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LINK Trump jokes he might leave country if he loses to Joe Biden in Nov. 3 election

He might even leave the country, he said.

It might be after his assassination attempt on Biden. We the people say, Please? And close your Twitter account.

IAJO163 8 Oct 17

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A former German chancelor is one of Putin's lackeys. Trump might join him. Best buddies forever


I don't think he's joking... And I hope he does leave...


He's a mobster, a deplorable with change in his pocket 🀐


I do not think this is a joke as he will either leave or get arrested. It is my hope that he gets arrested as he leaves the While House.


Ir may not be a joke. It may take place to try to evade prosecution.


I don’t believe it because he said it.
But when the time comes no bail, flight risk.


He'll probably go somewhere with no extradition agreement. 😑

@Cyklone I don't think Snowden wants him as a neighbour 🀣

@TimeOutForMe Nor Assange.

@IAJO163 exactly πŸ˜‰


He'd better go somewhere without a US extradition treaty.


Would Any country allow him in? He doesn't have the money to buy asylum!

@AnneWimsey considering he only owed the revenue services $750 🀣🀣🀣

@TimeOutForMe probably going to give them a bad check......

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