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Many people wonder why Wisconsin is the 3rd highest state with COVID cases. Here's a link as to why. Also, Trump was in my town last Sat for a rally. Neither he, nor the crowd, were wearing masks. Seeing as my county is doing really bad with COVID cases, I found that to be super intelligent, lol...

VeronicaAnn 7 Oct 31

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My only hope is many of them are too sick to go to the polls Tuesday!


Every state the guy goes to has a massive Covid-19 outbreak with a higher case count in the county he rallies in then the state in general.
He is the Covid spreader.


Don't you wish it was possible to file a class-action lawsuit against Orange Dumbo for biological terrorism?


Where have you been veronica ? I've missed you... 💘

@VeronicaAnn oh my.. I've been doing great! Hanging out with my babies and Frankie.. Just got home yesterday from a ten day vacation upstate... ☺


Sounds a lot like my state, Iowa. Biggest outbreaks are in the university towns, no mask mandates for the most part in the state. The main diff is that Iowa is pretty much a one party state, Repub, as far as the governor and the legislature. The guv is too arrogant or chickenshit to even hold regular press conferences over Covid since the first couple months of Covid.


For what I have heard it has little to no Covid procedures in place due to a judge over ruling the governor.


Did he leave the Wisconsinites out in the cold like he did to those people in Nebraska?

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