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LINK After Impeachment #2, Will Evangelicals Back Away from Trump?

(I think it is more likely they wiull try to make him a martyr.)

Now that Donald Trump has been impeached in the House (again), the suspense mounts over what the Senate will do. Russell Moore, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, has some thoughts on what they should do… and they’re sadly uncommon among his fellow conservative Christians:

snytiger6 9 Jan 14

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Those sentiments would be more reliable/credible to ME, if (and only if) they had been spoken years-ago, loudly, repeatedly, widespread in multiple media outlets.

Now ? too little, too late 😛


No. They are too morally bnkrupt to do that.


There is slight chance some of them will see the light, but I doubt it.


The xtion wall may crack from the violence, for some. Still, the impeachment won't shake them


I think so, all the companies turning against Trump are a clear message that's he's weakened. Joe McCarthy was far more popular and had a better claim of moral authority. They still piss their pants at the mere mention of communism but when he lost power they lost interest pretty quickly.


Not yet. Maybe down the road.

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