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What's better: tacos or pizza?

It has come to my attention that some people do not like tacos as much as pizza. This makes no sense. Do they live in an impoverished land where the wonderful variety of tacos has been relegated to the mere bland offerings of Taco Bell? Is it possible to fold an entire pizza in half in one hand and, by tilting your head, shove half of it into your mouth all at once? This is important! I need to know.

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ejbman 7 Apr 10

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Chicago deep dish


No cheese, on either.


Aw...don’t make me choose!!! Taco Pizza?!


This kind of question is just savage and cruel. What kind of monster would make me have to choose?

Pizza. Because of all the possible toppings.

Ha ha ha! A sentiment shared by many...


I have to give tacos the nod just because they are easier to make at home unless you are okay with frozen remade pie. Beans and rice as side dishes too where pizza flies solo (not counting salad).


I feel tacos are overrated. But there are some really good ones out there.

Remi Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

I love pizza. I like Mexican food better then just tacos.


They both suck. Carbs.


Can't answer - the photos used are not the best representation of either......looking at one makes me want the other, until I see that photo.


? Pizza

Coldo Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

Pizza. No question.


I expected so much more from a site titled - thought that we would have deeper philosophical debates than Tacos vs. Pizza.

post away

Note the topic area: Silly, Random and Fun.

You were probably seeking the Philosophy & Meaning topic area: []

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