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LINK Bowling Green (KY) Fire Dept. Settles Lawsuit with Atheist Whistleblower | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

In 2016, atheist Jeffrey Queen filed an unbelievable lawsuit against the city of Bowling Green (Kentucky) based on what he witnessed while working for the fire department.

The lawsuit only came after his complaints were ignored, some by Deputy Chief Dustin Rockrohr (also named in the lawsuit), and after he was formally discharged.

snytiger6 9 Dec 7

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I watched @Wildgreens video earlier "Do I Deserve Eternal Torture". Plenty of it applies to this story.


Nasty business


And christians think it is brave to announce their faith on FB


So let me get this straight, he is discriminated against, threatened by rank and file and also the leadership. And their punishment is taxpayers pay damages? Seems like if I were a taxpayer there, I would want changes that eliminate this liability.


While Mr. Queen was absolutely right to bring his suit, and clearly prevailed despite settling out of court, this type of behavior is not remotely uncommon.
In fact, it's more prevalent than most people realize.
And it's not just within fire departments either.

@anglophone, I know. 🤬


The vile little shits all need to be fired.


Very brave of him to come forward and be a whistleblower. It is not easy. Those who bring forth the truth are vilified in our society. I've been one, I've been there. I know most here probably think, "Oh good, he got a good payout." Keep in mind, he most likely had to pay an up front retainer to the lawyer who represented him, he had to pay court costs, and of course the lawyer took 33-40% of that payout. However, I can tell you, he most likely has had to move to find further employment, living in a place for the job rather than where he wants to, maybe even had to change occupations, he most likely has lost friends and family over this, and the threat that someone, somewhere, somehow will ignore the non-disclosure agreement and tell your present employer that you're nothing but a disgruntled malcontent who lies and will not be loyal to the organization.

Never seems to work out for whistleblowers, even when they have “protections”


Great news!


I hope the city fires all of them.

I doubt if that would ever happen since the poor little Jesus Jockeys would then start screaming Persecution.


FFS, I thought Fire Departments were there to put OUT fires, not as Recruiters for Religions and the K.K.K., etc.

They sit around for hours on end with nothing to do....idle minds do idle mind stuff

@Canndue That may be so BUT it is NO excuse any way you care to look at it imo.

@Triphid absolutely not


My nieces ex is captain of one of the stations down there. 😟


Very ugly people in the Fire department! I hope this guy got a big payout!

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