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Who cares? It's just stuff!

I've got stuff and my wife has stuff. I turned down a bunch of stuff when my parents died. I just acquired more stuff from my dead father in law. So did my wife. My home is full of stuff. I want to get rid of it. My wife has one local son to give things to. My son is loaded down from my dead parents stuff. He's got a bunch of my stuff already. It's such a chore to organize useless stuff that will never be used. I could get rid of a truck load and never miss it. Why do we hang onto sentimental useless stuff and have no one to give it to that would really care. Geeze!

BucketlistBob 8 Apr 13

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George Calin has a great routihne about "stuff".

Great video... I love it... and it's the truth.

@BucketlistBob you just reminded me to pay my storage for stuff in Jacksonville.

@GipsyOfNewSpain. Oh oh... don't loose it.

@BucketlistBob Oh no... I did that once... lost collection of gameboard games, plastic models, over 1000 great music cds, framed graphic art and posters. Never again will lose stuff that way. Never again.

My general opinionof stage places is that the rent you pay is liek buying everythi0gn you put in storage all over again. Better to just give it away to a charity thrift store, or sell it off on Craig's list, and just repurchase those 2 or three things you find that you actually needed after all. It costs less in the long run.



skado Level 9 Apr 13, 2018

That battery charger I didn't know where it went. It went to an older tablet...damn.


When my parents die, I will hold an estate sale then give the rest to charity. The only sentimental things I'll keep will be pictures. I've downsized significantly, and prefer this lifestyle.

You re so smart! I have stuff I didn't even know I had. I'm becoming convinced my neighbors are sneaking in and throwing their stuff into my house. πŸ™‚

@jeffy LOL

I wish i could start doing that today. My poor wife is hanging onto all her stuff. But i got a bunch too. We need to give it to our kids and have some space over


and the lord did look upon all of the stuff cluttering up his room
And the Lod said "Let there be Ebay"
And behold there was Ebay and it was good.


I've seen this KK...thats reason for talking about


Yes. Stuff sucks. The worst stuff is all the papers saved over the years by parents. WTF is this and WTF is that, all day long. Piles. Maybe the Salvation Army can march in and save me?

jeffy Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

I hear


I used to be very attached to my stuff. Then my house burned down and I had almost no stuff. That's when I learned that stuff has no meaning. None at all. Losing my sweet cat Boo-Boo Bear was so much more painful than any "thing" I lost.

Hmmm... im sorry for your loss...

Saddest way of getting rid of your stuff.... Sad.


I try to imagine all the 'stuff' I could carry around if I owned one of those 4 door pickups. Then I buy a 2 door pickup, instead. I'd end up with a back seat full of 'stuff' if I bought the 4 door model.


I have stuff but mainly stuff I have made myself( apart from computer stuff) tehse days i buy books from thrift schops nad give them back after I have read them to be resold which helps.
I also only have two rooms apart from vonveniences and airing cupboards so that also helps especially as the freezer is in my bedroom - Most of of the other stuff is origami and wool - pens pencils rubbers seewing machine etc. Most of my stuff doesnt really fit inot any category so i have three pencil sharpeners in one drawer drives me crazy but i don't know of any way to make it simpler.


I can relate! My stuff owns me. One of these days...

skado Level 9 Apr 13, 2018

There are a LOT of second hand stores you can donate it to . There are folks who are interested in getting relatively cheap things , they can use . If it's older , give or sell it to antique shops .


We were trained and encouraged since youth, to buy, and spend, and update whenever possible, and get bigger stuff and better stuff, and more than the next person. It's the American way ! Greed, and overdo. Most homes have way too much shit that barely gets used or even looked at. Ever since me and my sister cleaned out my Mom's place when she died, I was made all too aware of the ridiculous accumulations we all have. I'm in a serious purge mode now/

Owning stuff is NOT a one way street - it owns you back in some way. (clean it, dust it, make space for it, insure it, maintain it, update it, sell it, on and on ...)

Here's a gem :


True Words... because we are not allowed to take our stuff when we die... only thing I "collect" is memories.

@Fanburger tell us about the time you died and how death rejected you for being unfit there too. So we are stuck with you as another stuff but tell us your stuff on death.


Give it to the people who don't have stuff. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

ABack Level 6 Apr 13, 2018

I would rather give it to my kids or care help. Let them sell it for a couple of bucks. I don't want to have to figure out who needs things. Its just me.


When my parents died I gave all thier stuff, except what I needed, to charity. It was most welcome by them.


EBay and Craigslist mate. One man's junk is another man's treasure. I don't have any stuff at all and I'm sure I'm not alone. Someone in your neighborhood may just need some of the stuff you have.


I hear ya.... and I don't have a good answer either? I'm pushig 60 and have amassed a lot of "stuff" over the years. I'm a hisorian and spent a lifetime amassing books on a variety of subjects. I approached a local library and asked if they'd be interested in "my library." The quick answer was "Sure... we'd love to have those for our book sale." Not what I was expecting considering the age and subjects of some. I collect. I love maritime antiques and have a lot. Yep.. they mean nothing really to anyone except for me. I've hunted for stone tools since I was a kid. Yep, some have a little value to them and some folks have offered to buy a piece here or there, but I'm not interested in anyone picking out the good pieces and leaving the rest. I've also amassed a large collection of historical documents, photos, relics etc. Same thing, some folks are interested in cherry picking through for the better bits, but no one seems to be interested in anything as a "collection." It sux.


You are right. It's just stuff! I am in the process of giving lots of stuff to Goodwill and Restore (Habitat for Humanity) store. If you don't use it in a year get rid of it. A simple life is a better life!

ebdb Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

I don't do stuff.
I understand your sentiment.
I left home at 16 with the clothes on my back, a radio cassette player and a small blanket,

Kids and I left my ex when I was 41 with the clothes were wearing, a body board, an ornamental sword, an old computer chair and desk, kids school gear, not even their school uniforms, as far as I know their mother still has them 19 years later.
In 2007 sold my unit to my son, gave him everything in it and only had my car and computer.
2009 lost everything to an ex and her family, sold them all I had, kept my car, computer fridge and washing machine.
2013 moved to this house, disposed of 2/3 of my furniture.
We are in the process of stacking a heap of "stuff" left here by others in the past 5 years, will get local council to cart it away, and even then we will have too much. All functional though, not at all sentimental.


Comic George Carlin did a very funny routine on acquiring stuff . It’s on YouTube .


Most of my life what I have owned would fit on my back or in my car/truck, withthe exception of the period where I was raising my children. During that time I had a lot of Stuff for them, which I gave my daughter for her kids once she grew up and had some.
Since 11 I have been back to the few possessions Motif.

I much prefer experiences to things. Things can be lost, stolen, and destroyed; Experiences need only fear brain injury, disease and death.

If you learn to be a carpenter, and some unjust king imprisons you, your still a carpenter. Your just unemployed. If you spent all your time learning and experiencing, those things are very hard to lose. But if you make millions and have lots of Stuff, a market crash can take it all overnight.


I am moving from NC to California. Where I am going I will have everything I need. I have emptied a house full of living of everything. The only thing I will be taking is the cloths in my suitcase and some personal papers. It has been quite an experience, but also quite freeing. I don't miss any of it except for my hobby which is crochet. Right now, in between moves, I am living with a matress, a couch, a dish and bowl and some cup of soup and oatmeal. Surprising how little can be lived with when necessary.


If you really wanted to get rid of the stuff, you would do it. We choose our lives to a very great extent.

You ever have priorities. They change from time to time.


I have finally broken through that mental barrier and have arrived at the place where I want to have as little "stuff"--and as much space--as possible, physical and mental. I'm excited to get rid of as much stuff as possible and carry on with maximum space in my life.


i think for me anyway, it started out as collecting memories. you just keep saving little momentos and one day you look around and theres no room left. i started going thru everything about twice a year and deciding if it fit into one of my keep it catagories. is it still useful?(not could you use it but do you use it) do you even remember what memory it pertains to? can it be passed down to the next generation?(things like baby cloths, i save till i find someone who needs them. my rock collection sounds silly to keep, but my son wants them when i die) maybe a few more catagories if i think of them, but basically if it doesnt fit one, its gone

Byrd Level 7 Apr 13, 2018
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