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I AM & U R - Life as a human - Being -
a - Spirit - incarnate in a - animal - body -
a - Soul - embodying a mortal - form of Life -
as - Energy - manifesting thru U - as a Person -

I AM - an Individuation of - GOD -
as - One Self - Soul - Being - Spirit -
that which is - Love - Energy - Life -
being a Person thru a form - there-of -

U R & I AM - a part of - an Aspect of -
an Individuation of - GOD as LOVE -
thru ENERGY being a - form of LIFE -

LIFE is ENERGY as GOD being ALL Things as EVERYTHING -
as such is - GOD - Omnipotent - Omniscient - Omnipresent -
so it is that We R - Eternal Beings - Divinely being - ONE Self -

there-fore Be ye that which - U so choose -
to - express & experience - your - Self - AS -
while being a - Person thru a - form of Life -

when One becomes Aware of thine - Essence -
One then comes to Realize thy - Source & Being -
One then is Enlightened unto the - Eternal & Divine -
Nature of that which U R as an - Eternal Being Divinely being -

Namaste - Eternal - Spirits - being - finite - forms of Life -

if One Realizes - Who & What - U R Now -
One may decide to more fully express - Ones Self -
as Who U desire to BE - in what will soon be - your future -

Realize & Know - that thine - Essence -
of LOVE as ENERGY in LIFE - is GOD -
expressing its Self thru - One Self -

I AM as U R - an expression of the - Eternal & Divine -
for We R - expressions of - GOD - as - LOVE in LIFE -
ascertain - acknowledge - Personify - thine Essence -
and U will come to Know & Realize that - GOD is U being -

Love Often - in Life -
and U will - Be Happy -


KWAPELL7 6 Jan 15

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(plays with belly button lint) 😀


Yawn,... boring.

yeh - your descriptor - clearly - defines & describes your current mental conundrum -

@KWAPELL7 Yawn,... boring, and whoop-de-do. Who cares, your ideology offers nothing.


I am not a spirit incarnate nor am I a spirit trapped in a body. I might be a spirit but I have no soul.

U R as GOD is - ENERGY being LIFE -
for in fact & deed U R a - Being thereof -
dwelling briefly there-in - as a human Person -
being - One - {Self Soul Spirit} - throughout -


You say "there-fore Be ye that which - U so choose" - we say "Free thought Rules" .

as long as that "free thought" does not -
impinge on - Logical & Rational - progress -

I will use the Jan 6th Capitol Rioters -
as an example of - free speech - being abused -
in order to confuse & confound the masses into believing -
stories told - instead of considering - observable evidence -

@KWAPELL7 Knowledge and truthfulness sets you free. The rioters had neither except that knowledge they had was one sided They attacked the means of putting both sides forward.


Did you stop taking your meds again? Are the voices reappearing and you're hearing them again? A simple phone call to your doctor will get you a refill. Did you lose the number? You know its the only one you will ever need.

it is not surprising that U R - unable to - grasp nor elucidate -
discern or ascertain - such articulations of - Wisdom & Knowledge -
as U were apparently alone with GOD and still did not see "him/her/it" -

perhaps U would do well - to listen to your - inner voice more often -
it might lead U to a fuller Awareness of your - Self Soul Spirit Being -
but then U might have to battle your primal Ego - telling U otherwise -

No - unfortunately the "Vine of Death" cannot be prescribed -
as such U R correct I have not had any - such medicine in a while -


If you take the references to the imaginary super being out of your spiel then you sound almost rational, in need of only modest medical intervention and light restraint.

then remove the - word term descriptor - "GOD" -
and replace it with whatever - Name or Label -
that U so choose - it does not - affect the Validity -
Veracity - nor the congruency - of the postulate -


And, how does all this help me pay my mortgage next month?

when more fully Realized - it allows One to BE -
more fully cognizant & Aware of - the Illusion U call Life -
for in fact & deed U R an Eternal Being being a finite - form of Life -
as such your perception that U owe someone anything - is an Illusion -
of your own creation & manifestation in the "reality" in which U percieve -
your - Self Soul Spirit Being - to Exist thru a human animal - being a Person -

@KWAPELL7 "your perception that U owe someone anything - is an Illusion."

I guess YR rich parents must have bought U a house. The rest of us have to go through the illusion that if we don't pay our bills, you're out in the street, hungry and homeless -- all an illusion as you say, but gosh it does feel real.

@David1955 - oh - it is & will be "real" for U - most likely till that point in linear time -
when your finite physical human body of {matter mass liquid & gas} fails & U "die" -
& the Person U were no longer exist in - Time & Space - and U will now Realize -
& Awaken unto that which U R - as an - Eternal Being - Divinely being -
a Unique Individuation of GOD as LIFE being -

yet none the less U R correct - "it does feel Real" -
which is precisely how - LIFE is meant to manifest -

@KWAPELL7 you are probably a very nice person and it makes you feel good to lose yourself in this new age type pseudo science/pseudo religion, with a dash of pop psychology thrown in, but in the end it's like all religions: a whole of stuff that can't be proved, means whatever you want it to mean, and don't worry there's a big daddy in the sky, or a big nirvana, or a universal something or other waiting for you when you die, so feel better. Question is: why bother on a site that's supposed to be for the non religious? (Though sometimes I wonder about that.)

Or are you just trolling us?


More word salad. What evidence do you have any god exist?

U exist Only because - ENERGY is LIFE -
GOD is the - ENERGY of LIFE - being -
EVERY thing as - All things & No thing -
thus it is that We R - Eternal Beings -
Divinely being - a finite form of Life -

Namaste - Energy - in as thru - a Life form - being - Who & What U R -

@DangerDave - they bother because they are not blind to the Truth -
and they as U along with 100K + other humans - cannot refute nor confute -
the - Validity nor Veracity - of what I have proclaimed to so - BE the TRUTH -

if U R able to so do - please do - but if not -
please remember "he gets points for your comments" 🙂

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