to, just for example, foment rebellion at a State House, kidnap the Governor, and try her for treason. (And by the way, these bozos need to get a dictionary. "Treason" is defined as "levying war against one's own nation", as the people flying the Confederate flag in the 1860s did. The flag that they love to fly as a symbol of... something or another. I can't even bother to get into it today. I'm sick of it all right now.)

Me thinks you need a nice break or a nice cup of tea and a bikkie.

@Jolanta Or something stronger.

YEP ; They do CONTORT ethics to fit
thier agenda- no free thought.

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