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Have you ever been stalked?

How did you deal with it?

paul1967 8 Apr 11

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Absolutely. My dog is so guilty of stalking.

SamL Level 7 Apr 11, 2018


I called the cops.


Many years ago, I was a DJ at a radio station in Oregon. I had a rabid fan who would always be wherever I was. She knew my schedule, where I hung out when I wasn't on the air, where I lived, etc. I told her to leave me alone on a few occasions.It had no effect. I found out she worked at the county courthouse, so I waltzed into her offices and, loudly so her coworkers could hear, told her what she was doing and how much I wanted her to stop and to leave me alone and how she should probably seek professional help. I never saw her again.


Some years ago I was in a relationship with a doctor. We dated a year , lived together for 2 years. He broke it off. I got my own apartment he went back to his home in another state. Eventually i heard he was dating a lady who lived not far from me. One nite cold snowy and icy, no one was on the road, except car lights swept over my bedroom and i could see he was looking up in my apartment and texting. I was creeped out. He tried to keep texting me. I think he wanted wife and something on the side. Men..some want it


I've dealt with stalkers in the past, however said stalkings were not related to any love interest.


Yes... terrible... I couldnt stand how they cried for me. My heart was breaking. I didn't feel the same desires anymore. It was time to move on.




Yes! Have letters still somewhere.. Guy, proper martial arts nut witha grudge and a crossbow!! .. Also by a female but she was cool just a bit obsessive lol.

Damm the crossbow with a grude.

Crossbow, huh? If it was Daryl Dixon I'd let him stalk me all he wants!

@kenriley He really was fully off his pancake .. I might see if have the letters to hand lol. He hid the crossbow behind a door and the police went to see him (for stalking me lol) and as the police man put his hand round the door the bolt went straight through. Dude was nuts he followed me loads. He thought I was a druid satanist lol. which I am but don't tell lmfao

I can't help but laugh.

@kenriley I was a druid satanist mafia pedophile cocaine dealer with loads of "girls" or (cokehead bitches) as he put it .. I was at that point a care worker helping young adults with emotional problems and behaviour problems integrate into society lol.. Mate it was nuts lol .. gotta laugh!!!

@DuchessNyx you nailed it. Uncanny how people project their nonsense directly onto you to absolve themselves. Oddly too, confront them & they usually try to uphold denial. I have to walk away lol. I cannot physically deal with that feeling. Im allergic to falseness.

@DuchessNyx Mine was a sort of mate so not so bad I think! No one believed him luckily ..!


Yes, in my 20's and 30's I was stalked a lot from many different men. It was terrifying. The last jerk ended up being a real psychopath and nearly killed me due to his rage of refusing to accept that I refused to date him anymore. Ever since I gained a lot of weight, men don't glance at me anymore and sadly, I feel safer this way. Can't afford pervets and psychopaths getting all evily possessive and deal with domestic abuse.


First, I told him he appalled me, then I ignored/blocked him on all further attempts at contact. I'm afraid of him, so I hope I don't have to kill him.

I hope you don't either. Living with that fear must be awful. Was he ever someone you liked?

@paul1967 No, I met him on OkCupid, and met personally with him on a whim. We were supposedly a good match, but the very first thing he did was complain that they didn't have the beer he wanted, and that he wasn't going to leave a good tip. Let's just say it went downhill from there.

@MollyBell Wow! So that's a great way to show someone what to expect out of you in the future. You don't have my beer so I'll stiff you on your tip even though you have nothing to do with my beer preference or ordering the beer for that restaurant. Sounds like a real fun guy. At least you didn't waste any time figuring out that he was a tool.

@paul1967 If I had a do over, I would've said, "Oh, shoot, where is my phone? I must have left it in the car, be right back."

1 my ex. He would park his truck near my farm and watch me, until I threatened to tell his new girlfriend.


Is It stalking, when a girl keeps showing up at your door not invited? if so then yes


Had someone follow me on a bus in Israel at 21. All set to yell at him when he escorted me to a youth hostel next to an army base. He was worried about me traveling alone.


Yup and just my luck I didn't even have a female stalker I had an incredibly overweight dude who found me pretty..Went on for a few months..hed show up at my work, try and follow me home and be there as I was about to go into work..So one night I took a chance, slammed him into a wall and stuck a knife to his throat

Whoever says violence doesn't solve anything is a dumbass

Are you describing a murder? or a threat?

Holy crap! Glad you got rid of him.

@DominicShaull a threat


A bit. A year of texts from a jilted ex. Followed on the street a time or two. Nothing to call the cops over, but enough to send a girl to the store for pepper spray...

@DuchessNyx I doubt they would have cared very much that some vehicle followed me while I was out skateboarding. They probably would have told me to a) get over it; b) feel flattered; c) stop wasting our time; d) girl on a skateboard--what did you expect?? >😟


No...thank heavens, because it is something that you have little control over! A person who stalks, is out of control and that is never good!


For years. I got a restraining order. And the phone calls, went on for about six months. It's over now. I'm no longer afraid.


Yes, an ex decided to follow me while I was taking a Network Technician course at CDI. He would show up during lunch and show me his knife. It had a 10 or 12 in blade. On the other hand I still managed to finish the 12 month express course in 11. I took off for a month towards the end and when I got back the dean told me he stopped showing up when he was threatened with jail. Fun times.


Yes. Then he found out I could shoot with accuracy, both hand guns & rifles, & had a 100 lb dog that was very protective of me. Not sure how many stitches it took to close him up but Beau (the dog) would not give up the pant leg he tore off.


My Chihuahua, all day


Yeah, I'm a public figure with a fan page, so I have a few stalkers.



ebdb Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

Yes, it was a terrifying ordeal.


During his senior prom, my first boyfriend, Darryl, asked me to marry him. I was 15. "My parents will give us 40 acres of their land to farm," he offered. I said no. What is this, Kentucky?

"I'm going to college," I told Darryl and broke up with him.

Three years later, I was walking down a sidewalk at the University of Michigan, when Darryl pulled up in a van. He jumped out. "I've been looking all over Ann Arbor for you!" Darryl said desperately. "I can't get you out of my mind!" Shocked, I pointedly looked at his gold wedding ring and the child's seat in his van.

"Leave me alone, Darryl," I said firmly. "Go home to your wife." He stalked me for four years until I moved to Washington State. I made my family and cousins promise never to give him my address.

In 2007 Darryl found me on Facebook. Still married, he sent me his cell phone number. Darryl and his wife were farmers living next door to Darryl's parents in Michigan. I blocked him.

Photo: Darryl, 18, and me, 15, before his Senior Prom. I sewed my prom dress.

I'm so sorry for the abuse he inflicted upon you. Sigh!

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