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So now with a majority of conservative, bible thumpers on the Supreme Court they are going to have their hands full with people trying to push their dogma and to overturn past rulings they didn't like.


It is Kentucky. Will any sheriff fo anything, no. This, the state cops will have to be called if the school refuses.




Per SCOTUS recent rulings, the government can shut down schools (KY ruling) but can not shut down churches (NY Ruling).

What if the religious schools decide to have their classes in the church?


It's good to see that they sided with reality in this respect, but at the end of one of the comments something made me think of milk and Oreos. 🤔🤭


The govt needs the ability to enact temporary measures scientifically designed to protect citizens. Pandemics don’t come around very often (thankfully). It should be criminal to politicize these things.


When the courts shut them down it's god's will. Why will they never accept that? Because if it is only "God's will" for things you agree with then maybe it's not god's will at all but just your will and your imagination of a friendly sky fairy?

So I posit... Either a lot of time your "God" just doesn't give a crap about you and your prayers, or you're basically just making him up for the placebo effect. That makes him a homeopathic deity. Pretty appropriate given that "holy water" is just water, and the wine and bread... Just wine and bread.


This is becoming a real life “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” reality.

I'm ok with all of the anti-maskers fighting to the death while Tina Turner sings.

@OldMetalHead Hell yea, the more the better!!

Well goodie for them. 

They’re all just worthless pieces of shit in my eyes.

@SeaRay215ex I didn't read the article because I read the headline to say that the court voted against the zealots and for the Gov's right to close down group gatherings. That's a bit of a surprise for what I'm expecting out of this Court so good for them. In the overall aspect of what I think they'll do for religious rights I'd have to agree with you.

@rainmanjr Governments do have a right to close down group gatherings. Taking that away in case of pandemic only adds to chaos.

@DenoPenno SCOTUS apparently agrees with you.

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