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LINK Evangelical leaders like Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell Sr. have long talked of conspiracies against God's chosen – those ideas are finding resonance today

According to some, god has made some bad decisions lately. Human decisions? lol. I've always had a problem with that chosen one thing. How 'bout you? Long standing madness prevails.

IAJO163 8 Oct 12

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Christians love to play the victim card.


The persecution com[lex is ripe in spamgelicals.
I once worked with a woman who had babysat for he sr falwells. She said he was a cheap bastard.


If I testify of Myself, My testimony is invalid would certainly suggest that those charlatans have no clue who the chosen are


Doesn't the bible say the isrealites are their gods chosen?

Not all who are born Israel are of Israel


It's all in the New Testament.
If I want to seem like a prophet all I really have to tell my followers is that people will hate them and disagree with them. It's just a universal truth for any group, but it gives Christians an erection when you tell them they're not welcome to evaluate your life because to them it's the fulfillment of prophecy.
That's why they go around saying tone deaf shit, because they love being hated in the name of Jesus.
They're pompous asses.


sure, it's part of the war against christmas


I have always found "Chosen People" to be comparable with "Master Race" as a despicably effective rallying cry for the angry envious masses, the victim culture ideologues and the violent fighter in search of a cause for which to justify the spilling of blood ( both their own and other people's)

that is actually brought out in the Bible, quite plainly, several diff ways


Regardless of followers of religion and Trumpian nationalist ideology there is no "chosen one." This is all just nonsense, and yes, the madness prevails. MLK became a communist because Hoover was obsessed with communism. This was in an era where white supremacy prevailed without much of America taking a second notice. Many people were fooled then and Trump is doing his best to bring back this foolery and link it with hate. Some people do not even notice.


Christians are all about lying. Lying to themselves, lying to you, and lying to each other. It's a liar's club. The more outrageous the lie, the better. In pandering to them, Trump doesn't just tell lies; He tells whoppers. He is still clowning from a reality show. He's got the makeup, he's got the giant tie, now he needs the big flat shoes.


These guys need to come up with a consistent story.
Firstly, does god have or NOT have a plan for everyone? Yes or no.
Secondly, Is god ALL knowing and ALL powerful or not? Yes or no.
It's simple, people need to stop and think, grab some clarity, get a working B.S. detector. Then more and more would see what a rickety facade religion is and walk away to a better country.

Leaving the country has already happened! A doctor from a major Atlanta hospital took an extended vacation in Europe, abandoned the US certification, decided to retire in, as you said "a better country" (less religious)

@Paganlyl I'm hoping China invades and wins because they don't tolerate the religions BS. Yes, they're cruel but so is u$A (and will be worse if 45 wins). I'll try to toe China's line and be okay but religion has way too much power here.

contemplate Esau as the religious, who need red stew and etc, and Jacob as the guys you are forwarding

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