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The rest of the world is also glad to get rid of Trump.

Relief sweeps through Western capitals after Biden win. I LOVE the bells ringing across Paris. Heartwarming celebrations across the world.

Fireworks in London: "Congratulation, America! We're celebrating with you!"


"Decency won," French President Emanual Macron said.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was less diplomatic. "Welcome back America!" she wrote on Twitter. "Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their election!"

"This is a moment of relief and joy," Norbert Röettgen, who chairs Germany's parliamentary foreign affairs committee, welcomed Biden but signaled that there may not be a return to the way things were before Trump.

"Let's all take a break to celebrate that decency won," he added. "I am very happy for all my American friends and for this great chance to revive our trans-Atlantic friendship."


LiterateHiker 9 Nov 8

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It’s a good thing, I always try to remember this bit of advise I picked up somewhere along the way.


Other than his american fans ,He did unite the world with his defeat


I even saw a post somewhere of a man in rural Mexico who heard cheers throughout the village when it was announced.


Things you may want to boycott:


He may have lost re-election.........but I certainly don’t think he’s going to just go away. He has over 80 million Twitter followers where.......if he told them the sun was made of butter they’d nod blindly in agreement. He may even try to run again in 4 years. I can totally see him still having huge rallies when he re-enters private life. He may have been defeated, but what’s important is to make sure to realize this has happened once and can happen again.

I must admit that the longer Biden was on stage last night, the more anxious I felt for his safety. The trump acolytes are crazy, and usually armed to the teeth.

@Emerald There’s nothing tough about these people IMO and the same with the big Chump himself. Always remember something with punks........they are only “Tough” when surrounded by other similar individuals. I’ve seen a lot of that shit growing up on the streets of Brooklyn and Queens.

I read that once he’s out of office, his tweets will be fact checked and deleted just like any other citizen and he will have no special privileges.


I love every word of it here but we are not rid of Trump yet. We should be wary and in fear of anything he might try next, and this includes illegal court actions and even wanting his base to do all out war. Both his boys seem OK with that and so does Steve Bannon. Ultimate victory here depends on whether the media still wants to treat Trump's words as truth without any evidence at all. If media can call his bluff we might get Biden confirmed.


The end of power for an arrogant enemy of the world must be celebrated all over the world!


It's a very good thing, I just hope that the country is able to move forward once again together. We done got some serious s*** to fix. 🤔


@LiterateHiker I thought about you when I heard the great news. Glad indeed! Your neighboors up north are quite relieved to see that guy leave. No more pesky trade disputes. No more environmental mayhem.


The whole world is cheering


Kudos to kamala ! I hope she takes charge soon !


So relieved and happy for the USA 😊

Mvtt Level 7 Nov 8, 2020


Me, too!


From New Zealand: US Election Live: Trump, the great divider, is conquered - Biden wins the White House.


Including Australia. Hoping you can get rid of him


I have talked and typed to people around the world, and the census was, and I am quoting myself, 'Thank BOB someone used the plunger!'


yes, It will take some time to renew our relationship with many countries

If they will have us back. If the rest of the world had sense, they would build a wall around us and make us pay for it.

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