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LINK Christian Group Lashes Out After Melissa McCarthy & HBO Max Rescind $20,000 Gift | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Actress Melissa McCarthy has been promoting various charities as part of a promotional tour for her newest film Superintelligence. With HBO Max chipping in $20,000 per charity — for 20 days — this was bound to get positive press.

That is, until one of those charities, unbeknownst to McCarthy, was an anti-abortion and ostensibly anti-LGBTQ group called Exodus Cry.

snytiger6 9 Nov 18

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If the Christian Group lashed out, they weren't very Christian.


Ouch, it must hurt them.



Seems to me people get to give their money to whomever they please.
They also get to rescind any donations they please.


I'd just avoid any charity that's named after a book of the Bible altogether if it were me but you know..

A good rule.


Those poor Christians. Not only do they not understand their bibbles, it looks like we will never get them all aborted.


Aw, poor widdle God-bothering Christians, did their secret get out at last and Melissa stopped funding their stupidity?
Well done Melissa, keep up the Good and Great work.


I wouldn't give them even 20 cents.


Their choice who they give it to, no signed contract.


It will never end.

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