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Carlo Acutis: Italian teenager could be first millennial saint


xenoview 7 Oct 12

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Its as if they realize "if we don't give them someone relateable to worship we gonna go broke!"


saint. What a bunch of hocus-pocus bullshit.


i will now call his name Oh Carlo, instead of oh, god everytime i cum watching internet porno!


People are fleeing the church so let's get a teen saint so as to keep up our numbers and also our money. This is sort of like why car makers come out with a new model every year. It is all to keep you interested.


WTF, is the Vatican so desperate that they are grasping at even more straws to get more people in to their nice little money earning scam?


How exactly do they figure it was him that cured cancer from heaven? Was he on

No. Its


So he gets a prize for being a PITA to other non church members online and the doctors who helped the pancreatis cancer victim get no credit in heaven at all??? That's what's so strange about religion.
Making a saint out of mother Theresa was on account of her name: Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu
Try saying that out loud 10 times.

Shit a brick, IF that rank BITCH can be a 'saint' my 'mother' should be an Angel by now....LOL.


The new saints are every American that has the self restraint to not kill Trump or his supporters.
I'm one of these saints.

How very virtuous!


Just when they needed a new saint........


Well isn't that special!

Blimey, I might 'Canonise' my pet parrot in that case.
She can do truly amazing things with a cardboard pill carton, bite the toes off of sparrows, can even say things like "Shut up," "Shit," and even tries to walk in her own water bowl from to time to time....LOL.

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