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Waking up and not remembering who your with.

I heard of waking up next to the wrong person. That's a rough one to handle. What about waking up next to the right person? Looking over to that person and thinking WOW!

BucketlistBob 8 Apr 10

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What is worse is waking up next to the wrong person, sneaking out of bed to go home and then realising you are in your own bedroom.


If you cannot remember the name of your sleeping partner , I,ve found the most efficient way of saving embarrassment is to sneak a look at the post . Remember not to call the person concerned 'Occupier ' or 'Homeowner' though , or you'll be leaving without breakfast . ( Thanks to Micky Flanagan ).


Yeah done that a couple of times. Well twice in particular, am chatting to one online at the moment it is the 19th anniversary of getting together, but it only last 3 months, and my last partner from 14 years ago rang this afternoon. I thought it was forever after with both of these ladies, and also felt they were both wayyy beyond me. They both live interstate and I would never get back with either.


I'm pretty straight laced but one thing on my bucket list is to have a one night stand and never find out each other's name. I think one time I need to be able to pull that off lol

It's over rated...

@Louie406 check out the guys on this post. Just say hi. They'll respond.

@Louie406. It's just conversation between like minded people. Who knows how it might turn out...


I remember when I was young and foolish, and in the Army, I woke up one morning with no clue as to where I was or how I got there.


Searching for truths in the bottom of the bottle in my youth could have ended in some peculiar scenarios.


At worst, I have woken up with someone whose name slipped my mind.


Better slow down on the sleep meds.

Is that the answer brother?


I wake up alone and still don’t know.


Its been a while Bob. When its the right person its nice.

Good for you... it is nice.


Woke up in another bedroom. Thanks tequila!


Definitely not something I have experience with. I try not to get that torn down.


What is worse sometimes and remembering who you are with. The best is the WOW moment!


I can't decide if this is a 'nighmare,' or someone came down with amnesia...if I wake up and someone is on the opposite side to will be WOW! As, I chose him on purpose! If it is WOW...over a stranger, then I am in the wrong place, myself!


This coming from the "toasted buns" guy. You, sir, are trouble.

Lighten up brother... it's all relative. It's just non serious fun.

@BucketlistBob Oh, I'm digging it, squaddie. Trouble is a mark of quality in my camp.

@Hicks66 well alrighty my brother... welcome...


Did you really wake up with a wrong one then

Rosh Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

Yep... in my youth...


Did you lock the front door?

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