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This website compared to the Facebook site?

I use this website forum because I don't use Facebook. Is this a better forum? Or does Facebook offer more bells and whistles to tute your horn? Can you upload more pictures to explain who you are? Which is better?

BucketlistBob 8 Apr 10

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Only thing I use FB for is the groups in - atheist, existentialist, and music.
Very rare I post anything outside of them.
Anyone in real life I'll call or meet up.
This site is interesting for the new people. The dating aspect is nearly nil, but that's fine with me. I prefer face to face contact for such things.
I do like the set up, categories and such.


I like Facebook because people I know are on it, so it provides me a way to keep in touch with them and what is happening in their lives. I like this site because I don't really know anyone here and it gives me a chance to meet new people.


Never used Facebook and never will. Truth be said, I'm not into social media much. If you're looking for a decent platform to post photos videos etc on, I would recommend, it's a decent site for bloggers and activists. As for this app...I've been on here for almost 10 days now and it's okay. While I met some interesting folks on here, I've also crossed paths with some real close-minded bigots who would be quick to blame the other side of doing such, which leaves me wondering how long I'll be sticking around on here? Anyway, hope that suggestion helped some, take care.

Give it a chance... I've made lots of friends and they know thier stuff.


I go here a lot more than I do FB. I feel connected here. FB is just a place to check shit & read stuff but you know there is one thing you don't have in common with those folks and that is our basic common thread that we have here. This is a safe place to be. FB is not anymore.



I like this site better. Facebook is now only for when my brain is too tired to think clearly, because you dont' really need tothink on that site.


Facebook is mostly crap, repeating itself


More interesting


This site definitely has more activity.


Better discussions here and newer topics , although I am seeing a worrying trend of woo lovers ( the outer body experiencers ,am surprised no ones floggin mint banana coffee enemas yet) plus a few that are too interested in having group sex ( don't they know by now women don't think getting disappointed wth another woman is a sport ?? ) ...but overal it's far less nasty than fb

Mint banana coffee enemas you say......


I get my memes from Facebook but don't spend much time on it.


Quantitative factors, Facebook wins.
Qualitative factors, this site is much better.

I absolutely love the fact that they are not introducing layers of privacy and audiences and that after certain things you can't really delete things. I love that differentiation and it'd be pitchforks if Facebook went that way. I see these as encouraging a level of honesty among the community as it is hard to be two faced here, since your history is documented publicly. Facebook is all about curated streams and encourages people to stroke each other's egos to keep them on the site since it is all about advertising. That's why I said this a week after I joined and I'll say it now, I'd rather this be a paid membership site than go the way of facebook and become an orgy of targetted marketting.

If you haven't checked out Facebook, no real reason to start unless you want to connect with more people on a lower level.

Yes...facebook is dangerous...


While it’s true I stopped wasting my time on FB and prefer to waste it here now, they are both good for different purposes. The good thing about FB is that everybody is there. The good thing about Agnostic is that everybody isn’t.

skado Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

This <3


I've never used Facebook as a forum or as a news aggregator. I use it to keep friends and family within easy contact.

I have noticed, especially since news that FB was used to spread fake news during the last U.S. election, that different regions use FB differently. I don't know anyone in AUS who would use FB for anything but as a social tool for friends and families: photos, contacts, events, social conversations, etc. I don't know anyone who would use FB as a dating site, actual discussion forum with users outside of personal circle of friends, family and acquantances, etc.


I have no use for FB.

Lani Level 5 Apr 10, 2018

It must have something to do with what your aims are. I was only on there for short time and found it, not to my liking! It was overwhelming, I didn't need a 'blow by blow,' description of all people's daily life! I have no need to give mine! You may need to experience it for yourself, to really know! You can always shut it off!


I use Facebook exclusively to keep in touch with my extended family and am a member of a few likeminded groups. This site is more for communicating with particular persons of likeminded world views.


If you love being bombarded and targeted with invasive ads, then Facebook is you. FB can be a decent tool for marketing/networking or for staying in touch with family/friends, but I found little value there.

One can use ad blockers on the internet to not deal with any ads.

@jlynn37 I have an ad blocker, but now most of the news sites I used to read won't allow you to read their articles until you unblock or pay for a subscription. Also, the ads showing up on my FB feed were immune to ad blockers.


The crowd is much smarter here and have not seen any taunting. It seems to be better here all around.


Depending on what you are looking for?
FB discussion or this forum discussion

Rosh Level 7 Apr 10, 2018
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