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Is 45 planning to attempt to suspend the Constitution and declare himself a dictator?
He's making very sketchy (more sketchy than usual) moves.
He is absolutely refusing to accept that he lost the election.

KKGator 9 Nov 10

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He’s doing it for profit and to fuck with our heads.
I want him to go to prison for what he put us all through mentally and emotionally.
That’s before we start talking about his four year crime spree.


His secretary of state just said that they are ready for a peaceful transition to another 4 years, of the tRump administration. Then he said some shit about all the votes being counted and the constitution being followed.
I wonder about tRump's motives. He may make a power grab, banana republic bullshit or just wreck shit on the way out or, as he appears to be doing, grab more cash from his cult. OR all of the above.

I saw that bullshit. They should all end up in prison.


Can u tell me for how long m I saying this ?
I am saying this since forever . Honestly , I don’t think he is going anywhere 🙁

We can hope the military will step in when his clock has run out of time.

He can't suspend the constitution

@bobwjr No, but it's not in the constitution that the electors must vote the way their state's vote went and that's what's scary.


I think we all would LOVE to see him dragged out, kicking and screaming like the baby he is. Feet first would be nice.

Handcuffs or a body bag would be cool with me.


He has always ignored the constitution and he will continue to ignore it. His goal us to cause as much destruction as he can to the American system. His disciples believe everything he says. His disciples are ready to revolt, and they will never accept the legitimacy of government again.

A Russian agent couldn't have done more damage.

Can you imagine if HRC had done any of his un-American actions? They would have lost their shit four years ago.

@prometheus actually, I can't envision that. She didn't do anything wrong, and they lost their shit anyway.

@BitFlipper well it was more of a thought experiment for any closet Trumpublicans here (I know there are some mostly hiding away in various groups).


He could be. The scariest thing is the stuff he's doing with DOD. I hope he's not planning an insurrection. A Coup D'etat of a duly elected president. That would be the end of our experiment.


I think he wants the military to take order to roll tanks into any Blue State that refuses to accept 4 more years. If he refuses to go there WILL be mass rioting - so that will be his excuse to start Civil War 2: The Trump Empire Strikes Back.

@prometheus Is that actually happens I'm holding you personally responsible.


It's all just their routine posturing. I was pretty worried at first but as world leaders (including China) and FoxNews has openly called it over, it's now just optics and more nonsense.

The interventionists have been breaking it to him daily and he might need removed but my guess is he'll just go golfing and not return. Probably in the middle of the night, to golf in Saudi, after cosmetic surgery and fake documents, so New York State can't kick his ass for financial crimes, but he'll be gone.

The news cycle each day is less and less and less about Trump. It's wonderful! And what is about Trump, is not at all supportive of his current antics.

There may not be a transition, but he has no where to hide in there unless he's gonna be Bunker Boy forever.

I wish I shared your optimism.

@KKGator It's time to stop letting him take up space in your head. He won't be staying. There's no way that's going to happen. For those of you who's happy with tje new guy, start focusing on him. There's just no need to be bothered by Trump at this late date and quite frankly, he's likely cost some of us years off our lives already.

To that POS, your concern simply feeds into the narrative that really is just nonsense at this late date. He's already announced he'll run in 2024/2028. He knows it's over.

Just be happy your guy's in. Spend a couple of months resting because outside of two Georgia senate seats that MAY save the day, we're in for 4 long years beginning January 2021.

Do what I'm doing. New glasses/contacts, had my facial fractures and nose surgery yesterday, dental work will all be completed by month end, and my work will be on a 7 week break so until January 18th until the grind begins again? I'm just going to chill, media limitations and enjoy the fact this shit is over.

@SeaGreenEyez I'm bookmarking your answer because I think I'll need to reread it several more times until I can truly relax into believing it. I want to believe it. Really badly. I'm just suspicious by nature.

There is a theory that his sycophants in the senate are playing along with him intending to insure maga voters don't revolt before the two runoff elections in Georgia.

@SeaGreenEyez Thanks for your reply. I'm going to work hard to follow that advice.

Hope your recovery goes well.

It does give him an excuse to flee the country and claim to be the exiled President for Life. But I think he loves the US too much. I doubt Russian wants him, North Korea is too remote (might as well be dead if he disappears there), maybe the Philippines would take him?

@prometheus Saudi. I've predicted Saudi for the past 4 years. The upside to Saudi? He grabs one woman by the 😼😼😼 and it'll be a public beheading that will sell tickets and be seen 'round the world. (He does have a hotel going up over there. I'm guessing that is why this arms-deal is imperative to protect since that seems to be the focus of late. Wouldn't it be something to defraud Saudi? Those evil bastards disintegrated a reporter in a foreign embassy! Just imagine owing them money AND grabbing a woman by the 😼. Trump needs to go there, the outcome would be something similar to being thrown into a wood chipper, but not being wood.) 😛😛😛

@SeaGreenEyez that's a good suggestion. They will of course pay him handsomely for his access to US contacts. Well the easily corruptible Republican ones that is. They might even protect him from the Russians - if he keeps paying them.

I would not worry about him being caught doing any pussy grabbing. The Wiki page for Saudia Arabia states

Saudi Arabia is a destination country for women subjected to forced prostitution

Uh huh. That's how Trump likes his women that are not his wife. On the pill. Tested for diseases. Easily bribable. No strong position to make accusations - especially in Saudi Arabia where they would then be subject to public flogging.


It sounds to me like he is plotting a coup, especially after hearing Pompeo's remarks today.


In Trump's mind he won the election, and in the minds of millions of his followers. There's nothing to accept, and he's going to do what needs to be done to set it right. If the GOP controlled Senate and the SCOTUS stay behind him, this could get very ugly indeed.


I’m starting to wonder the same damn thing. 😡


I find his behaviour to be indistinguishable from that of a tinpot dictator of a tinpot republic.


He’ll probably try.

skado Level 9 Nov 10, 2020

As soon as Biden takes the oath he is in command of the military, the secret service, and the nuclear codes automatically change. He will be gone even if they have to escort him out which would really be fun to watch.

Hope so.

@KKGator That is the way it works. He can't change that no matter what he tries. It is not like he is popular with the permanent government workers and the higher ups in the military. It would be almost impossible to pull of a coup here. We are way too big and complicated.

Can you imagine a scenario where a vet in service would respect this POS enough to help him stay in office? He called them suckers and losers didn't he? Betting he has no fans in the military.

Critical point is 'as soon.' When will that be?

@JackPedigo Jan 20th

@Sticks48 Too far away. A lot more damage could be done until then. At some point we need to wake up to the real dangers and act ASAP.

IF Biden is allowed to take the oath.
Until then Trump is still president and is still capable of suspending the constitution.

@LenHazell53 No he can't, and he can't stop Roberts from swearing Biden in.

@K9Kohle789 oh he has fans there - but they would basically then become insurgents and destined for the brig.



This is what scares me. trump could persuade state governors to choose electors who will not vote as the state decided on election day. then you would have a hostile takeover by the repuklicans.

That thought has crossed my mind as well.

This is exactly the scenario that I am afraid will play out....if Biden can't get the electoral numbers that he actually won - then there will be no transfer of power - and, technically, the military will not be able to do anything other than what their current commander in chief orders. Talk about one gigantic shit show.....

In my opinion that is basically secession by those States. Shots fired for civil war...


After walking scot-free he likely thinks himself to be invincible. Narcissist definitely, perhaps some delusions as well.

MizJ Level 7 Nov 10, 2020

To be honest it would not surprise me, were he to try it.


If he was a real grown-up, he would take the loss like a man.

He is not. Neither are his supporters.

If any Democrat tried this shit there would be rioting and they would be labelled treasonous, a traitor, a snowflake, and if possible Republicans would move toimpeach on grounds of insurrection and sedition.


I hope that he does. Then he can go to jail more quickly.


He's putting on a show for his faithful. Eventually he will betray them - probably after the electoral college vote.


I don't think the IRS considers his loss anything other than a loss and he's fucking delusional. He's not gonna remain-IRS took down Al Capone when no one else could--- say good bye 45.


Appointing compliant Secretary of Defense who will roll tanks into Blue states was one of his key indicators for forthcoming shenanigans...

The thing is I think there are too many Generals who will just refuse his orders. Perhaps he wants to claim he was removed by a liberal coup instead of conceding? Man what an inferiority complex that loser has.


I don't see this as a realistic outcome. He would need considerable support within the government and military... which he does not have. I don't see the military following his orders to cease power.

No one (or far too few) is going to follow trump over a cliff.


Let him try. His actions, while anticipated, only shows his robotic personality in that he can never seem to control his instincts. Even though, as a new father, I was clueless on how to raise a child (her mother never bonded with her own daughter) at least I did know teaching my daughter to learn to control her emotions was critical. Obviously this is completely lacking in the FORMER POS. I wonder what, if anything, the Constitution says about removing a recalcitrant leader. Could the military/police be sent in to restore 'law and order'? I actually would love to see this.

Article 25 would remove him but the repuklicans are too chicken shit to use it. Greed and power hungry POSs'

@starwatcher-al I think, at this time it is not really necessary. I just saw an item in Yahoo that tells us where we and the rest of the world are at this moment: []



You have more confidence than I do.

I'd like to believe that it's bullshit, but I don't trust him, his motives, or those of his enablers, or supporters.

I've studied too much history not to notice patterns.

@KKGator They can try but it won't work


All we can do is sit and watch. Impossible to really know what's in another person's mind. That being said, he's made a living from TV so I tend to think it's TV which motivates him. It's possible he's creating the framework for a show from which he will be a shadow Executive. Forever making money from the zealots by telling them how he will soon turn the tables on Democrats for stealing his election. It's a dangerous line he's walking but, in his mind, that's not a consideration for doing or not doing something. Whatever occurs can be used as further distraction and cover so is useful. TV itself is a cover for how he makes money. By borrowing on his name/fame and not paying it back.

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